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    Because this article is also relevant to the Fallout franchise, I decided to post this here as well. For the original post, head over here to TESWiki.

    I recently started playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PC, and one of the first mods I installed was Alternate Start Arrive by Ship by Robert Evrae. As someone's who played hundreds of hours on the PlayStation 3 version, I think I've seen my fair share of that lame tutorial dungeon. I know how to play the game. As a veteran player, all I want to do is roll a new character and get started in the world. There are certainly more offensive tutorials, but the one in this game can be a bit of a crawl.

    In the vanilla game, you're asked to fill out your characters stats over the course of a very …

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    Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are both excellent role playing games that live up to the expectations of the classic franchise. However, They both have different strengths and weaknesses, and I think it's important to understand these fully, to get a good comparison of these vast titles.

    Both games have their missteps, their strengths and weaknesses. They're both incredible experiences that live up to the Fallout license, and even surpass it in some ways. Some things about the games aren't necessarily better or worse, just different. In some areas, Fallout: New Vegas is an improvement over its predecessor, and in some ways, Fallout 3 is still better. Instead of arguing about which game is better, I think it's more important to understand what mak…

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    Well Fallout: New Vegas is done with, but it was not as some predicted, the end of the Fallout franchise. Instead it was the beginning of another bloody chapter in human history....

    We have explored The Core Region, The Capital Wasteland, The Mojave, Texas (Which was already a wasteland to begin with) The swamps of Point Lookout, Maryland and many more. But where else can the Fallout series take us? Some places I would love to see in sequels:

    • Arizona Wasteland (Monument Valley would be better than the Mall!)
    • New New Orleans
    • New York a la "The Waters of Babylon" (New Jersey could be the Northeastern version of the Divide)
    • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston and the area around it. (Biased here, I want to see my hometown in ruins :D)
    • Miami, …
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    End of the Road....

    September 22, 2011 by The Milkman

    I finally completed the final add-on for New Vegas, Lonesome Road, and I can say it was well worth the wait. I was a little disappointed that the Courier's "blank slate" was tarnished, but was relieved to learn it was all ambiguous. From a gameplay perspective, it was a bit of a challenge (deathclaws 'nuff said) and the weapons were pretty badass, specifically the signature weapon of the Divide. At the end of the Lonesome Road, I was treated to a powerful zenith to the story arc that had been building since the game's first trailer. I fought alongside Ulysses, and canceled the launch, sadly at the expense of my little robotic companion.

    What did you guys think? Was it everything you dreamed of and more? Was it a complete let down after all …

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