This still image from the video appears to show vault boy perk icons:


You can see the SPECIAL traits listed at the top of the poster, as well as a bunch of what I think may be perk icon images. Reddit has been working on identifying some of these and I think they've nailed quite a few [1]. Want to see if we can figure out the rest? Speculate away! Identify them by row first, column second so we know which one you're talking about. I'll see if I can list the ones reddit has already figured out. It's been suggested that with 10 levels of perks, and a possible level cap of 20, this would coincide with a perk every other level as in Fallout 3.

Disclaimer: This is completely speculation at this point and both the original image and most of the suggested perks are blatantly ripped from r/fallout. Creddit to Reddit. Thanks guys:P
Level Col#1 Col#2 Col#3 Col#4 Col#5 Col#6 Col#7
SPECIAL Strength Perception Endurance Charisma Intelligence Agility Luck
Level 2 Fortune Finder
Level 4 Educated Lead Belly Commando Scrounger
Level 6 Lifegiver Gun Nut Bloody Mess
Level 8 Mister Sandman Mysterious Stranger
Level 10 Toughness Comprehension
Level 12 Strong Back
Level 14 Adamantium Skeleton
Level 16 Sniper
Level 18 Nuclear Anomaly Grim Reaper's Sprint
Level 20