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This article is an entry for the Fallout: The Apprentice contest. It should not be confused with in game content.


Some words from The Old World Relics

First and foremost, I'd like to welcome everyone to this season of Fallout: The Apprentice from my end. Last season I had the pleasure to play this game, and let me tell you, I had a blast. Be it the challenges themselves, to who I played against, to the fans that supported me the whole way, it was fun from the start right up to the nail biting end. That being said, let me tell you, I'm out for blood this year. No holding back. No barriers. Bigger and more intense entries. So, I invite all the fans out there to sit back, and enjoy.

Now to the actual point of this article for the first challenge. This will be in two parts. First is how my first challenge entry of Scrapheap fits into the beginning of the new Fallout game proposed by Obsidian. The second part will be new features added to the game. So without further adieu, to the article!

Plotline Fit

Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose in life? These questions have troubled human kind for many, many years. And this does not just stand in real life. The new Fallout game carries these questions as well. The game would start with the player escaping from a slave caravan on the outscurts of L.A. One of the other escaped slaves speaks with the player character, telling of an up-coming war to spark between two very powerful factions in the area. When asked which, the slave only tells you to make your way to The Boneyard and make haste, as the player character is destined to play a major role in the up-coming wars. On the way a small settlement by the name of Chadwick supplies rudimentary information about the area, and thus, point the player character into the direction of Scrapheap if they so see it necessary.

New Features

The new Fallout game would have hopefully a plethora of new features added to the game. What followers are three that would my entry to work to it's maximum.

New Skill - Salvage

The new Salvage skill would work in partnership with the Repair skill, yet would still hold it's own unique abilities such as:

  • Amount of robotic loot drops dependent on Salvage skill
  • Some crafting requiring Salvage checks
  • Allow repair of dispatched robotic enemies that become temporary companions and require periodic re-repairs with the Salvage skill
  • And many other abilities would be hammered out in further development

New Craftables

The new Fallout game would yield a massive amount of crafting recipes and items all with their a variety of skill checks associated with the respective recipes. Two specific recipes would be fortified by their use in Scrapheap.

Nails (10)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Pipe-Bomb (1)

Pipe-bombs are an early level explosive and extremely deadly to enemies and terrain alike. A very smart choice for use in Scrapheap via all their building requirements being easy found within Scrapheap, and useful with it's damage to terrain and enemies.

rangeIcon range
Salvage: 5
levelIcon level
Automatic Lockpick (1)

Automatic lockpicks do just as one would think. They automatically lockpick anything with a lock. Another very smart choice for Scrapheap with the ease of crafting items and amount of safes in Scrapheap.

Destructible Environment

Destructible Environment allows the player to shape the terrain in a matter that will make for easier movement around the map, of an easier battle. Door in the way? Blow it apart with an Explosives weapon. Enemy standing under a pile of junk? Shoot the junk and watch it come crashing down on them and causes massive damage. There are countless ways this skill can be used in specific circumstances of the game.