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Pain Court

It's pronounced Paan Cooor, but I guess Pain Court has a nice ring to it as-well— Marcel Carpentier; town mayor

Pain Court - French for Short Bread - is a small settlement formed after the Vault Dwellers of Vault 18 reemerged and joined humanity in 2161.

Fallout Location

Pain Court would of been found South West of the starting location of Vault 13.


Town Centre

Fo1 Boneyard Nightclub
This is the main hub of Pain Court. The large building located in the middle of the area is the fighter's arena where the de facto mayor, Marcel Carpentier can always be found. Located to the right of the fighter's arena is Dr Frederick Banting's work-shed.

Market District

Fo1 Hub Old Town
This is the main area for trading in Pain Court. The large L shaped building is home to Maxim Axentiev - the local arms dealer - with the smaller building located in the front being his shipping and handling. The general trader - the two Polish Buds; Andrzej Kowalski and Jan Zamoyski - is located across the street from Maxim the Arms dealer.

Housing District

Fo1 Junktown Casino
This is the living area of Pain Court. Not much to mention here. There is houses for people to live in. Kinda no brainier. There is also a small outdoor fighting ring for any bored town dwellers.

Vault 18 Entrance

Fo1 Vault 15 Surface
This is the entrance to the old Vault in which Pain Court was raised. Inside the Vault you will find computer terminals detailing this Vault's role in the Vault experiment and some generic Vault loot.

Notable Loot:


Pain Court's current state of affairs was greatly affected by Vault 18, it's role, and it's dwellers. Vault 18 was emitted with a wide variety of nationalities, except American, and Chinese for obvious reasons. A majority of the emitted people were of French decent, hence, the large French influence on Pain Court. Another aspect that influenced the settlement's development was the large amount of boxers and other such fighters emitted into the Vault. Once the Vault was opened a leader had to be put in place, and what other way other then three rounds of boxing! To this day, whoever dares to challenge the current mayor (Marcel Carpentier) to three rounds of boxing, and wins, will be named the new mayor of Pain Court. Also present is a fair sided Polish community within the settlement. Being Polish, many of them have turned to trading to make a living, and many do fairly well. Yet the ones doing the best are the best friends Andrzej Kowalski and Jan Zamoyski. The only Russian influence on the town comes in the form of Maxim the Arms Dealer. Huh. Ironic eh? Somehow, Maxim was able to arrange for a large number of weapons to be stored in the Vault until it's opening so he would be able to "Ensure the good people of Vault 18 are safe from the monsters of the wastes....and eh...who doesn't like guns?" When the vault Dweller arrives in 2161 the settlement is getting along quite well, with a minor raider problem to the North.


  • Get Dr. Banting his medical supplies

To begin this quest the player must, (through speaking with with Dr. Banting; Speech of 60 required) uncover the fact that the town's medical supplies are dwindling. After this Dr. Banting will task the player with traveling to The Hub and striking a deal with the Far Go Traders. once this is done return to Dr. Banting for a 150 caps reward.

  • Arrange a trade deal between the Gun Runners and Maxim

This quest starts as you walk into Maxim's Arms store and with a Perception of 7 notice the store is fairly empty. Talking to Maxim about this will get him to see this fact and task you to find him a way to increase his stores. Where else to go but the Gun Runners of course? The player then must travel to the Boneyard, speak with Gabriel and with a Guns check of 75, convince him to form a trade deal with Maxim. The reward for this quest is Maxim's gun store now has a larger selection, with a fair discount.

  • Beat Marcel Carpentier in a 3 round boxing match

The player starts this quest by questioning a local on how Marcel came to be mayor. Once learned that he won a boxing match for his position, the vault Dweller then may challenge Marcel's title in a 3 round boxing match in the main arena. If the player, survives all 3 rounds or alternatively, KO's Marcel the quest is completed and the player is sworn in as mayor of Pain Court. The player also receives the Golden Gloves. a unique pair of boxing gloves.

  • This is a fairly difficult fight being all the player's armour is automatically removed and Marcel has an Unarmed skill of 85.
  • Help Marcel and the town guard kill the nearby raiders

Talking to Marcel about any trouble in the area will result in him mentioning about raiders to the North. Marcel will then invite you onto "A good ole game of the hunt." And by this he mean kill the raiders. Kill all of them. Talking to him again about this will travel you, Marcel, and some town guard to the raiders camp. once the camp is cleared you will be returned to Pain Court where Marcel will reward you with 250 caps.


This quest is only able to complete before fighting Marcel for town mayor.

Behind the Scenes

  • Pain Court is a real town located in South West Ontario near the developer's hometown.
  • Marcel Carpentier is a reference to two real famous French boxers; Georges Carpentier and Marcel Cerdan.
  • The Russian arms dealer Maxim Axentiev is a reference to one of the develpoers friends who actually is Russian.


Pain Court and all mentioned NPCs and quest would only be present in the original Fallout.