Alright folks. I been thinking, it may be time to think about sprucing this place up a bit. Personalize it some. Not painting the walls, or putting in new carpet (site colors or background) but more along the lines of hanging some nice pictures and putting out a few decorations. A long time ago, I decided, unilaterally, I might say, to rename out chat "The Wasteland". Things like this can actually be very easily done on what are called system messages. See, for all kinds of stuff around here, little messages like chat messages, popups for community messages, even the text for edit buttons and tabs on pages can be changed. The idea that made me think of this was changing the name of community messages to something more Fallouty, like the Emergency Broadcast System or something. But there's lots of other things that we could do to personalize things around here and make the site less "default Wikia" and more Fallouty. So, think up some ideas and leave suggestions in the comments. I'll see if any of them make sense to do and if they're possible. Get out your psychic nullifiers and let's see what we can come up with.