hi, i decided to create this blog to decide if Dr Mobius should be an antognist or not. In my opionion i think not because he re programed the think tanks and erased their memorys of the outside world, created the radar fence to keep them locked in the Big MT, built the robo scorpions to keep them occuiped and made up the "intelligance venom that drains the interlect of the brains" plus he did all these things to protect the outside world from Dr Klein and the think tanks on using the mojave wasteland as a experiment ground for lobotomy. When we meet Dr Mobius he is clearly not evil, a bit crazy because off the mentats but not evil and finaly the cazadores and nightstalkers are the results off the experiments in the Big Mt and now those abominantions are all over the mojave wasteland, and one more thing, the courier's brain even says that if the think tanks escape from the Big Mt then the mojave wasteland would become there playground so in the end of the day Dr Mobius was keeping the courier's brain so the think tanks could not use it to there advantage and he did all those things to protect the mojave, not to destroy it.