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Forward by the Author

Fallout 4. The game that will re-spark the Fallout Fans, and show them why they all love Fallout so very much. Or at least I plan my version of it will. I have though long and hard about what I personally, and what I believe most other "new generation" fans - well also staying true to some of the "older" Fallout fans - will agree, is an excellent next game to bring the Fallout series into the current generations eyes. Moving on to my actually entry for Fallout 4. New York. I decided upon New York in the end because as we all remember from Fallout 3, large cities laid to waste can lead to some of the most enjoyable game play some of us have enjoyed in a long time. I also decide to pick New York because of the facts that yea, it is a huge place, with the possibilities of many, many different types of people and organizations thus leading to a large variety of possible choices regarding them to be made. Or not. The choices all fall on to the player and their role style of playing. And as well all learned from Fallout: New Vegas, we all love playing the game how we want, and making the choices that matter. I decided to also take from Fallout 1, the spooky and secretive aspects we enjoyed from Fallout 1. So, make sure you check every corner, dark hall, alley and building, for you never know what Pre War mysteries wait for you there. Alas, I think I've talked a bit too much about why I did what I did, I think it's time to show you what I did. I hope you all enjoy my plan, for the next game in this great series we all have turned to love so much.

Fallout 4: New York User OWR - New York


The year is 2300. 223 years after the Great War. The NCR for many years now have been pushing East and recolonizing the West and cities, states, and capitals along the way. Despite their greatest efforts, they still haven't been able to reach the Eastern seaboard. To this very day, much of the Eastern seaboard remains lawless and filled of merciless raider bans, Pre War Ghoul commando groups and countless extremists and self-perclaimed Prophets. The last memory you can recall is scavenging on the out-skirts of Jersey (renamed Mercy for the fact that what ever fowl filth New York has thrown out, Jersey would take with open arms) and then all of a sudden, your memory goes black. You gain consciousness in a back alley of a residential neighborhood (or rather what's left of one) of lower east side New York. Your tasted with finding out, what the hell happened, whether or not to try and get home again, or, to attempt to fall into life in this crazy merciless city. Welcome to New York, and watch for falling debris.

Main Story line

The following is a summary of Fallout 4's plot as seen in a similar fashion as to the Fallout 3 plot article.

Waking Up in an Alley

You are a Scavenger, currently living in the renamed city of Jersey - Mercy. When you were just a child of nearly 13, you woke up in your Mercy home and found both your mother and father were gone. All that was left behind was a partially broken old Pip-Boy 2000 that your father had found one day well scavenging. You were left to fend on your own. For nearly your entire life, you have been scavenging and making a living in and around the area of Mercy. This is until one day, well scavenging on the outskirts of Mercy, your memory goes black. You gain consciousness in a back alley of a residential neighborhood (or rather what's left of one) of lower east side New York. After stumbling about a bit in the street, you enter a nearby abandoned house. Or so you thought. Upon entry, you find a couple of drugged up raiders, that decide to pick a fight with you. After dealing with them in a variety of possible ways, you uncover information about a local small of friendly scavengers encampment in the area. You head out in hope of your likeness will convince them to help a stranger.

Finding the Settlement

After dealing with a few odd Radroachs and dodging some falling debris you finally arrive at 3rd and 14th. Now, this is not just the street corner, but the actually name of the settlement as-well. You find yourself met by hopeful faces and helping words. One such scavenger, by the name of George Ayres proves to be extremely helpful and offers to take you to Central Triangle, the largest trading hub in New York to see if your Pip-Boy can be fixed. He is the first of many possible companions for the player, and will prove extremely important further down the road.

The Road to Central Triangle

After leaving 3rd and 14th, and traveling some ways with only a few minor raider and mutated deer encounters, George directs that you both camp in an abandon house for the night. After clearing the house, and learning of the games new destructible environment {=D} feature you and George bed down for the night. You awake hours later to find that George has been kidnapped. You can either at this point go after your new friend, you leave him to his own fate and crawl back into bed. If you go after George you get the pleasure of kicking some raider ass, along with a new Fallout 4 faction, The Remnants, a Pre War Ghoul Commando unit. (The Remnants not unlike there appearance in the Searchlight Airport Revamp, usually work with their specific commandos but it doesn't matter the commando, they are all refereed to as The Remnants) After you wake up the next morning, or after saving George you continue onto Central Triangle.

