So who should control New Vegas, its quiet simple is it not???.... WRONG! its a gamble that has all sorts of shades of greyIn Fallout 3 we had to side with the Brotherhood of Steel and we all knew that they were the good and The Enclave were the bad, now, in the Mojave Wasteland we have to decide if the NCR, Casaer's Legion, Mr House or Independance should be the controlling factor, below is my points of who are the best and worst and i would like to hear what you think is the best choice for New Vegas.

1.) Independance- This is the best choice in my opinion because the NCR are a goverment and would destroy everything New Vegas stands for, Casaer's Legion would do far more damage that the NCR and finaly Mr House, he had his turn of controling Vegas and all he cares about is the strip, everything else is not a concern for him. With Independance comes freedom for everyone, people can make their own choices and live life their own way, the only bad thing about it is the anarcy that follows.

2.) Mr House- He was the "saviour" of Vegas so he thinks he can be the ruler of vegas for all eternity, now, he can do a good job of keeping things together on the strip but thats all he cares about, he doesnt give a shit about freeside, westside or north vegas and he sure as hell doesnt care about the Mojave Wasteland.

3.) New California Republic- Their Hearts are in the right place but as Swank says "Vegas is a whole other scene" if vegas was just another town then yeah the NCR would be the best choice for the mojave but vegas is its own style and it would not be fair for the NCR to walk on in and change everybodys way of living, same goes for all the towns in the mojave like Primm or Goodsprings.

4.) Casaer's Legion- The worst choice for the Mojave, these savages would enslave and conquer everythig around them, Casaer wants to make New Vegas his Roman Empire well if that was to happen then that would be the end of humanity in the Mojave, plus with the NCR under their control the Legion would be unstopable and would doom all those who would oppose Casaer and this is if Casaer was still the leader, if he was to die the Lanius Legate would be in charge and he would destroy EVERYTHING, i think ive said enough.