Well since Bael disappears, I decided to make a roleplaying story about him. Tell me what you think, no pressure, its just that it is my first roleplaying story!

Bael, Paladin of the Brotherhood of an alloy made of Carbon and Iron or Steel. Due for a promotion to Star Paladin, Jebediah Bael, with his faithful yet cheeky Mechanised Companion, Dewey, were posted outside the Citadel, to guard against Mutants and Facists, or Mutant Facists.

He was recommended to Elder Lyons by Star Paladin Lucy Cross for unknown reasons. However I found when she started attacking me (her circuit board must have short-circuited) and I made her death short with a Magnum. I found a note on her body, talking about one of their 'arrangements'. I took this to the Elder and he was striped of his Paladin Status and was exiled with Dewey. He then was so infruriated he took the kid Maxson with him. According to Maxson, he was brutally attacked a sexually abused by Bael, but he rewired Dewey and stole Bael's Rifle and killed him. Then Dewey and Maxson found their way to the Citadel. Maxson, in a near lethal state clambered back to the Citadel just as my party for destroying the Enclave had started. He was immediately treated in the Hospital by Sawbones. He is now recovering and has earned Dewey as his reward for killing Bael.

Writer: Knight Ralph Marston

Date: 4th April 2278

The Victorious Phoenix