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The Road Raiders operate on a very unfamiliar reputation system. Road Raiders will attack you off the bat with the primary interest of looting your corpse for stuff to survive. Any raiders who are already well off won't even deem you worthy to waste their time, this ensures you don't get overwhelmed early on but still provide you with difficulty should you jump the gun right off the bat. Once you survive the attack, the Road Raiders will change their mind about you and decide you are now worth the proper raiding. As such, you earn "neutral" reputation for merely defending yourself and only gain positive reputation if you help them in their endeavors. If, however, you do anything that weakens or sanctions the Road Raiders as a whole, you will receive negative reputation and personal hit squads consisting of those you wish ignored you.


The Road Raiders are the manifestation at what I'd like to have in a pure rampage file. To kill whomever you want, whenever you want, however you want and not suffer a single consequence whatsoever in regards to story progression. If I were to ever want to just have fun in the Fallout universe, the Road Raiders' style is exactly how I would want to roll.

Vehicles whether big, small, fast, powerful, unique or just plain awesome looking. This is what the Road Raiders roll with. Comradere, unison in attack, no restraints and no remorse is how they roll.

I intended on including them for all like minded individuals, so their motivations stemming off from "Survival-of-the-fittest" wasn't meant to be compelling to those who don't automatically share their enthusiasm for it. Nevertheless, they will put forward an interesting argument in that regard in hopes that your next file... is just a bit more bloody than the last
— The Ever Ruler
Railroad sign

"The Road Raiders" is a general alias for the recently combined groups of raiders operating from or on the Road (I-75) or the city of Detroit or as it is called now... Motown. As far as officialism goes most raiders see themselves as a part of the gang they were already a part of before the Steering Wheel was formed. Those who don't, and as time goes on, will begin showing a sense of unity by adorning themselves with Rail Road signs, a crude analogy re-purposing to show the strength of the Road Raiders.

Road to Denver

Their guns are rudimentary, mish-moshed, rag-tag, polished-junk scavenged weapons. They are pieced together from gun components and junk that intrepid raiders find on their victims. Their weapons are extremely numerous, reliable, deadly and varied; where you might find raiders with railway rifles, you'll find raiders with grossly over-modified laser rifles.

Raider armor is an impressive construction of engineering and salvaging. Often pieces of junk and sheet metal are professionally welded and bolted onto or with remaining pre-war armor pieces to provide the bulk of their forces with armor. With their numbers, the Road Raiders are easily on par with the invading forces of Ronto and the Aware at little to no effort or cost on their part in comparison.

The raiders' training comes in their actions as raiders. Their veterans are few and far between and are often found lounging about in their hangouts or teaching newbies how to raid. When they decide to fight, they are some of the most ruthless individuals in the wasteland; cheating, manipulating and overwhelming to destroy their enemies the Raider gangs of Motown are not men and women to be trifled with. Their leaders are ruthless, their recruits are eager and their drive is instinctive.

The Road Raider's main advantage in the struggle for Motown is their use of vehicles. Being located near the Great Lakes and having direct audience with descendents of the big three auto-makers from before the war give the Road Raiders ready access to mass produced levels of Fusion car engines and the fuel (water) to run them. In order to gain these things, however, they have to pay or work for the Motown Enterprise that often makes use of their services. Otherwise, they're either stuck on foot, or with less reliable vehicles that are forced to run off of generator power or bio-fuel

They use motorcycles, cars, trucks and even semi-trucks to overrun and overwhelm their enemies. They move in fast and they move in hard and there is little if anything in the way to stop them. The Raiders of Motown have remained supreme because of this advantage, and it's with the formation of the Steering Wheel that they hope to keep it this way.


Their story begins when history ends, when the Great War happened. What made Motown's raiders different from other raiders is that a few tech-savvy nuclear car engineers resided here as employees before the war and they too needed to survive.

With their ability to drive cars... no one could stop them, so raiding became the smart way to survive...

With fuel virtually non-existent and bio fuels too difficult to produce in the radioactive soil, the unique ability for the Road Raiders to use vehicles makes their endeavors far more successful and far more extensive than any other raider group and even civilization out in the wastes.

