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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am The Old World Relics and I welcome you all to this special edition of the September Wiki News. Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering what this special edition is all about, and why in the world I am writing it? Well, as per the first question; This edition of the September Wiki News is here to celebrate both the 15th Anniversary of Fallout (!) and to celebrate the great talent we have here on the site. Now, I'm sure many of you are familiar with something called Fan-Fiction, and if not, here's a Wikipedia page about it. Anyways, as you all (hopefully) know this wiki is related to Fallout, and we all know it has a very, very rich and provocative story to it. But, sometimes, that same story we all love, leaves us wondering and wanting more. That's when Fan-Fiction steps in. We as the fans, take matters into our own hands, and write, draw and even sometimes act out (yes Role Playing is classified as FanFic). And where else to post these things, then a wiki devoted to the very thing the Fan-Fiction is related. So, because of all those factors, we find our-self's with an amazing amount of FanFic available to the many users who frequent our site. This news post is here to show off a few of wide variety of FanFic available for reading here. So, enough rambling, to the Fan-Fiction!

A Wasteland Tale

The Ever Ruler
The Ever Ruler
Talk page

Now, our first showcase comes from the only ghoul we don't want to shoot in the head on sight; The Ever Ruler. Now his FanFic is an interesting one. Not only does he make pretty much a whole game, at least 2 large factions and numerous smaller ones, but he takes the time to really listen to the community here, and get their input onto which direction the story goes next. Just as a forlorn warning: His FanFic is very, very, long, but I promise you all as someone who has read it all, you will love every minute of it.

The overall game idea can be found here.
The first of the major factions (The Aware) can be found here.
The second of the major factions (The Road Raiders) can be found here.

FEV, and how it Works

The Ever Ruler
The Ever Ruler
Talk page

This showcase also comes from The Ever Ruler, but unlike the last showcase, this fanfic takes on the role of explaining some very important lore related things the games never got around to. A interesting read for users more into the technical side of the lore.

The article on FEV and how it works can be found here.

Forgotten Names of Despair

Crimson Frankie
Crimson Frankie
Talk page

The following is an excerpt from the introduction by the author responsible for this next series himself; Crimson Frankie.

Hello, everyone, this is George, aka Crimson Frankie. I've promised a couple of members the creation of a graphic/written blog segment featuring a random individual of the wastes in a very short story every now and then. The time has come. I had some fragmented stories written in Portuguese for the Fallout Universe (writing is one of my favourite hobbies), so I decided to give it a try. The result is what you're going to see in the following lines. Forgotten Names of Despair is a series intended to portray the vicissitudes of a life in the Wasteland through, as aforementioned, showing crude stories of wastelanders that are simply trying to find a place where they can lay low; stories which are accompanied by drawings and/or paintings by myself. I hope you enjoy, and forgive me for the occasional mistakes in English (I'm not a native speaker).

I can tell you right now, the stories are amazing to read, and the drawings even better.

The first edition of the series can be found here.
The second edition of the series can be found here.

Fallout: Texas

Talk page

The next showcase comes from a friend of mine. Some of us may know him as The President of the Enclave, others know him as the Pigeon. And for those of you who don't know either of these names, you can call him Denis517. Now his FanFic takes an interesting root. It drives at a location already covered in the series by Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Texas here we come.

You can find Denis's Fallout: Texas here.

Day One

Agent c
Agent c
Talk page

This showcase comes from a user whose presence on the site does not go unnoticed. Agent C is the author of this next FanFic that is written from the perspective of a Vault Dweller after a few generations spent in the Vault and their displeasure at the Overseer for forcing them out. Enjoy.

"Day One" can be found here.

The Nukapedian Road

Energy X
Energy X
Talk page

Up next we have Energy X, an administrator on the site here. His FanFic is a long and emotional tale following Louis, a 17-year old boy who lives in the little village of Waterspin. He takes care of himself, since his parents died because they were killed one day in a fight with raiders. Everything is normal day by day as he survives in the wastes. Until something changes it all, and sends Louis' life on a tumbling journey that will forever change it. A great read for users wanting a tale to remember.

The first part of The Nukapedian Road can be found here.
The second part of The Nukapedian Road can be found here.

The Caravan

Talk page

This next we're nearing the end of our time here together, yet there are still many great tales still to be told. Take the following tale from KnowledgeProspector. The following are a few words about the series by the author them-self, and I quote:

The Caravan is a story about a man discovering a caravan group. Though he's only known them for a day, he quickly feels comfortable around them, since they're the closest to a family he's ever had in a while. But things turn for the worse, as the caravan faces numerous death threats. The man tries his best to protect them, as he is constantly reminded of his painful yet mysterious past.

A promised great tale to all who read it. Enjoy.

The first chapter of KP's riveting novel can be found here.
The second chapter of KP's riveting novel can be found here.
The third chapter of KP's riveting novel can be found here.
The fourth chapter of KP's riveting novel can be found here.

A New World

Talk page

Rounding the bend we have 101Phase with his amazing story of the New Vegas area, post second battle of Hoover Dam. An exert from his introduction blog (found here) is as follows:"A New World" is a documentary covering the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the aftermath, and the establishment of a new order. Official sources have been scarce, but I, The Historian, have tracked down many who wished to share their first hand experiences of the matter. Whether you're a firm supporter of the Courier and his cause or a die-hard patriot of the old ways, just remember this: all you will find here is the truth.

"A New World - Part 1: Home Sweet Home" can be found here.
"A New World - Part 2: Provocation" can be found here.
"A New World - Part 3: Innocence Lost" can be found here.
"A New World - Part 4: The Return" can be found here.

The Untold Stories of The Canadian Front

The Old World Relics
The Old World Relics
Talk page

Last, but certainly, not least (well at least in my opinion) we have myself, The Old World Relics. My FanFic tells the story of a Canadian First Class Captain by the name of William Anderson during the Resource Wars through the Captain's journal from the time period. As the story progresses the we are shown just how chaotic and tenuous the times were, and as the ominous date of October 23, 2077 nears, we see just how screwed up the world really got. I really hope you enjoy this showcase. Oh, and as you are reading this, I am writing the next edition. Stay tuned!

The Untold Stories of the Canadian Front - Part 1 can be found here.
The Untold Stories of the Canadian Front - Part 2 can be found here.
The Untold Stories of the Canadian Front - Part 3 can be found here.


Well, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time and joining me here today to both celebrating 15 years of the Fallout series and honouring all the great artist and creative writings were are lucky to have here on the site. I'd also liked to thank all the great users who put their work out, for all of us to critique and in the end, love. I leave you all now with some videos I was able to find on YouTube I felt would go perfect with the occasion. I hope you all enjoy, and have a great rest of your day. Yours Always; --3 of Clubs "This is my road, you'll walk it as I say" 06:19, September 30, 2012 (UTC)

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