Central Triangle

Central Triangle. The largest trading Hub within a 100 mile radius of New York City. Or rather, again, whats left of New York City. Once you arrived, George will inform you that he has business to attend to, and points you in the direction of a repair store. Alternatively, if you didn't rescue George, he can be found in a local bar. At first with scorn about not coming after him, but, in the end he will say he understands. But when question about how he escaped he will provide no answer. Upon entry of the repair stop, the repairman, a man named Colin Winoski, says he can repair your Pip-Boy, yet, he doesn't have the parts with him. He then tasks you with traveling to Ellis Island, and dealing with the last outpost of the New York Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. He warns you thought, that the New York Chapter is not like any chapter of the BOS encountered before. They execute with extreme prudence. At first, the New Yorkers agreed to their terms and handed over all advanced technology. Then the Chapter decided that the uneducated and untrained locals were not good enough to survive. They turned to murdering and sacking the locals. All other BOS turned to denounce this chapter head by one Paladin Romez. You then set out for Ellis Island on the opposite side of the City perched in the Atlantic Ocean.

Road to Ellis Island

As you travel out deeper into the city, you see many stranger sights. These range from Ghoul Commando groups clearing fallen skyscrapers, mutated deer and other animals hunt not only each other, but lone raiders and a few even rush at yourself. But most importantly, you are introduced to a new Fallout 4 faction. The All Creeds Republic, or ACR for short. They all a group that only want New York to keep it's independence and keep everybody happy. You come upon them as they are clearing out a raider encampment, and are "drafted" to help them. Upon completion of this, you decide to spend a night in the near by ACR outpost deep, in the heart of the city. You talk to the men, women, and ghouls found at the outpost, and possibly pick up a new companion or two. There is one man thought, and older man of roughly 50 who upon seeing you, freezes up hands you his functioning Pip-Boy and just walks out of the outpost. You decide it's time to bed down for the night.

Road to Ellis Island Part 2

You are awaken by gunfire early in the morning. After fighting off some of the Remnants attacking the ACR outpost, you are told that in the night a Remnants base was attacked and blown straight into the sky. And it is pointing to an ACR attack according to the ghouls. All communications have shut down between the two forces, sparking a civil war in the city. Now the choice of which side of the war you take is yours, or forget the war and let each side fight it out themselves and continue on your way to Ellis Island. The choice is yours. Make it wisely. The rest of the main story has you doing quests for either side, or going forward onto Ellis Island. The choices are again yours to make. Make them wisely.

Down the Road

As the story progress many meaningless battles occur but two main things are brought to your attention. George is the standing acting leader of the ACR, and that man you met in that ACR outpost, was really your father. The story turns to follow your fathers acts in this war, and to figure out who really caused this war. Enjoy...

Major City - Central Triangle

(I always saw it as more of a triangle, hence the rename)

Central Triangle is a sprawling trading hub in the New York area. Such as with Pre War Times Square, the streets of Central Triangle are always packed with people. Versus before the War, you can now find the streets packed with mercenaries, raiders, gangers, members of the Followers of the Apocalypse, ghouls, the odd robots and the occasionally mutated animal. Overall, if there is something you need, or want - whether it be armour and guns, to information and medicine - go to Central Triangle and you will be able to find it.


Swines Club

The Swines Club can be found off one of the main roads of Central Triangle and acts as HQ for the dangerous, destructive and merciless Followers of the Swine Gang. Inside is a large nightclub-est area complete with Hookers, Drugs, and Bar fights. What more could a lawless good for nothing ask for?

