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Searchlight Airport

We all loved this place back in the day, so as a group, we decided to stay here when we ghoulified. To forever remember...— Lieutenant Loyal, leader of the Remnants

The Searchlight Airport is a pre-War airport in the south-eastern Mojave Wasteland, south of Camp Searchlight. Its only entrance is a tunnel on the northern side of the airport.


Searchlight Airport Supply Shack

Camp McCarran supply shack
This is the location were Pre-War Searchlight Airport would hold all of it's surplus supplies. This included the bombs in which were to be used on Fighter jets in case of a local infiltration of the area around New Vegas by infantry. When the Courier arrives in 2281 this shack is only filled with corroded mortar shells and miscellaneous ammo.

Notable Loot:

{As to our notable loot policy, most of this would not be notable ;)}

Searchlight Airport Terminal

UserYes-Man Searchlight1
This was the main terminal and and field operations head-quarters Pre-War. There is not much left to in the area as Prospectors most likely have taken anything of value from the area. Upon entering the terminal the Courier will discover the second of the line of Holotapes, and the second of the fallen Paladins.

Notable Loot:

  • Holotape - Seems Nice Enough..

Searchlight Airport Control Tower

Searchlight Airport
This is the main control tower from before the war. It served the same goal as any control tower; to help guide planes to and from the ground. In 2281 when the player enters they will discover laying dead over the control panels the first of the dead Paladins, the first Holotape in the line, and the first dead body of the Remnants.

Searchlight Underground

Broken Steel Presdential Metro Line
This area was before the war used by the 82nd Airborne division for training, being Searchlight Airport was their main base of operations. In this area you will find many things that will help you in the quests, Still in the Dark and A Band of Brothers.
OWR Apprentice map
  • A - The second fallen Remnant.
  • B - The 3rd Holotape and the one containing the code used to get into the area around D.
  • C - The Final resting place of Paladin Jack Snyder, and the UVAR.
  • D - The Holotape needed for the quest Still in the Dark.


Still in the Dark

During this quest, Elder McNamara will task the Courier with receiving 4 Holotapes. One can be found in the Searchlight Airport Underground.

A Band of Brothers

This unmarked quest follows a squad of Brotherhood of Steel Paladins as they attempt to clear the "abandoned" airport. The squad, A.K.A, Easy Company sadly finds there match against the Remnants and all the 2 man squad can be found spread throughout the Airport. Reward for this quest includes 3 suits of power armour (thanks to our new dead friends) and the UVAR, a unique Laser RCW.

The Remnants

The Remnants are a group of ghouls living in Searchlight Airport in 2281. They are the soul survivors of the 82nd Airborne Las Vegas division. Pre War the division was very close and help many great memories together in their base of operations, Searchlight Airport. So when the bombs feel (and how did they really fall on Vegas) they thought it fitting that in their new state that they stay where they knew so well. This was Searchlight. Now overall they are not a hostile faction, yet as we all know, the Brotherhood doesn't treat ghouls well. So as Easy company began shooting their way through Searchlight Airport, the Remnants began shooting back. And oh are they trained. Finally after taking out all of Easy Company, they set back onto just living normal lives.


All of the a fore mentioned content would only be found within Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the Scenes

  • Easy Company and the unmarked quest, A Band of Brothers is a reference to Band of Brothers a mini series based around world war II and a battalion (?) {Never did watch the whole series, it's like 12 hours long}.
  • The UVAR was created by the User:Paladin117 and I'd personally liked to thank him. Thanks Paladin! Keep up the great work on the wiki! A personal blog he made about the UVAR can be found here.