Misadventure 1: First Encounter

Mocha was a mercenary who had made a good deal of caps working for the NCR thus far. After dealing with a group of convicts in Primm,(Chain gangs who escaped from a local prison) a soldier in town directed him to an army checkpoint to the south called the Mojave Outpost. Upon arrival, he had was given a job as an exterminator, as well as a scout. A tall ranger with an imposing mustache offered him supplies in exchange for killing some bugs on the road to the north. After squashing the giant ants, Ranger Jackson gave him a powerful service rifle to call him own. He headed into the bar for a celebratory whiskey when a lovely lass named Cass informed him of some more good paying work. She seemed to love the bottle more than he did. Where Mocha was drinking to celebrate, Cassidy was drinking to forget. He sat down and listened to her sad story, how her trading caravan was reduced to ashed by an unknown attacker. She mentioned Crimson Caravans in Vegas, which he put into consideration as a future employer. Mocha headed upstairs and took an offer from a sniper, Ranger Ghost. True to her name, her skin was pale, resembling that of an apparition. Cass had mocked her, saying that "you didn't see her until you're dead." Despite little promises of monetary compensation, Mocha figured having a good reputation with the NCR could pay off in the long run. He was to scout out the nearby town of Nipton for trouble. He trotted down the broken highway, with only his service rifle to accompany him. He survived a short skirmish with some bandits calling themselves the Jackals, whose armour was wasted by his armour-piercing bullets.

As the town of Nipton drew near, Mocha could see the smoke rising and the crimson banners in the distance. This would be his encounter with The Legion. Instinctively drawing his gun, a figure of what appeared to be a Powder Ganger appeared in the distance. He seemed either drunk or on some sort of face-melting drug, so he didn't really bother. Mocha was shocked when he saw the atrocities committed. Men strapped to crosses, burnt skeletons piled in the centre of town, and nary a soul in sight. It was then he looked up to find a group of odd-dressed soldiers formed at town hall....A man with a dog on his head introduced himself as Vulpes Inculta, and explained his slaughter of the town's residents, all done in the name of justice for "Ceaser's Legion. After a brief chat, Mocha informed him "Your crimes are unpublishable." Vulpes showed no emotion, and simply replied "As are all crimes. If you feel strongly about it, attack us and soon you won't feel a thing." Rage boiled within him. Mocha was not a merc you messed with.

Mocha watched and waited as they walked in a single line down the road, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. He tossed a stick of dynamite into the pack, dealing a good deal of damage. As the mongrels and melee legionaries ran after him, a second stick was thrown at the two men with repeaters and the one wielding spears, killing them all at once. Mocha ran backwards down the street, throwing two sticks of dynamite as he did. The resulting explosions killed the two mongrels chasing him, a recruit with a machete, and one rather unlucky Powder Ganger strapped to a cross. Just then, Vulpes came limping through the smoke, ripper in hand. Mocha shot three times with his service rifle. once in his cold, cold, heart, and twice more in his skull. Mocha stood amongst the ruins of Nipton, looking at the carnage and corpses around him. Mocha looked down at the bloodied cadaver that once was Vulpes Inculta, and told him: "You're right, I don't feel a thing."