Hello and thank you for choosing to read my blog. Before we start, I will say that I started this blog when the Wiki did not have all of the information on Fallout 4, so some of the information may be added by the time I've finished. Anyway, let's start.

Start Building a Base and Where

Building a base is an essential part of Fallout 4; with the new settlement system, you can build houses, towns, villages with working power, water features and farms. All of this sounds good, but then there's the question; where do you build your base?

Two good places where you could set up base are close to the entrance of Vault 111: Sanctuary Hills and Red Rocket truck stop. Sanctuary Hills is available right from the start, and has several ruined houses that you can scrap and rebuild on. It is a medium sized town, with resources strewn all over, from trees to cars to houses. After completing When Freedom Calls, Preston Garvey and his group of survivors will take refuge in Sanctuary Hills, requiring you to grow food, build generators, create water pumps and place beds. Sanctuary Hills is a good place to go at the start, but it is commonly attacked by Raiders.

Red Rocket Truck Stop is the second option; it is smaller with a Chemistry station around the back of it, useful for making drugs and selling or using them. There are four ways into the main buildings; through the garage, through either the left or right door or through the front door. It is recommend that you block up all three doors (left, right and front) and protect the garage door with a turret or guard tower so that you have a way out while being as safe as possible. The back room is a good place to set up a bedroom or storage room, as it already has a cabinet and desk, but if you put a generator in there it can be a good power room as it is safe. Putting benches or chair to barricade the windows, as strange as it may sound, functions well as it not only barricades up the window from Raider attacks, you can sit and stand up on them to leave quickly. Set up a Recruitment Radio Beacon so that you can get more settlers, or set up a Bell if you cannot afford one.

Either way, setting up a base is a key part of surviving in Fallout 4; it will allow you to have your own personal space to modify armor and weapons and plan your next move. It doesn't matter where you set up base, but I have chosen the best starting points for bases in Fallout 4. Thank you again for reading my blog and I shall make another post in two weeks time.