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  • I live in Ponyille, Equestria
  • My occupation is being the 2016 candidate for the presidency, go USA!
  • I am a fluffle puff fan pony
  • The kennynator

    WARNING!:VERY LONG WRITERS OPINION OF TITLE AHEAD! You may skip it if you desire, but for all intense readers, I think you will LOVE this.

    Please, no Profanity/Swearing on an excessive scale, it is unprofessional and rude, thank you.

    The swearing issue has been resolved, and all issues regarding this are solved, and please do not comment about this issue any longer, a apology will later be issued an another blog, with a surprise for you all to enjoy, thank you.

    Hello, and welcome to my first blog, I have been wondering... What do YOU want to see in Fallout 4?

    I personally want to see: Customizable armor, like painting, camo variations for every piece of military or camo-capable clothing, extra items storage like: Backpack Effects: +30 Weight, …

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