The community messages that appear on our community corner and the community portal can be updated by any logged-in user. The pop-up message alert can be sent independent of updating community messages (sysop only) and the content of the pop-up can be changed (sysop only). Here's how to do this:

Updating community corner

MediaWiki:Community-corner displays the content held in the {{Community messages}} template. To add, modify or remove messages from community corner, you must edit the community messages template. Follow the instructions on the template to add approved messages in the appropriate section.

We use the {{Featurebox}} template to display these messages. Below is an example of that template's use:

|header =Wiki Discussions, Votes and Proposals
|content1=[[User:Grumpy old man|Grumpy old man]] is applying for the position of Wiki Dictator. Please have your say [[Forum:Dictator_Request_-_Grumpy old man|here]] by January 8th.

This displays:

Wiki Discussions, Votes and Proposals
Grumpy old man is applying for the position of Wiki Dictator. Please have your say here by January 8th.

Add the message you wish to display and publish the edit on the template.

Community messages notice

The content that displays in the community messages pop-up alert can be altered. Holiday wishes or special wiki news announcements can be displayed directly in the pop-up. MediaWiki:Communitymessages-notice-msg is the mediawiki page that holds the content of the message. To edit the content, you must have sysop rights.

The default message to display is : [[MediaWiki:Community-corner|Community messages has been updated]].

To change that message, you need only to edit the link display text, the part after the pipe (|). An example would be: [[MediaWiki:Community-corner|Grumpy old man is now Wiki Dictator]].

An image can also be displayed in the pop-up. Here is an example of the use of an image:

{| class="va-center"
|[[MediaWiki:Community-corner|Grumpy old man is now your Overlord and Master]].

This will display something that looks like this:

VaultBoyFO3 Grumpy old man is now your Overlord and Master.

Please keep image height to less than 50px. Once the alert message has been updated, publish the edit.

Sending the community messages pop-up alert

In order to trigger the pop-up alert, and edit to MediaWiki:Community-corner must be made by a sysop. The alert should only be sent when a new community message is added. It should not be sent when removing old messages or modifying existing messages in most cases.

To trigger the alert, follow the instructions on that page, making a hidden edit in the place provided (bonus points for creativity) and publish the edit. This will prompt the script to send the alert pop-up to everyone.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on our Emergency Broadcast System, please leave them below. The Gunny  UserGunny chevrons 18:31, January 4, 2015 (UTC)