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  • The Old World Relics

    Fan Expo 2014

    September 1, 2014 by The Old World Relics

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  • The Old World Relics

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  • The Old World Relics

    A plethora of Post Apocalyptic Characters.
    Ronto like any other former major Pre-War city has taken to resettlement of the area. And when there is an area for people, there is no shortage of characters. Ronto is no exception housing everyone from slavers and raiders to hard working merchants and scavengers just trying to get by. In this article we'll be looking at some of the characters that would star in Fallout: Ronto, a telemovie exclusive.

    Steven Nydam plays the role of the 21 year old main protagonist of Fallout: Ronto.

    Steven's childhood and younger years are hard for him to remember. From what he can remember though he can always recall scavenging the days away with his father in order for the two to survive. His mother had died when h…

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  • The Old World Relics

    Post War Toronto Canada, now known as Ronto.

    As layed out by the Fallout film treatment article.

    • The suns shinning on a less than happy looking apocalyptic day in Ronto. The camera pans across a local market of ramshackle vendors selling everything for miscellaneous junk to food and weapons. This is a very load and chaotic area with everything from the sounds of Brahmin to that of Assault carbines being tested and arguing merchants trying to just make by in this hell of a world. Then the camera catches our main protagonist, Steven Nydam, and follows him as he makes his way through the market.
    • Steven stops at a few of the vendors and buys supplies he and his girl friend Victoria need for the week ahead. A noise coming from a nearby alley draw…

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  • The Old World Relics

    Some words from The Old World Relics

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