For the longest time, they scoured the areas, never straying to far from I-75 or the Road as they call it, lest they run out of nuclear fuel or spare parts readily available to them.

Eventually, the various raider gangs wished to continue their vehicular supremacy in the event that they ran out of spare parts. Their answer... the Enterprise. Consisting of the descendents of the pre-war's various American auto-makers and some engineering savvy wastelanders, the Enterprise managed to use their business sense to renovate/repair/maintain their numbered facilities in Motown after the war and offered to sell their products to those who demanded them for sheer profit and to continue living.

Without forethought, the various raider gangs accepted and began working for the Enterprise for the payment they needed to meet the Enterprise's price-hikes. Some Raiders caught on to the Enterprise's game and have since gone out of their way to eliminate any executive they felt were giving them a bad deal. Regardless, the Enterprise flourished in their persistent symbiosis to the point where they could turn the tides on the Raiders.

All-the-while, the raiders of Motown continued their existence as the biggest and baddest raider hub in all the wasteland, stunting the growth of various regions that extend from its influence in the face of the proper rebuilding of civilization.

Chosen One Car

Faced with organized troops from Ronto, the individual raider groups had no chance on their own. The leaders of the most prominent groups realized this better than anyone and met in Ohio to discuss this new threat. In the end they formed a cartel ring known by every raider as, The Steering Wheel and the new raider conglomeration as the Road Raiders. Together, each raider group were subject to ordered cooperation with other gangs, correcting every individual gang's weaknesses with the strengths of the others in the combined effort to push back the invaders.

After completely turning back the major invasion forces of Ronto, the Road Raiders were solidified in time to meet the new threat of the Aware that came soon after. They would go on to lose the entire Rouge factory to them but not another inch thereafter. Their operations continue, unified and ruthless. Their leaders expressing no mercy for disobeying orders and their coffers, flooded with their combined accounts, being poured against their favor into the Enterprise's coffers.

Regardless, the Road Raiders continue to establish themselves as the dominate power in the city of Motown. Abating the forces of Ronto almost entirely and suffering heavy losses in all attacks against the Aware at the Rouge in the rare event they feel the increasing bounty is worth it; that is to say nothing of the unaffiliated and drugged up raider groups that still remain in the bombed out portions of the town.

Where you fit in

The Raiders are always looking for recruits, but you need to show that you're somehow better than the rest. That's where you can inquire from and ultimately offer your services to a group of raiders poising to strike an Aware recon squad or the forces of Ronto elsewhere.

If you decide to help the Road Raiders in these engagements, they will throw in a good word for you. If you don't but decide to speak with them afterwards, they will remember you with colorful vocabulary terms but will nevertheless acknowledge that you're still alive and that counts for something.

After doing raids for them, you'll move on up and be forced to tackle bigger threats such as attacking Ronto camps, and overstepping their contract by attacking Enterprise caravans officially all eventually leading to a final assault on the Ford Rouge Factory with a large strike force to command. After you succeed in that, the Steering Wheel itself will contact you.

Operating out of a cooling tower in Ohio, the Steering Wheel will share with you what they know, what they have and the influence they can sway. They'll outfit you with some of the most exotic weaponry that they've come across and plenty of supply hook-ups and support in exchange for your exclusive loyalty.

V13 Power Armor

You will also be given the opportunity to become one of their Road Blockers. Huge mech-like individuals armed with massive suits of power armor capable of being the biggest threat to life in a five mile radius. Also armed with weapons considered too big for power armor to tote around; on foot, you will be more than any other vehicle on the Road or in Motown.

They will ask you to investigate internal affairs, execute any disloyal members, attack major outposts, etc. It will all lead up to you pushing the forces of Ronto out of the area once and for all. After that... the Aware will come back, and they won't allow themselves to be ignored this time...

You'll have to fight their new assault and survive, virtually fracturing their enduring war-machine. At this point, if you are victorious, you have won and you can continue your adventures and enjoy free-reign of the city of Detroit.

