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Hello, and welcome to my first blog, I have been wondering... What do YOU want to see in Fallout 4?

I personally want to see: Customizable armor, like painting, camo variations for every piece of military or camo-capable clothing, extra items storage like: Backpack Effects: +30 Weight, or: satchel effects: +1 gas mask , combination of pre-made parts to make a custom armor piece, like a riot helmet with gas mask/active gas mask, or a functioning piece of equipment, like a digital camo plate carrier+armor plate= armored digital camo plate carrier. Or gas mask+gas mask canister or SCBA= active gas mask, and the added parts can be removed again, that these pieces can be camouflaged to all variations, add text to armor, like "Get Real" on the chestplate, etc. I also want to see vehicles, such as Vertibirds, gunship/ smaller unarmed or armed, transport unarmed or armed, tank with cannon or autocannon, + machine gun turret, maybe a cop car with lights and sirens, just for fun, or maybe machinama purposes, a boat with a machine gun or autocannon? I want to see a HECK OF A LOT MORE of customization and variation from the previous games, and I bet you do too, and I want to see modern military equipment, like an AR-15, or an M4 Carbine, armor and apparel that the modern military use, red dot sights, maybe even an M1 Abrams tank that takes A HECK of a quest to acquire for your own use, and requires maintenance at times, and depends on your repair skill, that comes with abnormal stocks of ammo, weapons, vehicle weapons ammo, fuel, etc. This would be a kick in the head to rival video game series. While this may not ALL be possible, I would want to at least see half of it fall through, it would attract new customers, but it would not be without controversy.

Write your opinions below, and as always, please do not use excessive profanity, obscenity, hostility, or incivility, thank you for reading!