some of mine:

hey baby, how bout we get 'irradiated' and 'displace some electrons'

I wish I were a ghoul, coz I wanna spend two lifetimes with you

a bad one: uh oh, is wild wasteland on, or are you just a crazy biatch

I must have joined the enclave, because I think we could create some pure humans right here

You must have been removed by the think tank, coz otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live without you

Does this rag smell like med x to you?

Are you fallout three? coz you ain’t like nothin I ever seen before, and although lotsa people think you’re a skank, I will always love you

[terrifying presence] get in the van

[mysterious stranger] how do you feel about 3-ways?

did you use CMD 'setessential'? coz u just knocked me unconscious

babe, you must be jailbait, coz I cant target you in VATS

did you just inject me with FEV? coz I’m gettin bigger and more aggressive

baby, my dick is like an NPC, you’ll see it again in three days

baby, my dick is like a cattle prod, its about to deal you 100 fatigue damage

girl, after tonight, your reputation is gonna be 'wild child'

girl, you must not have the lightstep perk, coz you’ve walked RIGHT INTO MY TRAP!

girl, your stats must all be 9, cuz you’re 'almost perfect'

gurl, you better take a turbo, or this is gonna be over real fast

did I just drink some sacred datura poison, cuz u on fire gurl!

gurl, I must be Harold, cuz I ain’t movin till you reach my heart

gurl, ma dick is longer than the quest titles in fallout 1 &2

gurl, my dick is like AP ammo, good for penetration

gurl, i got the strong back perk, so we can go all night long

gurl, my dick is like HP ammo, it causes massive damage to fleshy targets

gurl, I was once used as a photo model for the G.O.A.T test, I was the guy with the third arm........ but it wasn’t my arm

insult: gurl, you like boulder city, the entire NCR army’s been through there, and now it’s just a smoking wreck of its former self

gurl, your flare must have warn off, coz my abomination is coming out of hiding

gurl, I must be Benny, cuz you’re tied up, and I just got two shots to your head

girl, lemme show you how to do a ranger takedown

gurl, ma names vitomatic, let’s go test your vigour

gurl, you must be a ghoul, cuz ma chems aren’t having much effect on you

girl I’m like a plasma rifle, you gonna end up in a pile of goo

gurl, you must be DR8, coz I’m about to recalibrate your voice box

gurl, you must be Elijah, coz I’m gonna lure you to my vault, and lock you in there

[barter 100] I’ll give you two caps for the night

gurl, I must be FO3, coz we gonna have lots of random encounters

And some *cough* gems *cough* from the others

BillyOcean Hey baby, I have food.

Hey baby, it isn’t irradiated.

Hey baby, you see that 15-foot lizard with giant claws charging towards? Me either, cuz I just killed it. Let’s do it.

best fallout pick up like ever: ASSUME THE POSITION

Hey baby, I fuck like Fisto, but I’m nice like Sarah weintraub. Let’s do it

Hey baby, you’re so hot, I won’t even kill you to loot your corpse. Let’s do it

My dick caused the Great War.

[Fallout related perk] something something

hey is that my penis? oh it is? let me put it in your vagina

Hey baby I hope you have the grunt perk....cuz uh.....I’m gonna shoot you?!????

girl, you must be the burned man, cuz even when I wrap you up you’re still hot

Hey baby I hope you’re in the legion cuz then you’ll be used to getting.....wait NM NM


I think the best of all is, undoubtedly, "So, how bout dem Brahmin”

Oh look, a Deathclaw! Wanna fuck?

My dick is like a Deathclaw's tongue, you sure don't wanna get close to it (Point Lookout reference FTW)

Wanna play with my medicine stick?

[Real Breasts] I control you all now


Is that a stimpak in your pocket

Damn, you're one hot ghoul... ohhh wait, your human *cups balls for protection*

Ever had a crit hit.... in bed?

You can polish my 9 iron

Get me some deathclaw eggs, then we can fuck

Girl, My rifle ignores your DT ;)

You want hardcore mode baby, I got something to satisfy your thirst ;)

Denis517 (when he wasn't being a douche)

let's go to the glow, I’m sure you'll outshine it

hey I have a medicine of 75, wanna play doctor?

hey baby I have unarmed 100, so we could do this the easy way, or I will have to make you smell this rag!

[in shining armour] hey baby let me rescue you

hey is that a nuke in my pants because I’m about to blow up

hey baby I have the life giver perk do you know what's gonna happen next?


Hey baby I hope you have a low Endurance stat otherwise this chloroform is going to have no effect on you.

Girl I'm like Sulik, I'll be grampy bonin' you naaawwhh sayyn?

Girl you must be carrying the platinum chip because everyone wants to fuck you

Girl I must be Fisto because I'm about to make you assume the position

Girl I'm like the mysterious stranger, I come out of nowhere and shoot my load then I fuck right off.

Almighty Higgey

Girl, I've had my eye on you like Moira's merc has his eye on the lone wanderer. 9I'm aware that was shitty)


You know what? I wanna play subway with you all night long, baby. (terrible I know)


[Confirmed Bachelor] It's okay baby, I still have tits.


I'm gonna put my radio ionizer in your photonic resonance chamber

Well I grew up near the Glow, so I've got a third nut that glows in the dark.

[Black Widow] I'll bring a microscope and some tweezers

Gothic Neko

I would love to ionise your negative electrons...

[Lady Killer] Tits or GTFO

I use VATS, better aim... [Billy-sexual] <Insert perverted comment>

DoctorMan2.0 Did a atom bomb go off, or is you hot-