Notable Loot:

  • 45 pieces of Jet spread throughout the club
  • 36 pieces of Med-X spread throughout the club
  • The Fish, a unique pair of boxing gloves coated with a Weapon binding ritual for added effectiveness

Hammerlock's Exotic Animals

Hammerlock's Exotic Animals serves as more or less a pet story for some smaller friendly mutated animals of the wastes. Provided you have enough Caps you can buy a Mole rat, Scouting Hawk, Gecko of many different kinds and even a dwarf Deathclaw. But be aware, Hammerlock offers no insurance if the animal decides to eat you, so make sure your pistols always ready.

Followers of the Apocalypse Outpost

Followers outpost interior
Being that the Followers of the Apocalypse is one of the only non discriminatory factions with medical know how in the New York area, this outpost smack in the middle of the heart of the trading hub of New York leads to this place never being empty. Inside are usually a minimal of 2 surgeons and at least 3 other trained medical workers. Being as this is still New York, a lawless land, all weapons are searched and removed at the door. Now sit back and take a deep breath, this will only hurt alot.

Central Traders

Fo1 Merchant Market
Now the Central Traders are not one company like the Gun Runners but instead a group of many smaller traders with a mutual representatives board between them. Much like the Hub, Central Triangle would be seeded with many stores based inside old ruined buildings and equal amount of street vendors selling everything from guns and armour, to just straight junk and other useless items. Get your laser pistols here!


What the Hell *are* You?

Side Quest: What the Hell *are* You?
Talk to Hammerlock about local sightings
Travel to the Upper West side of the city and discover the Mutant massacre
Return to Hammerlock with the report of the Mutants
Follow the holotape trail to the Super Mutant's base
Reward:Minor caps and XP
Reward:Capital Wasteland History, Caps, SkullCrusher a unique baseball bat
Reward: Caps, XP, Capital Wasteland History (optional), SkullCrusher (optional)
This quest handed out by Hammerlock task you will following up on a sighting of large, yellow-green hulking monsters in the upper west side of the city. Upon arrive you find a bloody mess of what you can only guess were locals that attempted to deal with these monsters. You enter a near by house, where you find a dead creature, and a holotape of a captured local. You can now either return to Hammerlock for a small reward, or attempt to rescue the local for who now's what reward. (Now honestly, who would turn down a chance to shoot some Super Mutants, for old times sake?) Following a trail of holotapes from the captured local, and a few via the Super Mutants - theirs detail some minor background story of the Capital Wasteland and how this small group of Mutants showed up in New York - you finally come upon the ruins of a small local hockey arena, and discover the Super Mutants. Time to get shooting. After blasting your way through the Mutants, you find it's too late for the captive, and must now return back to Hammerlock for a larger reward.

Dealing with the Swine
Dealing with the Locals

These quests deal very similar to Run Goodsprings Run and Ghost Town Gunfight from Fallout New Vegas. Either ending will result in very drastic changes for Central Triangle and the other involved Faction.

Rewards and Changes from these Quests:

  • Possibly no Gangers in Central Triangle thus resulting in vendors lowering prices
  • Possibly more Gangers in Central Triangle thus resulting in some vendors leaving, and increase in prices from the rest. Also increases drugs in the area along with drug and slaver related quests
  • Notation by other settlements, much like reputation from New Vegas and Three Dog's radio station from Fallout 3

It is notable that many more quests would also be available in Central Triangle but would be flushed out further on in development of Fallout 4

Major Dungeon - Statue of Liberty; Ellis Island

This was Pre War the place where people would start a new in The USA...Now it's going to be were you die, a bit ironic eh?— Head Paladin Romez

The Statue of Liberty - or sometimes just noted by the island it stands on Ellis Island - was the Pre War location for new emigrants landing in the USA and Post War is the last strong hold of the New York Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.


The Statue

The Statue it self is infested with Brotherhood of Steel Paladins, Knights and other such Brotherhood units. There is no easy way to mount the statue and reach Paladin Romez so be prepared for a fight to the death. But there is a good to this evil. The armour and tech that the Brotherhood has is without challenge in all of New York.

