Howdy all. Been a while since my last admin talk blog. I want to talk about the newest features rolled out by wikia. First, there's been a few changes that admins need to take heed of:

  1. Anon IPs. Wikia has moved forward with their IPV6 integration. The biggest change you'll see here is the new muuuuuuuuch longer anon IPs in the feeds. Get used to it. IPs just got a whole bunch longer. They act the same as the old IPs though, so don't be alarmed when you see a 30 character long IP. Business as usual.
  2. Chat menu. The chat menu for moderators no longer has the give chat mod status option. You'll have to go into a user's user rights menu to grant that status from now on. I've also heard of a new spam filter for chat being rolled out, but I've not found any specifics on it. This rolled out today, and I found chat to be a little laggy at first. Everything else with chat seems normal. Carry on.
  3. Discussions. This will be a bit longer. First things first: Discussions is here to stay and it's a part of the wiki, just like the main space of articles, blogs, chat, forums etc.. I like to think of the main space as your workstation at your desk. Business. Blogs are the personal items you have hung up in your workspace, like pics of kittens and your kid's crappy painting from school. Chat is like the break room. Go there to take a break, hang out, talk about sports. Forums are like the bulletin board by the water cooler. Go there to find out what's happening. Discussions right now is kinda like the playground outside. It's a bit less moderated and wild out there. Just like chat, there's lots of folks who use that feature who never set foot inside the office building. I've spent some time over there recently getting to know the place. I've worked up a slight clarification of the guidelines and have proposed some addition to them. You can see that here: user:The Gunny/sandbox. Proposed changes are highlighted in yellow.
The impressions I came away with from my time there are these:
Discussions really is like the playground. We allow a lot of off-topic content there. Folks can talk about anything they want, bust each other's chops, go off on tangents, pretty much do anything except spam, flame, troll and insult. Like the playground, the general rule there is no blood, no foul. I don't really want to change that. I'd like to see a little more enforcement of the guidelines, but with a very soft hand. Nudge, not slam.
They also, with a few exceptions of Agent c, Sakaratte and Palladin, don't have any idea who the rest of our sysop team on the wiki side are. I aim to fix that. In the next few days Either Agent c or I will post up a topic intending to introduce the rest of our sysop team to everyone there. I don't want folks there wondering who the hell this new admin is that comes in and starts deleting posts and blocking people. I want them to know and trust us, just like folks wiki-side have shown their trust in us by granting us the rights we have. We could use a little help moderating over there and we need to look at discussions as a part of the wiki like everything else. Add it to your job description folks. Get another hat to wear. When that topic goes live, I'd like all sysops and moderators with DM rights to take the time to interact with the users there and make yourself known. We're gonna fix the problem of them not knowing us. I will leave a talk page message to all users with DM rights and a link to the discussion when it's live, and would appreciate your help in this.
I have also found an rc like feed that can be enabled on the wiki for discussions. I'm testing in my user space right now. I highly suggest that if if you plan on doing any moderating there that you try it out. See my common.js. If it continues to work well, there's a way we can enable it wiki-wide so everyone can see it. Let me know what you think.