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Ronto takes the role of the former Canadian city of Toronto and is the location of Fallout: Ronto the telemovie exclusive.


Pre-War, Toronto was the largest city in Canada with a population of six million taking into account surrounding suburbs. Mostly a residential area around the city, but merging into full commercial and industry areas the deeper into the city. The Resource Wars send the city into an economic state not seen since The Great Depression, sparking protests and riots in all quarters of the city.

Post-War, Ronto has become a city of opportunity and possibles. Well it has no distinguished leadership as a whole - rather minor settlements doted through the area - the city still draws characters and organizations from a wide area around the city into it's more central locations. Many of the Pre-War marvels of the city can now be found crumbling and infested with mutated animals and raiders. One exception being the presence of a small Brotherhood of Steel chapter being located in the ruins of Casa Loma. Where the chapter came from remains a mystery to most, yet some infer they are either a splinter cell of the Capital Wasteland chapter or of from a Chicago chapter.



The small settlement of Queens is set in the ruined dorms of the Pre-War Queens University of central Toronto. The settlement is quite small only having a population of about 15, forcing the community to rely heavily on that of other nearby settlements and scavenging to survive. Queens has a reputation of hardly nothing as not many even know of it's existence, yet those that do, tend to just brush it aside. Queens was founded in the last four years, with Victoria and Steven living there for the last three. Queens has never had a history with raider problems.


Corners is a medium sized settlement found on the corner of 31st and 14th street on the east side of Ronto. Another rather small settlement with a population of around 45. Corners was founded by Victoria's parents in a local town house when they realized it was time to settle down and they needed a safe place to raise a child. After hearing of the safety of the area many moved to Corners as well. Very economically similar to that of Queens due to the fact they as make do by scavenging and trading with other settlements in the local area. Another relatively safe settlement never having a history of raiders.


Wonderland is a larger town in the area with a population closing in on around 100. The town is staged in the Pre-War ruins of Canada's Wonderland allowing for many to live with a relatively easy amount of space for more to live. With larger amounts of people come less and less safety though. Wonderland in recent years has become a large raider target due to the large amount of possible items to scavenge within it's walls.

The Lakefront

Toronto Lakefront

Pre-War Toronto Lakefront

The Lakefront is a area around the former Great Lake of Ontario on Ronto's south-eastern side. The area's boardwalk has in recent years - due mainly to Brutus' gang - been commercialized with chems, prostitutes and gambling. The area thus has become a hotspot of raiders from all over the GRA or Greater Ronto Area. The average murder rate of the area is about five people aday. On the reverse, regular survivors and merchants stay as far away from there are as possible only traveling if absolutely necessary.