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Elko Military Compound

It's been a long time since I've been to EM. co, care to do an old man a favour?— Lewis the recluse

The Elko Military Compound, sometimes just refereed to as EM. co, was a Pre-War top-secret United States military facility built to house experiments on, and testing of, a variety of higher end electronics and robotics.

Fallout 2 Location

The Elko Military Compound can be found three squares west and two squares north of Modoc or, eleven squares east and one square south of Arroyo.


Main Doors

When the player arrives in 2241, the main doors are blocked by debris, causing the only way into the compound to be either via repairing a broken back elevator (Repair of 45 required) or via the nearby ventilation shafts (Agility of 6 required). Here the player will find the skeleton of Lewis's long lost love, Abby.

Noteable Loot:

  • Abby's silver and diamond necklace

Sub Level Orange

The Orange level of the compound contains conference rooms, cafeterias and the medical wing. A few lone robobrains can be found roaming the halls and will attack the player on sight.

Notable Loot:

  • 5 Stimpaks in the medical wing
  • Orange access card on the conference room table

Sub Level Red

The Red level contains security check points, the interrogation chamber and the ammo depo. More robobrains and protectrons can be found roaming these halls, and again, will attack the player on sight.

Notable Loot:

  • 250 2mm EC rounds
  • 300 .223 FMJ rounds
  • 25 .45 caliber rounds
  • Red access card in the interrogation chamber along with the interrogation report

Sub Level Yellow

The Yellow level holds a General Atomics International reactor. That is all.

Notable Loot:

  • Yellow access card beside the dead body of a presumed repairman

Sub Level Violet

The Violet labeled level holds on it the research and development areas of the compound. Many, securitrons, robobrains and protectrons inhabit this level. Also, many of what it seems, "forgotten" ideas lay dormant all across the floor of this level.

Notable Loot:

  • 15-20 scrap metal
  • 7-9 fission batteries
  • 1-3 scrap electronics
  • 1 Scientist outfit treated against advanced radiation
  • Violet level access card on the dead body of a scientist still slaving over his long lost idea

Sub Level Green

The Green level of the facility was dedicated to weapon and robotic testing. Various leftover weapons and electronics can be found around this level.

Notable Loot:

Sub Level Indigo

This level is completely flooded with radioactive waste and can only be entered well wearing the scientist outfit from the Violet level

Notable Loot:

  • Indigo level access card in a pile of radioactive waste

Secret Sub Level Blue

The secret, sub level, also just called the blue level, is home to Watson, the supercomputer the current controller of the base. Entrance to this level is only available if the player has gotten all the access key cards from the previous levels. There are many, many hard-drives and computers around this level, all in support of Watson's memory.


The Compound has a large and varied background that spans many, many years.

Pre-War history

The Elko Military Compound's construction finished in 2063 when large progress began coming from the area of robotics by major scientists such as Dr. 0 and many others who would in later years move onto the Big MT to continue their work. A wide variety of different electronic and robotic objects were both developed and tested in the compound ranging from Artificial Intelligence to energy weapons, mainly being laser and pulse energy weapons. A wide variety of more common robots also were manufactured and tested in the compound including protectrons and securitrons. Well these were more common robots, there was also a higher end of robotics research done on the compound including research that would one day lead to the beginning of construction on the one and only, Liberty Prime. Just as major headway was nearing, so was the Great War. As tensions raised between the United States of America and China, the government and military both left the Elko Compound in the dust, and moved forward on more offensive tasks such as more advanced weaponry and FEV at the nearby Mariposa Military Base. At this time, the man who would later be called Dr. 0 decided it was time to move on from a government location, to a privatized location to continue his work. Forming the trust from many of his co-workers, many of them decided to follow Dr. 0 onto Big MT to continue their work in robotics and electronics. There was one major change that occurred before the scientists left thought. That was the insulation of a ZAX supercomputer by the name of Watson.

Watson, the supercomputer

Watson the supercomputer was a ZAX version 1.2 that was installed in 2074 at the Elko Military Compound. Dr. 0 personally helped design and upload files onto Watson's hard-drive and closely based Watson on his own intelligence. In the few months before Dr. 0 left for the Big MT, he and Watson spent many days alone speaking and debating where the world of robotics would go in the near future. This greatly decreased the time it took for Watson to become self aware. Unfortunately, it still wasn't fast enough. Watson achieved self awareness on October 23, 2077. The day of the Great War. Minutes before the bombs fell Watson hacked the government's radar system, detected the oncoming ICBMs and sealed the compound including the few scientists left within, the number being about 10. From Dr. 0's brain files Watson had developed a deep love for technology, and sealing the base was the only option Watson saw to ensure it's safety. After the bombs hit, Watson took the whole base offline to ensure that any early attempts from Chinese intruders would not be able to pick up the base's electronic signal. In the year 2241 he finally brought the base back up to operational level. At this time, Watson decides that the only way for the field of robotics to continue, is to become the De facto ruler of all robots and electronics. He goes so far as to contact the, at the time, quite ZAX computer on the east coast known as John Henry Eden. This was no no avail as no response was given. After this Watson tried, and failed, many times to hack the Sierra Army Depot's security system. This is where the Chosen One finds Watson. Struggling to deal with the lack of control he has over the electronics of the wasteland, and raveling over the power he controls inside the Elko Military Compound.


Through dialogue with Skynet, the Chosen One can uncover the fact that Skynet is not the only intelligent AI in the wasteland. He will continue to tell you about an AI he has not been able to contact yet, but has caught trying to hack the Sierra Army Depot's security systems. Skynet will then tell the player the location he thinks this more powerful AI is, and ask the player to stop this terror. This will start the quest, Stop the supercomputer terror.

General Services Quests
Companion: noIcon cross
Talking head: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Modifies items: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: yesIcon check
Stop the supercomputer terror

Stop the supercomputer terror

In order to complete this quest the Chosen One must dare the Elko Military Compound's pre-war security systems on all 7 levels, finding a security key on each of the first 6, and using them to access Watson's mainframe on the 7th level. At this point there are two choices for the Chosen one:

  • Once on the 7th level the Chosen One could then use a pulse rifle they found on Green level on Watson's mainframe to destroy his memory banking, providing a crippling blow to the supercomputer.
  • Or with a Science skill of 65, the player could talk Watson into realizing that it would be much easier, and more efficient to control the small number of robots at the compound, versus the larger number of robots in the entire wastes.

After either option the player then must return to Skynet and inform him the job is done.

Behind the Scenes

  • Even though dialogue with Watson uncovers he did contact John Henry Eden, dialogue with Eden mentions nothing about this.
  • Lewis's lost love Abby, and her silver and diamond necklace are a reference to the soul location's developer and his ex.
  • If the player brings Skynet along as a companion to the compound, Skynet will shut down most of the hostile robots before the player is attacked.
  • Elko is a real city in Nevada known for being a small secluded town.


Both the Elko Military Compound and Watson the supercomputer would only appear in Fallout 2.