Author's Note

Now I know I'm at best at fanfic, especially compared to some, or the best artist like others but I have a great love for my country and will try my best to fictional feature them. I have always felt that Canada well playing an important role in the Fallout Universe (somewhat) was never really represented well. So, I plan to represent them to the best of my abilities thought the journal of one Captain First Class William Anderson.

A Bit of Back Story

Captain First Class William Anderson, just called Will by his friends, was a 25 year old member of the RCMP stationed in Ontario from the earliest we know for sure, 2052, until the Great War in 2077. After this all trace of Will is lost, until a journal entry places him in the Northern Canadian woods near Thunder Bay. The date is 2091. The rest of Will's story, I guess we will have to explore together. Now the journal was found in the ruins of a building that can only be assumed to me the Canadian Capital Building by a ghoul named Issac. This was in 2377. 300 years after the Great War. The journal was then held in Issac's possession for 10 more years until a fateful day, that left it in my own possession, and I promise, I'll get to that day..eventually.. But here we are, June 2387, New New York City. So, shall we dive right into our first journal entry with the Captain? I think we shall...

April 13th, 2052, Toronto Canada

The Resource Wars they call it. Well I call it the governments freaking out because they now see they fucked up this planet. Everybody's grabbing for what oil is any means necessary. The brass sent over some more recruits from out East, says to keep training them hard. Ah doesn't bother me and the men, it's fun running them around. But what does scare me? The brass said to be on high alert for foreign agents scouting out the base or any nearby high value resources. Said to look out for Americans especially..

April 25th, 2052, Toronto Canada

The Middle East. Been a war torn area since the time of the Crusades, but, I think this will finally be the end of it. Got a friend in B companies whose Muslim. He was talking with some family back in Jerusalem (don't ask me how in the world he was able to contact them). They said the Israelis put surface to air missiles in the the The Dome of the Rock. Fucking SAMs in the Dome of the Rock. I'd thought I'd never see the day...But on a more local note, the MPs haled some guy away who was looking through HQ. Rumors are he was looking for recon reports. Rumors also say he was American.

Author's Closing Remarks

First off, sorry for only 2 journal entries, I got a little caught up in thinking everything out and the back story. From now on though I promise I'll do at least 3 or 4 entries. I plan on putting out a blog as least once a week since my summer break has now started, but don't be surprised if there is delay. If you have any question or feedback, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. Well, thats all this week for Untold Stories of The Canadian Front see you all sometime next week. And also I'm looking to add either a logo such as used here or just any miscellaneous pictures, so if you can help there, or just have ideas for either, drop me a line. --3 of Clubs "This is my road, you'll walk it as I say" 04:13, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

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