We've whipped up a fun play-along bingo game for everyone to use while watching the Bethesda E3 conference that starts at 7PM PST (2AM GMT) tonight. All you have to do is click the button below and it will create a page in your userspace titled User:<username>/E3 Bingo that you can print out or play along with on the site. Click the squares when the subject is mentioned at the conference and they will change color. First one to BINGO wins an all expense paid trip to your garage.

Disclaimer:Garage not provided. Maximum expenses not to exceed 1 cent. Players without garages will not have their neighbor's garage substituted. Nukapedia is not liable for injury or death resulting from the trip to your own garage. Seriously, clean that thing up a litle and kill the spiders while you're at it.:

Please note: We apologize, but due to the way the scripting had to be written, you must have an account to play. However, you can create one for free and play along.

Many thanks to User:Shining-Armor for creating the card.