Notable Loot:

The Ellis Island Museum

This location is where the Brotherhood scribes and prisoners are held. Upon entry - by destructible entry for the doors being locked - you discover that all the scribes are being held on the island against their will. They all wish to rejoin the main land population, but Romez won't let them and the main population wouldn't stand because of the things Romez made the BOS do. Hear you can either kill all the BOS scribes in the name of the people of New York or let these sad scribes be, and continue onto Romez.

Notable Loot:

  • Brotherhood History Holotapes
  • New York City History Holotapes


An Island of Forgotten Pasts..

This quest takes you to Ellis Island, to deal with the last section of the deranged New York Brotherhood of Steel Chapter. Upon reaching the Atlantic Ocean, you must then eliminate a Ghoul Commando group for a small patrol boat to reach Ellis Island. (Or alternatively if you are allied with The Remnants in the civil war, you can contract the commando unit to help you rid the BOS off of Ellis Island. Note that this way will result in not being able to end the BOS conflict peacefully, and by peaceful we mean everybody can survive but Head Paladin Romez and with a Speech check of 99 convince a BOS scribe to take over as Elder) Moving on, after this you must return to which ever faction leader that sent you to deal with the BOS for a reward.


Overall, this area is extremely hard and requires later game equipment if wished to complete with ease. But eh? We all know we love a challenge, don't we?

New and Old Features in Fallout 4

New Features

Destructible Environment

OWR-destrutable enviro

The new Destructible Environment feature being introduced allows the player to make the most of the falling ruins that are New York. By adding the possibility to beach your way through doors and walls - provided you are packing enough power - leads to an overall more enjoyable experience for players.

Scouting Hawks If the player decides to buy a Scouting Hawk from Hammerlock's Exotic Animals they can then use it much to the same way Dogmeat in Fallout 3 was used. It can also be used to dispatch combat orders to including flanking and going for weak armour points. They can also be used to scout areas and add points to your Pip-Boy Maps.

New Mutants and Enemies Fallout 4 supplies a wide variety of different types of things to kill. These range from mutated cats, deer, birds and other such animals. Other new enemies include for once, The Brotherhood of Steel and a large militarist ghoul force. Hey, it's just like Pre Wars day, hunting deer with 3 heads with a buckshot eh?

Old Features in a new Light

Hardcore Mode Hardcore Mode returns again but with an added difficulty. There is no quest marker when hardcore mode is enabled. Have fun aimlessly walking around New York for hours, but hey, at least it's a nice city..or at least was.

Weapons we Love All weapons - and I do mean all - from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are back again including some new Fallout 4 weapons aswell. A large focus was put on custom craft-able weapons including a Pipe-gun and a baseball bat fitted with a ripper edge.

Factions Many previous factions we've seen play a role in Fallout 4's gameplay: The Brotherhood of Steel

BoS logo

As out lined already, New York's BOS is not like one we have seen before. Most of them want nothing to do with anyone else and are focused on total control of New York, no matter who stands in their way. Thankfully there present is limited to Ellis Island and the odd dead patrol in a collapsed building.

Followers of the Apocalypse


The Followers have a minor outpost located in Central Triangle and play a minor role in the overall story line. They can provide medical aid can be found sometimes on the front lines helping the ACR.

New California Republic, Caesar's Legion and the Enclave
None have any major role in Fallout 4. The Enclave can be encounter in a brief random encounter with a pair of Enclave clad soldiers held up in an abandoned building. As you have conversation with them a lone sniper "deals" with the two. As to who the sniper was? That's for you to decide...

Behind the Scenes

  • Hammerlock is a reference to a NPC in Borderlands 2 who is interested in the "creatures of Pandora".
  • The ACR faction is a reference to the ACR assault rifle from the Call of Duty series.
  • The footer picture on the Statue of Liberty is from the film, "Planet of the Apes", and one of the most iconic scenes of the movie.
  • The quest What the Hell *are* You? is a reference to a a Battlefield 3 Achievement/Trophy of the same title.