The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma

  • My occupation is looking mournfully at the carcass of a once thriving community
  • I am whatever the one with the out-y genitals is
  • The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma

    well, looks like its just you and me grandma

    yep, just the two of us

    so which is your favourite fallout game?

    well i've only ever played 3 and NV, and they’re both tied as my favourite games ever

    yeah, me too. I nearly bought the first two the other day, but decided against it

    I don’t really play fallout as an RPG, just as a shooter, where I can influence the world

    yeah, everyone gets so jumped up about fallout 3 being a disgrace to the series

    I know, I thought it was the best game ever

    yeah, for me, there was nothing quite like watching someone’s head explode in slo- mo, gives me a real adrenaline rush

    same here

    I loved the atmosphere of the cap wasteland

    yeah, and how that it is such a hostile place that no one can rebuild as easily as they would …

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  • The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma

    some of mine:

    hey baby, how bout we get 'irradiated' and 'displace some electrons'

    I wish I were a ghoul, coz I wanna spend two lifetimes with you

    a bad one: uh oh, is wild wasteland on, or are you just a crazy biatch

    I must have joined the enclave, because I think we could create some pure humans right here

    You must have been removed by the think tank, coz otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live without you

    Does this rag smell like med x to you?

    Are you fallout three? coz you ain’t like nothin I ever seen before, and although lotsa people think you’re a skank, I will always love you

    [terrifying presence] get in the van

    [mysterious stranger] how do you feel about 3-ways?

    did you use CMD 'setessential'? coz u just knocked me unconscious

    babe, you must be…

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  • The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma

    Diary of the last survivor of vault chat

    “are the noobs gone yet?”

    “Phew, it seems they are. but there only seems to be six who are not away”

    “HELLO? * echo's* hellohellohello.......”

    “oh god, im the only one left alive.”

    “i will have to rebulid the human race single handedly....somehow”

    “another survivor hurrah!”

    “ok, lets set some ground rules. this is my half of the chat. you get the left half. remember that and we wont have no problems”

    • survivor 2 breaks rules*

    “thats it, you leave me no choice but to declare you a figment of my imagination.”

    day 45 of being the last survivor on vault chat: the other survivor turned out to be a part of my imagination.

    • imagination says something stupid*

    day 56 of being the last survivor on vault chat: my imaginatio…

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