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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome, to my pitch for Forged Roots, the hopefully, newest DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.

The Main Premise

Now, as with any DLC their is always a main premise, be it taking the courier's story full circle such as Lonesome Road, or comedic relief well also balancing an awesome amount of new tech and game-play such as Old World Blues. So, when drafting my DLC plan, the question of my main premise was there. So, the only answers I saw where...Change, Unity (not the super mutants of the same name), Role, Roots (hence the title of the DLC), Chaos, and unstoppable events. I decided in the end to use the premises of Roots, Change, and Chaos. Why you may ask? Because I know the fan-base of Fallout. I've played...well 3 different Fallouts, but I still know what the fans love and hate. They love the stories wrapped through out each and every game. They love how they can make the character the way they want to. Chose the things they want. And the greatest thing for the fans? The fact that every decision they make, will change the life of someone in the game. This a driving force of the games, and a major reason the fans have stayed true, so for Forged Roots, I plan to keep to this proven tactic, and give the fans the options they want. Oh and not just good and evil, I promise, there will be those shady spots that will be solely up to the player to decide. And when they are chosen, there will be monumental repercussions...I promise you, and the fans that.

The Plot

Now, behind every great man is a great woman they say. Same can be said of DLCs (just replace man with DLC and woman with plot ;) ).Now, Lonesome Road has the plot of bringing the courier's story full circle, Dead Money had the idea of lost valuables and old world aura challenged by painfully difficult decisions. I bet you're wondering what Forged Roots plans to give the fans? Well short edition; Forged Roots will take the players from the front lines of the NCR, back to the roots that have lead to what the NCR are today. That's right. In Forged Roots, I plan to take the fans back to a huge city known as Shady Sands, the current capital, of the New California Republic. Now, we last saw the capital in 2241 it was a booming capital of a booming new country in the making. It has only gotten better and bigger. (A full location revamp can be seen here) That is of course, until The Courier arrives in 2281. He is contracted by the Mojave Express via pip-boy message. There is a package that needs to be deliver to the capital. Unbeknownst to the courier, it's a bomb sent by Caesar's Legion for some high level Gun Runners employees put on the task of new weapon development for the main NCR forces fighting against Caesar's Legion. Along the way, the courier meets a wide variety of, "characters" who may both help, and hinder his goal. Once the package is delivered to the Gun Runner's main warehouse, bam goes the bomb. And with it, falls ruling, common sense, empathy and compassion as the once bombing political town is turned into a town of gangs and raiders running rampant with Gun Runner weaponry. It's up to you, The Courier, to fix what you've caused...or, you could just walk away from the chaos, the choice, is of course, yours to make.

Why Should I play this DLC?

That, is a very good question, and I ask of you all to ask any game, or piece of DLC that you are playing/going to play, that very same question. And if they can't answer it? Then maybe you should be playing something else. My DLC offers the fans what they want. A rich story balanced with even richer decisions. I promise that the visual re-vamp of Shady Sands will leave you speechless; the weapons of the Gun Runners will literally, blow you away. The gangs that will come to control the streets will overwhelm and provide a challenge for even the highest of players. I promise you, this will be a DLC you won't soon forget...

Thank you all for your time, and consideration. I bid you all a good day, and happy hunting.