well, looks like its just you and me grandma

yep, just the two of us

so which is your favourite fallout game?

well i've only ever played 3 and NV, and they’re both tied as my favourite games ever

yeah, me too. I nearly bought the first two the other day, but decided against it

I don’t really play fallout as an RPG, just as a shooter, where I can influence the world

yeah, everyone gets so jumped up about fallout 3 being a disgrace to the series

I know, I thought it was the best game ever

yeah, for me, there was nothing quite like watching someone’s head explode in slo- mo, gives me a real adrenaline rush

same here

I loved the atmosphere of the cap wasteland

yeah, and how that it is such a hostile place that no one can rebuild as easily as they would IRL

wow, I thought I was the only one who thought that, it’s nice to meet someone as smart, and intellectual as you

well thank you

you're welcome

just been on your user page, and I gotta say, you are one dashing gentleman (no Homo)

yeah, I thought the same about you (no Homo)

you should be an actor or something

yeah well I want to be

what subjects do you do?

um.... two drama courses and film studies

oh ok, I do that too

du you want to be an actor too?


well, I hope I don’t have to battle with you for a part one day

lol, me neither

id never win over you

nah I think you're probably better than me


hey grandma, there’s something i've been wanting to talk to someone about you can always talk to me

thanks, it’s just that I’m having girl problems

oh? there’s this girl that I know, and I have really strong feeling for her, and I don't know if I should say anything because I don’t want to ruin our friendship

well I think if she really means that much to you, then you should go for it



if you're really shy, then get a mutual friend to do some snooping around, see if they can find out whether she likes you back

I could do that

what’s her name?


lol, I’m having similar girl problems with someone called *******


where does she live?


wait ******* from **********? red hair?



woah hey, who you telling to back down?


ok for starters, I never realised that it was the same girl, and second, this constitutes as a personal attack, which can get you banned, so I suggest you apologise


That doesn’t seem very sincere

Of course it doesn’t, you're after the same girl as me!

Well doesn’t mean you need to flip, we can talk it out

I suppose

Can I get a real apology?

Fine. I’m sorry I shouted at you, I was just a bit upset

That’s ok, I understand

So.... What are we gonna do now?

Well, we could organise a 3 way


I kid, I kid

yeah well don’t

jheeze cant a guy make a joke?


well I guess we could both ask her, and see whom she chooses


or we might get lucky, and she might have multiple personalities too

hey yeah, I have noticed we're quite similar, maybe we won’t have to fight over her after all


so indeed

anything else on your mind?

well I’m kinda stressing about my auditions for Drama College...

do you know all of your pieces?

nah, I should probably go and learn them

right now?


ok bye


                ~The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma has left the chat~

well now I’m all alone again

I think ill go as well