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Get off my property you damn Smooth-skins or I'll put my robots on you!

Nuts and Bolts formerly known as Matthew is a ghoul mechanic and mini boss living in Scrapheap in the year XXXX.


Nuts and Bolts was born Matthew Durwood to a mechanic father and factory working mother. At a young age he learned the ways of scrap and repair from his father via working with him on the family own scrapyard on the outscurts of what was formerly known as L.A. Matt's father died when he was only 21, causing his mother to leave as-well. After this Matt took over his father's scrapyard and began fulfilling his dreams. Cross cutting robots! He began to scrounge his newly acquired scrapyard for all types of robots and in his free time would splice them together. This brought forth the locals nicknaming him Nuts and Bolts and locals becoming afraid of the scrapyard as the horrible robots - 3 armed Robobrains, Protectrons with Securitron wheels and etc. - would patrol the scrapyard and would eliminate with "extreme preudience".

Being in close proximity to L.A. the scrapyard was overwhelmed with radiation, causing ghoulification to occur on Nuts and Bolts, ensuring his abilities to over-watch his family scrapyard for many years to come. Some years after the Great War well scavenging around the massive piles of scrap, a half active robot triggered an avalanche of scrap causing Nuts and Bolts arm and leg to both be heavily injured. After crawling back to his workshop, Nuts and Bolts then saw the positive side of this occurrence. It gave him the opportunity to try out mixing robotics and "human" flesh. So after hours of pain, agony, and blacking out a few times, Nuts and Bolts was able to somewhat successfully inter-grade a robotic arm and robot leg into his natural body mass. For the most part, it works well but every-now and again will malfunction doing such things as jerking around and causing massive pain. But, then again, it was a red-neck cyborg job. You really shouldn't complain.


Nuts and Bolts is the final mini boss to Nuts and Bolts' Massive Mayhem of Scrapheap having a variety of ways to deal with him in the end.

Unmarked Quest: Fun at the Massive Mayhem of Scrapheap
Deal with Nuts and Bolts
Speech Check: 25
Destructible Environment
Repair Check: 35
Talk Nuts and Bolts into disabling his robots and forcing the final fight to be one on one.
Throw an explosive or shoot at a rusted crane carrying compressed metals causing the chain to break and cause damage to Nuts and Bolts. Amount dependent on exact location of Nuts and Bolts.
Demonstrate to Nuts and Bolts your respect and knowledge of robots making him not fight the player character. and will reward the player character with further Salvage skill, Repair skill, and misc crafting items.
The Unique Blow Torch - Nuts' Spark
The player character can improve the Salvage skill and the Repair skill as well as receive misc crafting items upon return to Nuts and Bolts.

Nuts' Spark

Nuts' Spark is a unique blow torch the player character can receive only after besting Nuts and Bolts in battle. It can not be Pickpocketed from him at any time in the game. Nuts' Spark carries a few unique effects as it does five times damage to robots and adds a passive bonus of plus 15 to Salvage and plus 10 to Repair when equipped.

Behind the Scenes

  • Nuts and Bolts is named after the Developer's friend who helped him brainstorm for this Fallout: The Apprentice idea.
  • After posting this article the Developer realized that "Nuts' Spark" is a terrible name for a weapon and really should have named it something different in his opinion.


Nuts and Bolts and his unique blow torch, Nuts' Spark would appear only not only appears in Fallout: New Vegas 2/City Of Angels/Fallout visits LA again.