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Hmm, well howdy! I see it must be that time already eh? The Captain's journal, ah where did I put that..I think it's in the back room. Mind going and getting that for me eh? Oh that rifle? Ah that was the Captain's as far as I know. People always say it's best to support local. It was made bout an hour south of Ronto way back when. It was found with his journal. Speaking of which, I think we should get right back into her, eh?

May 23rd, 2052, Ottawo Canada

Art-josh c-the left handed woman

Riots and protest now. Just keeps getting fucking better. The worse part? Most are Canadian's and they are blaming our PM. OUR FUCKING PM! He is trying his goddam best. Yea I'll agree, everything is going to shit, but that's not his fault...Is it? I just don't know anymore..Moral in everybody is sinking..Well, except Collins. He keeps his spirits up drawing some pretty damn amazing art. Like take this one. Man, I wish I was that good at art...Well, good for Collins I guess. To keep me sane, I spend a few rounds at the range. Speaking of which, I've got it booked now..

July 3rd, 2052, Ottawo Canada

Ryan's freaking out downstairs. He's screaming he didn't mean to. We were on duty for the Prime Minister, he was going from one part of the Capital building to another when he was rushed by reporters and protesters. Ryan was just doing his job. Trying to keep them back. Then, he says one of them must have pushed him. His rifle went off...The reporter fell to the ground, thick, red syrupy blood rushing from the bullet wound in his neck. I ordered The Gunny and Eric to get the PM out of there, Collins and myself tried to perform CPR. Ryan was frozen, just starring at the man, as colour faded from his cold dying body. There was nothing we could do. The man died there on the steps to our national's capital. Never did get his name. We have all caught Ryan taking pills to deal with the stress. I know it's hard here, but I just don't think he's ready for such a hard posting. I've put forth both a psychiatric review and a transfer from the squad.

July 15th, 2052, Ottawo Canada

Canadian Military-MP patch

The MPs came and haled away Ryan. Not with out the bastard putting up a fight though. Punched one MP in the face and shoved the other into a bookshelf in the barracks. Almost made it to the door had it not been for The Gunny tackling him to the ground. By that time the MPs had gotten themselves together. They took over from there. I'm sure he'll be on Court Marshal for the next month because of that. Brass said I'll get a replacement next week. With the way they dealt with my order for more entertainment holotapes, I'll probably get that replacement next month. Until then I guess it's just The Gunny, Eric, Collins and myself. Great.

User gunny flags

July 27th, 2052, Ottawo Canada

Well, it's finally official. The United Nations have disbanded. Nobody could talk any sense into anybody else. This leaves very grim options for what's to come in the future. The Prime Minister is taking it hard. He part blames himself, he a good friend of mine, so I tried to tell him he tried his best. He asked to be left alone after that. For now the Brass has left us posted on the PM's guard, but I'm sure it won't be for much longer. The American's are putting pressure on us. It's causing the people to riot and protest more. I'm sure next we'll be put on riot patrol on the next stupid summit to try and fix this fucked up world. World just keeps getting worse..

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Closing Remarks

Well well well..seems alot happened in the course of a month for the good ol' Captain and his squad. Sad to see Ryan go, but eh, it is best to go down fighting I'd say. Now before I forget I'd like to give some real world credit to The user Joshua-Conduit for allowing me to use his amazing art as showcased in Will's first journal entry. Thanks so much. Moving on I'd like to say sorry for the late release on this issue, I know some of you really like these issues and I hope you like this one. Now that's all from me and this issue of The Untold Stories of the Canadian Front. But eh, you can still check out the weekly polls, this weeks news or the dangerous fight arena known as The Hole. Hey, why not all 3 of them! Well, see you all next week!--3 of Clubs "This is my road, you'll walk it as I say" 21:55, July 21, 2012 (UTC)