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The Great War. Lasting only two hours, yet capable enough to annihilate the entire world. An exchange of force like no other seen in the Fallout world to any date. The impact was massive to all. Now we know of the impact on the U.S.A. but how about their neighbor to the North? The story of the Canadian aftermath of the Great War has been more or less overlooked... Until now...
Welcome, to Ronto, formerly know as Toronto, Canada. Enjoy your stay, and watch out for murderous raider parties!
— Intro narrated by Ron Perlman

Toronto Ruins
Post War Toronto Canada, now known as Ronto.

Telemovie Storyline

As layed out by the Fallout film treatment article.

  • The suns shinning on a less than happy looking apocalyptic day in Ronto. The camera pans across a local market of ramshackle vendors selling everything for miscellaneous junk to food and weapons. This is a very load and chaotic area with everything from the sounds of Brahmin to that of Assault carbines being tested and arguing merchants trying to just make by in this hell of a world. Then the camera catches our main protagonist, Steven Nydam, and follows him as he makes his way through the market.
Toronto Market
  • Steven stops at a few of the vendors and buys supplies he and his girl friend Victoria need for the week ahead. A noise coming from a nearby alley draws his attention. Steven moves to investigate as he pulls his trusty .357 magnum revolver from his holster.
  • Steven finds a local ganger by the name of Brutus and some of his fellow scum being on a helpless merchant. Steven being the Canadian he is moves into help the poor merchant when Brutus notices his present. Brutus remarks with "None of your concern you fuck!" and continues beating on the merchant and talking about how the merchant ripped him off 10 Bottle caps. 10 bottlecaps. This man could die over ten goddamn bottlecaps. And so is the pain of what is now Ronto.
  • Steven moves towards Brutus when some of his fellow gangers start to approach Steven. He remembers the promise he made to his girlfriend that morning: "No matter what happens in this hell of a world we live in, I will always be there for you." He backs away from the gangers and lives to fight another day. He returns to the market to finish gathering supplies.
  • After finishing up with the market, and carrying an extra heavy pack Steven begins the hour walk back to the settlement of Queens, located in the leftovers of Queens University. The settlement is quite small, only housing about 15 people. It's quite far out of the way with no settlements within a 45 minute distance. The positives of Queens are the fact that the surrounding area is quite rip still for much scavenging, and raiders hardly even know of it's being. Though some still have been known to pester the settlement.
  • On the way back, Steven encounters a raider group of 4 holding up a traveling merchant. Steven approaches silently from behind and pulls his .357 revolver. He takes aim and fires. One raider down. Aims again. Another raider down. The third raider turns and begins firing on Steven, well the fourth shoots the merchant as he attempts to escape. Steven being pinned down pulls of his pack and reaches in. He emerges with a grenade in hand. Pulling the pin he lobs it in the direction of the raiders, who now both are firing on him. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. And the explosion rings out, sending the raiders flying in a hail of shrapnel. All is quite as the air clears, until the cries of the injured merchant rise above the ringing of the grenade.
  • Steve approaches the injured merchant as the pains seems to be increasing do to the merchant's increase in screams. The merchant speaks to Steven and says "The pain! It's just too much! I've lived a good life but God just end it! I can't take this fucking pain anymore!" The merchant grabs Stevens gun and motions it towards himself and continues on with pleas to end his pain. The screen switches to two birds sitting on as crumbling building. They fly away as a revolver sounding weapon shot rings out.
  • As the sun hits about noon Steven arrives back at Queens. Steven pushes open the makeshift gate to the main courtyard when he notices red blood stains on the gate and ground around. Fearing the worse he rushes in to find the area destroyed with small fires burning and spreading quickly. The body of Steven neighbors Gloria and Dan Vankemp sit dead and mutilated on a bench. Steven is saw to have an expression of distaste and disgust. Who could do this? Why Queens? "Oh God, Victoria!" he remembers as he runs towards the former dorm rooms of the university.
  • The scene switches and rejoins Steven as he smashes through broken doors and over other debris as his storms towards his and Victoria's room. His revolver in-hand of course. Steven smashes through his room's door not to find Victoria, but in her place a dead raider. 10mm pistol wounds to the chest. Victoria's gun. There is still a chance. He begins searching the raider and the room for any clues as to Victoria's whereabouts. He finds on the raider a scrap of paper with but only two words crudely scribbled on it. The Lakefront
  • The camera pans over a boardwalk overlooking a filth and radiation filled lake as Prostitutes, gangers and Raiders all walk it and enter shadowy buildings. This continues as a narrator explains that "The Lakefront" refers to an area around the former Great Lake Ontario on Toronto's southeast edge. The narrator continues to explain that this once prosperous Pre-War shopping area has been in recent years adapted as Ronto's red light district that now houses many of the scum that walk the streets of this once great city. And this is where Steven goes on his search for his girlfriend Victoria.
Toronto Lakefront

