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A plethora of Post Apocalyptic Characters.
Ronto like any other former major Pre-War city has taken to resettlement of the area. And when there is an area for people, there is no shortage of characters. Ronto is no exception housing everyone from slavers and raiders to hard working merchants and scavengers just trying to get by. In this article we'll be looking at some of the characters that would star in Fallout: Ronto, a telemovie exclusive.

Steven Nydam

Steven Nydam plays the role of the 21 year old main protagonist of Fallout: Ronto.

Steven's childhood and younger years are hard for him to remember. From what he can remember though he can always recall scavenging the days away with his father in order for the two to survive. His mother had died when he was very young in a raider attack, fueling a never ending hatred of raiders for Steven. Steven and his father grew up on the north side of Ronto. The north side is re-known for being the "nice" side of town. Easier to raise a family and so most of the merchant and family settlements are found in the north-side of Ronto. This of course isn't saying it's a completely nice place to live. Steven grew up scavenging with his father in the small settlement of Corners for many years up until he turned 18. This is when he fell in-love with Victoria, the mayor's daughter. Victoria and Steven kept their relationship secret from that of her mother the mayor as she felt Steven was below that of her daughter. The relationship worked well for the two until Victoria's mother found them together one evening in the streets. In-raged she mounted a mob to go after Steven forcing the two of them to run away from Corners and settle in the central Ronto settlement of Queen's, formerly Queen's university.

From the time of Steven's and Victoria's escape to that of the telemovie special, they have gotten by by scavenging and trading within the local area.


Victoria plays the role of the main protagonist's love that he would do anything to protect.

Victoria's life is very similar to that of Steven's in the way that they both just are attempting survive in the hardships that are the wastes. Her mother and father founded the community of Corners just a mere three years before Victoria was born. Her mother and father were very protective of their only child as they knew the hardships that were the wastes. So when a young scavenger boy by the name of Steven started becoming interested in their daughter they quickly shut it down. This did not stop the two from falling madly in-love. When Victoria's parents finally found out about the relationship, this forced Victoria and Steven to escape Corners and search for a place to survive elsewhere.

From the time of Steven's and Victoria's escape to that of the telemovie special, they have gotten by by scavenging and trading within the local area.


Brutus holds the role of the main antagonist of Fallout: Ronto.

Brutus had a hard life growing up. His mother and father were both killed in a rival raider gang attack, forcing Brutus to be raised by the head raider of the gang. Brutus' adopted father, a raider by the name of Clem was extremely hard and unforgiving on Brutus, forcing him in some occasions to fight his pet dogs for his meal at the early age of 12 even. Every time though, Brutus was able to push and come out on top, forging the hard, no bullshit raider seen in Fallout Ronto. When Brutus turned 18, he challenged Clem to a fistfight to the death, and thus, challenge a battle to decide who the gang leader would be. After a 20 minute long fight, and Clem breaking Brutus' nose, Brutus was able to pick up a nearby piece of ruble, smashing Clem's head in, winning him leader of the raider gang. Brutus spent most of the next five years raising the gang's standing in Ronto as a force to be reckoned with, and industrializing it's work.

Brutus can frequently be found dealing with merchants that won't pay and taking chems in his Headquarters on The Lakefront.


Richie plays the role of a secondary post-apocalyptic survivor that accompany Steven on his journey to save his love Victoria.

Richie his whole live grew up in and around the settlement of Wonderland the majority of his life. For years this was the happiest settlement in all of the GRA - Greater Ronto Area. Richie was able to survive off scavenging and repair, yet when the time arose, could hold his own with a rifle. His weapon of choice was a standard hunting rifle he found in the hands of skeleton he encountered scavenging once. All was well and good for Richie and Wonderland until about 4 months before the events of Fallout: Ronto when bandit raids started picking up.

Richie is accoutered by Steven well he also is on his way in search of survivors of his former settlement.

Behind the Scene

  • Steven Nydam and Victoria are a reference to The Developer's best-friend and his girlfriend.
  • Brutus was the name of Julius Caesar's famed assassin.
  • Richie is a reference to User:Richie9999 as I needed a name and saw it first in the wiki activity.