Associates with Benefits!

The Road Raiders will outfit you with basic armament and weaponry with names unique to their faction. Better stuff will be given to you as you progress along.

  • Wrench Jockey kit: Armor plated jumpsuit or armor plates for your vault jumpsuit, "super" ammo for your 10mm pistol, a few pointers for your repair skill and some caps.
  • Grease Monkey kit: pieced together light plate armor, repair kits if you deny it, an assault rifle Chinese or otherwise with an extended magazine, match ammo for it and some more caps.
  • Raider kit: salvaged combat armor, repair kits and medicine if you deny it, LMG with extended magazine and heavy barrel, plenty of ammo for it and a good deal of caps.
  • Road block kit: A giant mech-like suit of power armor, various attachments to said power armor that out-shoot any weapon you might be able to carry on foot all topped off with a hookup to a steady supply of ammo and caps.

The Road Raiders will also sell plenty of things to you that they've acquired from all around the wastes. This includes plenty of weapons from the other Fallouts and can't be found anywhere else. Although all the really high-priced goods have been sold to the Enterprise a long time ago to earn extra money, because a good raider gang is a group of people each armed with a decent rifle, not only one guy armed with a legendary one.

If you raid the Vault-Tec warehouse with them, the Road Raiders will help you hook up the vault segments into vault 64 themselves for no extra cost. However, they offer no distinct discounts as they are not concerned with how you prioritize.

Former gangs

The Road Raiders as a whole are comprised of many gangs now under the same leadership. These gangs are many and unique, some comprising the majority with their leader at the wheel (Steering Wheel), or a specializing and powerful minority with their leader still controlling day-to-day operations.

These gangs and their leaders are described from here...

The Road Killers

This nasty bunch of raiders made it their business to smear everyone else on the Road. They comprise the largest group of the entirety that is the Road Raiders as they are perhaps the most vicious out of the Road Raiders' gangs.

The Painter: Caucasian, 56; feared leader of the Road Killers

The Painter is a Raider legend, he is said to be the Road's most ferocious killer, earning his nickname by painting the Road red every time he showed up...

He is ruthless as he is cunning, seeing his raiding as an art form that demands discipline and devotion. His killing, he says, is part of his art and he's not going to let the Aware or Ronto censor it...

So he leads his admirers, as he calls them, to ensure that his art remains displayed. It is through his coordination that the Road Raiders undergo their raiding and killing. No so much their seizing or assaulting, but their general day-to-day operations that jump on anyone foolish enough to stain his parchment with their tires.

  • Comically, his garb consists of an apron over his metal armor, it is stained with much blood.
  • If you insult his art, he we order his men to attack you, this will not effect further interactions with the Road Raiders as it is only temporary.
  • His vehicle of choice is comically a weaponized street cleaner.
  • He can offer a unique vehicle part, The Paintbrush, an addition of bushels of fabric to the bottom of your vehicle that leaves a smooth brush stroke of whomever obscures your headlights...

The Mailman: Unknown; specialized assassin for the Road Killers/Raiders

Decked out within his armored mail van, the Mailman is the dealer of death and ultimatums, a message from the Mailman is always to be feared... but always to be received. Any message left non-returned... will be met with severe consequences.

The Mailman isn't the conveyor of tactics and troop movement for the Road Raiders understand, he is a specialist of death and secrets and unless he's delivering a compact and disguised bomb, poison canister, severed body part or just a threatening letter, he's either eating or sleeping.

He will not tolerate anyone approaching his vehicle and he himself is a recluse. All those within reaching distance of his van are as good as dead and any attacks are met in kind.

  • You'll never actually see or talk to the Mailman, but he will be the one to contact you for messages or threats from the Steering Wheel.
  • You'll first see the Mailman's van during an encounter where someone will run up to you and warn you not to go near it and motion your attention toward the decaying bodies mounted on its sides.

The Garbage Man: African American, 63; Raider Legend

The last sight of many foolish challengers of the Road Killers, the Garbage Man and his iconic garbage truck. Uncontested in battle, his truck rams, lifts and disposes of "garbage" as he sees fit.