The pre-war Lakefront

  • After scavenging what he could from the ruins of Queens, Steve heads of to find the love of his life. After traveling for some time and as sun beings to set, Steven decides to spend the night in a nearby abandoned apartment building. Having been in far to many building that have collapsed Steven decides to set up camp in the main lobby. With his revolver no more than an arms length away Steven dozes off for the night.
  • Scene starts with Steven being awoke in the night by odd sounds coming from further in the building. Steven attempts to grab for his revolver but is pounced by a rabid dog. A struggle ensues as the dog bites at Steven's throat, just centimeters away. A shot rings out as the dog is flung to the ground with the sound of a bolt of a rifle being pulled back. Looking up Steven sees a well built man, standing about 6'2''. On his back is a large pack much like the one Steven himself carries. After Steven thanks the man for saving his life, the man then tells Steven his name is Richie, and that his settlement much like Steven's was ransacked by raiders with the survivors seeming to have been also taken to The Lakefront. Being in the same predicament, the men agree to travel with each other and get their loved ones back.
  • The next morning starts with the men arriving in The Lakefront district, and the camera drifts as them men explore and look for Brutus, the de-facto leader of The Lakefront. The camera explores The Lakefront and showcases the dark of Ronto as it follows prostitutes to "work" and chem deals make a living.

Concept for "The Swine's Club"

  • The scene rejoins Steven and Richie as they enter "The Swines Club", Brutus' unofficial Headquarters of the district. They find the club crawling in raiders and other such scum and Brutus' doing what he does best. Beat helpless victims. Before the men can talk to Brutus they are stopped by one of his guards. As Steven and the guard argue, Richie gets right to it and starts a fight in the bar by attempting to bypass the guards. Fists turn into chairs. Chairs turn into being thrown through windows and tables. Shots begin to ring out as Richie and Steve get pined down behind the bar. As Richie stands to fire his rifle, a shot blast through his upper chest. Blood splats against the backdrop of the bar. Time begins to slow in Steven's head as Richie flings back from the force of the shot. Blood splashes against Steven's face as Richie finally hits the floor. The colour from his face begins to drawn slowly as all life escapes his dying body. And in seconds he gone. Just like that. A matter of seconds real time, yet seeming like hours. Time begins to caught up as bullets continue to ring out around the bar.
  • Pinned down Steven begins losing all hope. Tears begin to form in his eyes as the last memories of Victoria begin to flood his mind. Then Brutus is heard above all else and screams of "cease fire!" are heard. Steven slow stands up, pistol at the ready. He's horrified to find Brutus holding Victoria as a human shield. A sheer look of terror on her face. She mouths to Steven "You promised". All that he needs to allow his anger to over take him. He pulls his trusty pistol. With one swift movement he shoots Brutus in the head. All in vain as a large number of bullets now rip through his body. Time slows again as Steven's blood blasts through his clothes onto the bar behind him. He falls to the ground, his body now lifeless. Bullets continue to hand deliver death straight through Steven. The bullets stop. Victoria is seen running to Steven's now motionless body as it lies on the floor and tears begin to flow from her eyes.
  • As the camera fades to black all that can be heard are Victoria tears of heartbreak. Her boyfriend is dead. The soul thing keeping her alive is now gone. Her future is unclear, as with many in the wastes.

Outro Narration

And so, another soul just trying to do right by itself is swallowed by the pain, hardships and ruthlessness that is the wastelands of Ronto. Like many souls before, Steven died with the memories and thoughts of his loved ones in mind. And he surely won't be the last as the cruelty of the wastes are just like war. And war. War never changes— Outro narration by Ron Perlman