I've already got on the list of stuff needed done immediately:

  • Adding FO4 article creation flow to the create article templates. All the main create article templates have been done for some time, but the have to be added to the proper pages.
    • Already added to the mediawiki new article page. Need to check create article templates.
    • Article creation flow should be all set. Article creation templates may needs to be checked when more details of gameplay and mechanic changes come out.
  • Adding copyright FO4 template to image upload page.
  • All articles created about content suspected to be in the game must have the page management template {{Upcoming}} placed at the very top of the page. Remember, page management templates either go in the section there are related to or at the very top of the page, above all else.

If there's anything else that immediately needs to be done, list them in comments so we can prioritize the work and get this stuff done. I'll add them to the list as they appear.