The Garbage Man is the Road Killers' and, sub sequentially, the Road Raiders' Grim Reaper. He takes care of the "garbage" in the streets and ensures that it is "disposed of" properly and completely.

Once a vehicle goes into "The Mouth of Hell" it doesn't come out... at least... not in the form or state of matter that it came in through...

The Garbage Man has no patience for interlopers and sees any and all obstructions as garbage that needs to be cleaned off the streets. He takes his job extremely and seriously stemming for what he calls, "The Family Business", a business that he inherited from his father, who got it from his father and so on...

  • If your faction level drops, he'll refer to you at first as litter, but any more and he'll refer to you as garbage that needs to be picked up...
  • He is to be considered a boss character that must be dealt with if you side with another faction.
  • He has a son, a son who will not take too kindly to you killing him and come after you in his dump truck... for which you won't want to encounter what it dumps...

The Tonnage

The Tonnage is a group of Raiders who have the distinct honor, of rolling the wastes on 18 wheels...

They haul more weapons and more armor than any other raider group out there but are restricted to cleared out ruins.

Semi: African American (Ghoulified), 235; Ancient Legend of the Road

Before the war happened when Semi was 12, his father would take him to work as a trucker all across America. He got to see everywhere and everything, so when the war happened, it hit him harder than most. After his father died following the war, Semi decided to continue his legacy and drive a truck in his name.

Making a living hauling large amounts of supplies to settlements all across the Road, Semi became the biggest target on the Road. This attention forced him to fit his truck with the biggest and baddest guns he could get a hold of from Knox. As his guns increased, his cargo decreased, and soon enough Semi needed more tonnage.

His solution came in the form of more trucks and soon enough, he had himself a caravan. It was only a matter of time before he would be forced to deal with the raiders of the Road for supplies from Motown to keep his caravans running.

For the longest time, the Tonnage simply supplied settlements across the Road, all in one huge caravan which was all they could support. When the Road Raiders were formed, he had no choice but to be called to arms.

They have stood out of the theater of war for now... but the time will come once the streets are cleared... and Semi will have to make a critical decision.

  • Semi himself is reluctant to attack anyone, but has little sway compared to the Steering Wheel and often finds himself alone.
  • Semi knows what the Black Plague is and just says it helped erase and mark spots on the map to trade with.
  • Semi sympathizes with the Aware's efforts, but finds himself being the only one in that corner, but can be swayed nonetheless.
  • Semi can become a carrier-follower solely during the add-on Salvation Road.

Diesel: Caucasian, 55; Appointed military coordinator of the Tonnage

After the Steering Wheel established themselves they appointed Diesel to make it a fighting force. Destroying troublesome settlements entirely to feed the Road Raiders' now running war machine.

Outfitting the Tonnage's trucks specifically for combat, Diesel has begun carving his name into the Road's bloody gravel as the Tonnage's new leader.

Much to the dismay of Semi but to the joy of the Steering Wheel, the Tonnage is now a force to be reckoned with, they've even begun clearing the streets of Motown in preparation for their emergence in the field.

  • Diesel drives a decked out fuel-truck, much like the one seen in the movie, Death Race.
  • Diesel's age and likeliness are that of Vin Diesel for lack of better inspiration.
  • Diesel's lack of personality is on par with the fact that he mainly exists as an end-game boss that can't be talked out of action.

The Tour de Troit

The Road Raider's cyclist group, the Tour de Troit specialize in fast moving, agile and versatile motorcycles to control all the streets and even sewers of the city of Detroit.

Their ranks started off as a slough of motorcycle gangs that were ultimately united to share their earnings. With a sense of humor, the then leaders called the whole unity, the Tour de Troit.

When the Road Raiders were formed, it was part in fact that the Tour called for it and helped establish the ground rules. If it wasn't for the Tour, the Road Raiders would be much less unified.

Jenevive Lochelle: Caucasian, 26; Cunning leader of the Tour

Jenevive comes from a long line of Lochelles who were once a prestigious family living in Detroit. The family didn't maintain their status by the most benevolent of means but it wasn't cut throat necessarily... reasonable if anything.

