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Shady Sands 2241-2281

When we last saw the capital, it was beginning to flourish as a capital of a new formed state complete with politics and a dark side, like every good country capital. As the years went on, and the NCR pushed father and father East, less and less focus was put on the capital as diplomats saw it as safe, sovereign ground. Oh how they would come to regret that. As the soldiers moved out, in came the gangs and under world. Well it was still relatively small, it wasn't long before the gangs realized they could control anything in they city, if they could meet the price of course. The city soon turned into a mafia styled run town, but, only in some parts, as this was the capital of the biggest post war government, the security around the most important diplomats was still very tights, and lacking the fire power there was nothing the gangs could do. Until a certain courier arrived in 2281 with a package..

Shady Sands - After detention

After the courier delivers the package, there is a ground shaking roar as the equal to 50 bricks of C4 blow through the Gun Runner"s main warehouse, leaving a perfect way for the gangs of Shady Sands to finally get the fire power they so greatly needed. After acquiring enough guns to start a small revolution, that's exactly what the gangs do. They take the most important politicians hostage, well killing most of the rest along they way, sometimes in the middle of the streets in-front of their very own citizens. They apply marshal law to the entire city, and block any and all trade from entering and leaving the city. The player then must either, well working with the resistance, either flee Shady Sands, or fight the gangs, save the hostages all they while fighting some awe inspiring weaponry. Again the choice is there to make. Make it wisely.