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Well, hi there. Glad to see your back. I see the Captain's journal really interested you. Ahah well thats great to hear. But before that..yea mine dropping the pistol your hiding in your belt boy. How'd I see it? Ahaha learned from a dear old friend of mine that you've always gotta be aware of your surroundings, and be able to control them to your advantage. One day he didn' was his last..but eh, that's a story for another day. Ah so where were we with the good ol Captain? That's right, the Resource Wars had just begain. Well, back into it eh?

May 1st, 2052, Ottawo Canada

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Well, the Brass had my squad shipped out to the Capital. We'vee been reassigned to Prime Minister Trudeau's personal guard well the United Nations meetings are going on in town. I've personally have met the Prime Minister times before, and can tell in his eyes...the times are worrying him. From what I've over heard, the disscusions aren't going well, he fears for the future of both the United Nations and Canada. I am too... Ugh time for another UN meeting..I'm on duty..

May 10th, 2052, Ottawo Canada

Today was a terrible day in politics. 7 countries withdrew from the UN today. China, Russia, Isreal, Cuba, Egypt, France, Germany and Italy. China, Russia and Isreal pose real threats as they now don't have anything stopping them from turning around and blasting there way right to the resources that everybody seems to be so crazy about. Honestly, I think it's quite pathetic what the world is comming to actualy. It was an even worse day for security. An assasin got to the Saudia Arabian minister as he slept. The Arabian head of the guard really went off on the PM, yet the PM made it clear just because your in Canada, doesn't mean security is our job. The PM is stressing...Things just keep getting worse...

May 15th, 2052, Ottawo Canada

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The squad and I have some R&R time. They really are good men the squad. There's 5 of us all together. There's my self, the officer in charge. There's the Gunny, he's a hard motherfucker whose rightly earned his stripes. Nobody knows his real name, there's a betting pool for who ever finds out his real name. There's also Private Ryan, the newest addition to the squad. He's a real good Yes Man, does whatever you say, but that could work against us. Our tech officer is Lieutenant Joushua Collins, aside from being a computer expert, he's one damn good artist. And finally, we've got an American, Private Second class Eric Gunderson. He's had a hard life, yet he's been able to pull through so far. Let's hope he can stand our Canadian winters.

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Closing Remarks

Well, hope you enjoyed your time here with me tonight. Well learned a few things about the governments of the time, and a bit about Will's company at the time. And just an author's note, for any users I linked to in the last entre, that was for no reason, except I found it as a way to just point out a few users in the community of random. There is no conenction between the charaters, and the users. Oh and bonus points to anyone who can point out my two Saving Private Ryan references. Well I hope to see you all back some time next week for the next issue of The Untold Stories of the Canadian Front. I bid you all a good day. --3 of Clubs "This is my road, you'll walk it as I say" 03:01, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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