Using their wits and charm, her family outlasted the war and developed a successful scavenging team. Soon the team became a gang, and the gang became the Tour.

They're more honest then their non-raider counterparts, not beyond scavenging or scrounging, but when push came to shove or when their clients were interrupted, they knew how to solve the problem.

Jenevive leads this group of speed-demons and is pegged as the most sought after woman on the Road. A fact both because of her position and her characteristics...

After the Road Raiders formed, she hoped to better salvage the Road so as to get more of a unified community going to provide trade. It has long since been about harassing the forces of Ronto and the Aware.

  • Unbeknownst to many, Jenevive trades salvage with some of the Aware's hired scavengers and even knows Makraw pretty well.
  • Jenevive is aware of her... assets, but does not flaunt them unless she feels impressed.
  • Jenevive can become a follower and is quite proficient at taking out all targets quickly.

Spokes: Asian, 40; Legendary motorcycle raider

Spokes was a proficient raider on two wheels before he became a part of the Tour and ultimately the Road Raiders, a decision he feels dishonored to have made. He feels that both institutions have completely missed the entire purpose of raiding and are now just salvaging.

His anger extends to the Road as he ruthlessly takes on vehicles much bigger than his own and takes them down single handed. With the Road Raiders in place, he can no longer do that anymore.

With his blood-lust growing, Spokes has led daring attacks on Ronto and the Aware alike scoring much loot as well as losses.

He wants things to go back to the way they were so that he can raid again like there was nothing holding him back.

  • Spokes is a lot like Genghis Khan in archetype.
  • Spokes despises scavenging and says a good part is one that someone else is using.
  • Spokes contemplates joining the Great Khans that he's been hearing about.

Wrecking's Crew

Wrecking Ball's crew specializes in construction vehicles that have been renovated to become, deconstruction vehicles. Armored to all get out and specializing in ramming and crushing other vehicles you won't find much in the way of firearms with Wrecking's Crew.

Wrecking Ball and Marbles: Hispanic, 30; Respected Raider coordinator / Hispanic, 35; Feared Raider

Wrecking Ball got to where he was by repairing his now iconic instrument, a mobile crane with a wrecking ball. After reducing many cars belonging to would-be raiders of his plentiful amounts of salvage from his "projects" to scrap, some raiders wished to join him. After awhile, Wrecking had himself a gang, a gang that was well respected for its ability to clear terrain and demolish structures.

Wrecking wouldn't be where is today without his mentally impaired but carefree older brother Marbles. Marbles, by multiple accounts, is one dumb son-of-a-bitch who just doesn't know how to die. Armed with his dual .50 Cal. Brownings, Marbles won't let anyone in between the crane's swinging distance and its chassis. Seen off-the-scenes as a harmless simpleton who cares only for two things, his marbles and his brother, Marbles is often found hauling scrap, lifting cars to replace wheels or just clowning around and is considered a popular crew member.

Whenever Wrecking says the word though, Marbles obeys in kind. Wrecking uses Marbles to set an example to those he can't best himself so that they know not to cross them again, quoted from others as, "Whatever you do... don't make Wrecking lose his Marbles...". Marbles will personally use one's head and some of his big marbles (bowling balls) in a game of marbles if they cross Wrecking bad enough...

Wrecking doesn't like to take advantage of his brother Marbles though. Wrecking once told Marbles to throw a marble down into the sewer as a sign of loyalty and after watching Marbles break down emotionally after obeying, Wrecking's guilt tore him apart... he scoured the sewers looking for his brother's marble and didn't stop for weeks until he found it.

The marble that was thrown received a crack in it and Marble's, soon after seeing it again, became sad once more. Wrecking, in tears, vowed to never exploit him like that again and insisted on keeping the marble himself as a permanent reminder. He has never taken it off his necklace and expresses much sorrow when acknowledging it.

