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You want to go to Scrapheap? Well, was nice knowing you. We'll send out a search party to get your remains from the robots in a few days.— NPC to be determined

Nuts and Bolts' Massive Mayhem of Scrapheap or just known as Scrapheap is a a Pre-War Scrapyard located on the outscrurts of The Boneyard. It is an early level dungeon the player character can encounter on their way into The Boneyard.


Scrapheap is laid out like any other scrapyard with masses of old broken down cars, computers, robots and other electronic and metal devices. Various pieces of scrap machinery - including cranes that suspend heavy loads of compressed metals high in the air - also dot the fenced in compound.


The Scrapyard

OWR - Scrapyard Concept

The compound itself contains piles upon piles of broken down scrap and robots. Some piles reaching almost 100 feet in the air. The piles of scrap all gently sloop upwards making them fairly easy to transverse if the player character decides to avoid the many paths that weave through this two kilometer square yard. But beware as the piles can be unstable, often collapsing and causing harm as they do. Your choice, the environmental possible harm of the piles, or the physical harm of the miss-matched robots that dot the paths.


The Workshop

Rauls shack

The workshop - located in the north-east corner of the scrapyard - is as would be expected of any metal or scrap workshop. Have finished projects dot the floors and work areas. A crafting bench and safe full of useful crafting items within can be found against a back wall, supplying the player character some of their first chances to craft new items introduced into the game - such as pipe bombs and automatic lock picks.

Notable Crafting Items

Nuts and Bolt's Main Office

OWR - Scrapyard Office

The main compound's office, or Nuts and Bolts' personal office is found in the north-west corner of the compound. As the player character gets closer and closer to the office they will run into more and more of Nuts and Bolts' crazed and miss-matching robots. Once the player character arrives a scripted event takes place where Nuts and Bolts exits and begins dialogue with the player. Once Nuts and Bolts is dealt with one way or another the player then can take a key from his body and enter the office. Inside the player character finds miscellaneous early game loot.

  • There are various explosive barrels found withing close distance to Nuts and Bolts that can be used to help inflict damage on him.
  • There is also a rusted crane holding a pallet of rusted compressed metal that can be manipulated using the new Destructible Environment to either shoot the chain or through an explosive - such as newly crafted pipe bombs - otherwise destroy the chain and have the metal come crashing down onto Nuts and Bolts inflicting damage dependent on where he is as the metal falls.


The Scrapyard has a fairly standard history. It is just a scrapyard after all. Things don't always have to be some secret government experiment to be memorable.


Pre-War, the Secret Government known as The Enclave used the scrapyard as a dumping ground for broken and discarded robots and electronics. Haha tricked you Other than that the scrapyard was indeed your standard scrapyard. Taking old computers and broken down cars and compressing them, housing them and selling them. The scrapyard was owned and run by a lonely man in his mid-forties - yet looked 50 - named Matthew, but the locals just called him Nuts and Bolts. The scrapyard mostly keep to it's self as it's mountains of trash grew higher as the War neared and more and more attempt at robots occur, and failed.


Post War, the scrapyard was given a new light. It became almost the neighborhood haunted house with parents warning children not to venture there and even Scavengers refusing to travel to the scrapyard in fear of the "rotting corpse" that screams and threatens all who come on his land, and the miss-matched crazed and frenzied robots that patrol the many paths of this fortress of scrap.

Behind the scenes

  • The idea for Nuts and Bolts' Massive Mayhem of Scrapheap and some other minor ideas came from a brainstorm session the developer and his Fallout loving friend had on their walk home from school, leading the The Developer to name Nuts and Bolts after his friend.
  • The use of Destructible Environment makes a return from The Developer's final entry from last year's Fallout: The Apprentice, Fallout: New York.


Nuts and Bolts' Massive Mayhem of Scrapheap would appear only not only appears in Fallout: New Vegas 2/City Of Angels/Fallout visits LA again.