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The NCR are in retreat; The Legion has fallen; Independent Law is in motion; you it's sheriff

Independent Law takes the fatal conclusion of Fallout New Vegas we all love so dearly, and take it one step further. Independent Law steps the story ending of the player claiming New Vegas and the surrounding areas for themselves up through 3 main quests (and various side quests) that ensure that Vegas will be yours for a very, very long time to come. Each quest covers a main opposition that the player would encounter in an Independent New Vegas. These being The NCR, The Legion, and overall control of the area including such things as the Fiends and power supply for New Vegas.

Difference between base game and the Independent Law DLC

There are a wide variety of changes between the base game and the DLC which are not limited to, but include:

  • All major locations previously held by either NCR or Legion are abandoned.
  • Fiends, raiders and Powder Gangers roam more freely in the Mojave.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel now roam freely and patrols can be found on rare occasions in old Pre War buildings.
  • The Lucky 38 has been revamped and is fully operational as a casino.
  • More miscellaneous travelers and gamblers on the strip, complete with many side quests.

Pushing back The Bear

Main Quest: Pushing back The Bear
Travel to Ranger Station Alpha and "deal" with it.
Travel to Ranger Station Bravo and "deal" with it.
Travel to Ranger Station Bravo and "deal" with it.
Travel to Ranger Station Delta and discover nobody there. Return to the Lucky 38.
Confront the NCR Rangers at the New Vegas Strip by either:
Agree to the NCR Rangers' terms.
Kill all the NCR Rangers.
By passing a Speech check of 80
Reward: 1300 XP
Leads to: Long Death to Caesar

This quest involves The NCR, and the courier's fight to push them out of New Vegas. Now after the NCR's defeat at Hoover Dam, the large forces of the NCR retreated back, leaving many supplies, and even people behind. Yes Man explains that the large encampments are now empty, but, the Ranger Stations are still at large. Yes Man then tasks the courier out to eliminate the Ranger Stations (or with a Speech of 75, form a truce with the Rangers). But as the Courier arrives at Ranger Station Delta they find no one present. Upon return to the Lucky 38, the player finds the remaining Rangers waiting for him, with an ultimatum. Either agree to their terms (they can continue to serve the people of the state of Nevada, as long as they are outside of New Vegas itself), or strike them down. Now if the player passes a Speech check of 80 they convince The Rangers of their true value and prestige, thus convincing them to join the player as their personal special operations unit. Regardless of choice, the player then returns to Yes Man and starts Long Death to Caesar.

Long Death to Caesar

Yes Man informs the Courier that the area to the East of the Colorado is still crawling with many Legionaries. He then tasks the player to travel to the Legate's former war camp, and burn it to the ground as a sign to others of the Legion, their time in Nevada is no longer. Once the Courier enters the camp, they find a small group of Legion soldiers paying their dues to the harsh lost they suffered at Hoover Dam. The player can start combat with Legion group, or start conversation. Both are futile as rifle bullets begin to ring out against the Legion group. One the assassins move on the player can approach a dying Legionnaire to discover that after the defeat at Hoover Dam a futile civil war breaks out between the loyal forces of The Legate, and Caesar. The player travels South along the Colorado, all the while discovering new traces of Legion outpost, final come to a remarkable sight. Two massive Legion armies fighting each other, either in the name of The Legate, or the name of Caesar. The player then must fight his way against both armies and put an end to the Legion once and for all. By killing both Caesar and The Legate. Once both lay dead, their forces no longer have leaders. With a Speech check of of 90, they can be convinced to join the player's standing army as their main force in case of a return of The NCR or any other large dangerous force. If not, they can either be allowed to return deep into Legion territory, or fought until every last one lays dead, like their former leaders. In any case, the player then returns to Yes Man and starts the quest, Trouble on the Home-front.

Trouble on the Home-front

Yes Man informs the player that The 3 Families have summoned their new ruler. Upon the meeting start, all hell breaks lose as the meeting is "interrupted" by smoke grenades and a hail of gun fire that knocks the player out. Once the player comes to, he find a holotape detailing a hostage negotiation. The rules of The 3 families, for control over the Dam, signed the "Crimson Dragoons". Having no idea who the Crimson Dragoons are, and not wanting to lose the dam, the Courier heads out for a remote settlement (thanks to information from Yes Man's data banks) of Pre War Ghouls (specifically ex United States Army officers) located deep within The Divide. (alternatively, if the player does not have Lonesome Road, it is located to the Northwest of Jacobstown) Once the player arrives, the ghouls tell the Courier about these "Crimson Dragoons" and that they really are Pre War Chinese elite troops. Why they want the dam is still a question, but now that the Courier knows who they are, they march to face them at Hoover Dam. You can either hand over the dam, kill all of the Dragoons, or though a Speech check of 80 (Man I love my Speech checks) convince them to join the player's forces are their elite vanguard. Following any of these option, "officially" ends the main quest line of the DLC and roles the end slides for the DLC based on the past choices made.

The Ending

The following is one possible end DLC slide available, there are a wide variety that are possible.

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
House end slide 01
The Courier, with the aid of Yes Man, drove the Legion, the NCR and the Crimson Dragoons from Hoover Dam for good, securing New Vegas' independence from all factions. With whats left of the Legion forces, the NCR Rangers and the Crimson Dragoons behind him/her The Courier secured his/her unchallenged rule and prosper of New Vegas for many years to come. Complete all DLC quests and pass all the Speech checks in each of the 3 quests.

All secondary fraction ending stay the same as with the base game Independent Ending.

Behind the Scenes

  • If the player has the Lonesome Road (add-on) and allowed Ulysses to live at the end, he can be seen over watching the battle between both sides of the Legion during Long Death to Caesar.
  • Trouble on the Homefront was also a quest in Fallout 3.
  • Saint Pain ridge were the final battle during Long Death to Caesar is a reference to something. If you know, you know, if you don't, you don't.
  • Special thanks goes to Vic to teaching me the charts!