  • Wrecking Ball isn't as hostile as other raider leaders and isn't beyond helping the Aware.
  • Wrecking Ball will not tolerate any attacks on his brother in any way and will even accost the player harshly on the first offense.
  • You can ask Marbles if you can see his marble collection to which he will oblige only after a hefty speech challenge and even give you his lucky marble (Yep, like the lucky 8 ball) if you're charming enough, have child at heart or his brother's respect.
  • If you have low intelligence, you can have a stipulating conversation with Marbles about why he loves marbles so much, to which he will reply, "'s because they remind me of my brother...

The Bumper Jumpers

This raider gang privies itself to running over and mulching the competition in its way, often employing battering rams equipped with giant spikes, wedges, shaped explosives and sometimes... just regular explosives. They formed out of a specialization to take out enemy raider gang camps and even War Shipper semi-trucks to steal all their goods. Due to their destructive nature, most of their cars consist of the cheap and discounted Highwayman vehicle line.

When foot-raiders are involved, specially equipped raiders are latched on to the sides of the ramming vehicles that will unlatch and slide on their make-shift roller blades to slide passed the target instantly and overwhelm it from all sides for smaller and easily stopped targets and remain latched and slide with larger targets so they can instantly take out the driver of say a semi-truck.

The best of them are experts at maneuvering with their rammers but their average recruit often find themselves smashed between the cars involved. The rammers themselves are those unfortunate to be captured by the Bumper Junkers and used as slaves. They are outfitted with explosive collars that are also latched to the car. The only way for them to survive is to succeed.

When they joined the Road Raiders, the Bumper Jumpers have been the driving edge in their struggle with the Forces of Ronto, becoming a nightmare to troop transports and cargo trucks. Later when the Enterprise is up for raiding, the caravans become their prime targets, and later when the Rouge is targeted, the Bumper Jumpers make a key impact after their rammers speed ahead and blow the walls open.

  • When you recruit members of the Bumper Jumpers into your personal gang, you'll get a group of jumpers to assist you in your ramming raids, a strategy that forced you to have killed the driver on impact or bail out of your vehicle beforehand
  • The best drivers will actually brake far away from the target and launch their latchers ahead of them, at which point they will direct themselves toward the target, latch on and take out the target without being forced to damage their vehicle
  • You can actually get the chance to be a latcher yourself, if you so choose to be so in a raid. The roller blades themselves can be used to traverse on foot quicker than usual.

Qrast The Ram Master: Hispanic, 35; Leader of the Bumper Jumpers

Qrast was originally a ramming slave of the Bumper Jumpers, forced into the trade after they picked him off the side of the Road after he had run away from home to make his fortune.

On his first run, he refused to ram the target and it got away. Upon his return to camp, he was almost killed before being forced into another run. Before doing so however, he snagged a pair of roller blades and a latch.

When the raid commenced and the car was about to ram, Qrast made a quick turn to the right and bailed out of the driver's seat, sending the rest of the raiders into a confused spin. He then took his free latch and hooked it onto the truck they were targeting. The latch from his car and the latch from the truck ripped his collar off and Qrast himself grabbed onto the truck and took out the driver single-handed.

The Bumper Jumpers were shocked that he had gone to such extremes to NOT escape from their custody but instead go through with the raid as planned. The leader however, was not pleased. He then challenged Qrast to a joust where both cars were outfitted with a single giant spear as their only weapon. They were each allowed but a single personal weapon.

When the challenge commenced, both cars sped toward each other, each driver in the direct path of the giant spear. Just when the impact was about to be made and both drivers duck and hope for the best, Qrast deployed an ejector seat he had outfitted the night before. His personal weapon was revealed... it was a harpoon gun. Qrast latched himself to his opponent in mid-air and proceeded to catch him by surprise and disarm him.

After plastering blood from his opponent, Qrast was made the new Ram Master and has been leading the Bumper Jumpers ever since.

  • Qrast is a Raider of the Steering Wheel.
  • Qrast can give you a perk that makes your swerving and expelling from a car more effective.
  • Qrast highly values ingenuity and innovation over pure strength and skill, though he appreciates those too.

Well that's it for now, I can guarantee I'll be adding more later.