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Easy Company was a 3 squad group of Brotherhood of Steel Paladins tasked with scouting the Searchlight Airport. Upon discovery of the supposed abandoned airport, they came upon The Remnants - a group of pre war ghoul soldiers. Easy Company mistook them for ferals and began firing on them. By the time they realized this, it was too late to make amends. The first Paladin fell in the control tower - Paladin Jessie Coles - where as the second Paladin - Paladin Danny Hamshire - fell in the Airport Terminal. The squad leader finally fell in the underground section. Their story and tragic end are documented through a series of Holotapes trailed through the airport.


This first holotape can be found at the tunnel under the fence into Searchlight Airport.

Upon first inspection of the Airport the place seems abandoned on the outside. We plan to move onto the inside around 0700 tomorrow. We scouted the supply shed earlier today. Danny and Jessie are complaining about how they never see action now adays..I'm sure there might be some rad-scorpions on the inside so hopefully that will keep them quite.

This second holotape can be found beside on Paladin Jessie Coles dead body in the control tower.

Oh God! It was an honest mistake we thought they were feral! They started shooting back! Jesse and I was in the control tower and a sniper got to him! Oh God...What have we gotten our selves into..

The third of the holotapes. To be found in location where the D is on the location map of the Underground of the Airport.

They got Danny's all my fault. They must be pre-war commandos or something. They were more well trained. They used AP rounds on us. They sure are smart. Oh God good with explosives too...I stepped near a landmine. My very spirit is draining on me.. I want last long. I'm going to lock myself in the next room. I've seen to have lost those ghouls so if anyone finds this Holotape, the Password for the door is Easy Company. May the Lord have mercy...

The forth and final of the holotapes in this series. This is located on the opposite side of the door from the previous holotape. It lays in Paladin Jack Snyder dead out reached hand, with the UVAR in his other.

Mission Code: NDG-17
Temporary Password: Long live the Brotherhood
Summary: Paladins Coles, Hamsmith, you are to survey the Searchlight Airport at coordinates 8.23 ,6.872, search for the components we need, and retrieve what you can. As a secondary objective, compile a list of additional items at the site for future retrieval.
Paladins Remarks: We failed. The rumors are true. We should of just stayed in out Bunker. Long live the Brotherhood, and may we never fail this hard again.