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Helpful Reputation ("Fame")
Range 1 Range 2 Range 3 Range 4
Harmful Reputation
Range 1Small business (0%)Employee (-15%)General Manager (-30%)Executive (-60%)
Range 2Bad for Business (+15%)Valued Customer (-10%)Friend-of-the-boss (-25%)Out-of-the-loop (-50%)
Range 3Shoplifter (+30%)Milked the hospitality (0%) Member (-20%)New Money(-40%)
Range 4Menace (Banned from Stores)Irritating Regular (+10%)Isolated Incident(-10%) VIP (-30%)

The Enterprise's reputation operates rather uniquely but still quite similar. You'll get good reputation for working with them and bad reputation for working against them. If you remain neutral to them but buy a lot of their wares, they'll actually start giving you discounts for being an increasingly valuable customer along with increasing reputation as a total. Also note that if you do something to taint your rep you won't get charged extra unless you have no good rep to offset it. You can always get good rep to balance with the bad but if you reach the reputation of Menace, you are not only banned from stores but are also shot on sight with no possibility to redeem yourself outside of an extended invitation. Similar to the Mark of Caesar.


The Motown Enterprise is a conglomerate of various economic magnates who operate out of the old General Motors building in the heart of Motown. The Enterprise is a colorful collection of various individuals each with their own history and talents in business operations. They employ their own private security forces, merchants and transportation.

They run all economic activity in the entire region stemming to and from the Road, it is also speculated that it is because of the Enterprise that goods from one coast can be seen on the other. Due to the Great Lakes and the Enterprise's resources it's a safe bet that the use of caps as currency in the East is part in fact that they back up caps with water as well.

First thing you'll notice about the Executives is their own unique style. They all live lavishly in their own unique style that has a flare for the Americana and Wasteland.

Each Executive's individual style extends to themselves and to their employees' apparel which slowly diverges away from the original the further down the ladder you go. Each Executive will outfit their forces with weaponry and armament that is on par with their individual worth as an Enterprise Executive.

As each of the Executives stand, they are not the most impressive individuals as far as physical fitness goes. However, where the Executives are rather feeble compared to those they employ they make up for it with their ruthless deceit and cunning business acumen. As a whole, they put the execute in executive, they will take absolutely no threats to their operations becoming as ruthless as the raiders that they've been forced to work with for so long, even more so depending on who you ask.

The Enterprise functioned throughout their history traditionally with seven members to act as a tie breaker in decision making and would control their various operations across the field. When the Aware invaded Motown, they took one of the executives out of the game and now there's an open seat in the boardroom for an... Enterprising individual.

Fallout Online concept art
Project V13 concept art

As it stands the Enterprise is torn in half with their now eight Executives as to whether or not they should break free from being the cartel that fuels the organized anarchy that which is their relationship with the Road Raiders, or just continue on their own agendas to benefit themselves as the other half of them feel they deserve.


The Motown Enterprise began their story alongside their raider counterparts, but it did not travel the same route. The Enterprise's story diverges from the raiders in that it began with Detroit's wealthiest and elite.

Fallout's Detroit is much different than today's Detroit. With patriotism and nationalism at an all-time high things like racism and desegregation never happened or just not significantly with the popular culture being more concerned on who was "American" rather than which race they were.

Because of this, all the riots involved with these historical events never happened, and other elements of secularism caused by the formation of the Commonwealths and elements of patriotic consumption kept Detroit as one of the most prosperous and industrious cities in all the world.

These benefits caused by the timeline are also subject to its problems and conflicts, when oil began running out all around the world... Detroit was delivered a mortal wound that at first seemed it would never recover. Unemployment riots were rampant all across the affected metropolitan area of Detroit and everything else involved in its supply chain.

Because of these riots and holdouts from Unions, it was to no one's surprise that when fission batteries came on the scene and RobCo released its first line of production robots that the auto-makers of Detroit were the test-case.

The rich and wealthy magnates of Detroit using cunning and special interests groups were able to prevent their... Enterprise from being moved or outsourced to another Commonwealth. When the fusion core was finally invented and perfected, these fat-cats got even fatter while everyone around them never recovered. When the Great War finally happened... they weren't going to let that stop them either.

They prepared like every other business honcho before the war, with desperation and/or excess. The origin of the Great Game itself is intertwined with the Enterprise at this point as well. In the surviving family members that would later comprise the Enterprise, it was with excess. The wealthy families with money and connections took their families into vaults... the families with even more money and connections knew their fate in vaults, so they took their own chances by constructing their own safe houses and doomsday stashes.

Immediately following the war, the various families suffered their fates. Some didn't prepare enough, took their chances and were never heard from again. Some prepared and never took any risks and they too were never heard from again. Some prepared, took their chances anyway, and remained on top. That group became the Enterprise.

The founder of the Enterprise saw the raider groups in their squalor, recognizing them as the same organized masses of workers that had once worked in his factories and drew a connection. The various mogul's as they emerged offered up their slice of capital and experience in exchange for their continued existence as well, whether or not they were threatened with losing it... be it a raider or another mogul doing the threatening.

So, a symbiotic relationship between the Enterprise and the raiders of Motown and the Road emerged. Over time... that relationship became parasitic in favor of the Enterprise. It wasn't long before the raiders caught on and when one gang had absorbed all the others and demanded the Enterprise to step down... the Enterprise incited rebellion and insurrection, tearing apart this giant gang and showing them just how much more powerful the pen was than the sword.

So the Enterprise continued their existence with an iron fist, cracking down on any and all threats to their business. This included many of their own at many points in their long and troubling history. It's because of this that many of them who seek to rebuild the world out of the war zone of Motown choose not to in favor of their own lives... and everything goes to the Executive's favor...

It's only now, in the midst of even more chaos with Ronto moving in the action and the Aware, who have remained an untapped market to the West, liquidating it wherever they can. Between the various groups trying to "muscle in" on their action the Enterprise remains relatively uninvolved, allowing their associates, the Road Raiders, take all the punishment while they silently shift the balance of power with their resources to whatever and whomever they see fit.

Of course... they're open to another frame of reference, a frame belonging to their could-be seventh Executive...

VB DD14 loc Trading Stores
VB DD14 loc Railroad and Railcars

Where you fit in

As the player you will see the Enterprise beginning to reach out to local populaces that have somehow managed to survive amongst the raider activity in the region. They aren't notorious for mutually profitable business arrangements but gates are opened without a third thought to these subtle tributes.

When you see these tribute caravans either at these towns or on their way, you can offer your assistance for a good earning to your pocket and a good word to the boss...

After completing a tribute run or asking about one you'll be pointed to the other caravans to act on with your own discretion. After you help those as you see fit, you'll be directed to speak with one of the Enterprise Executives for a pat-on-the-back or... reprimanding actions...

Either one results in a continued employment by them or a permanent hostility if you play the latter rather badly. As an employee you will be given many jobs in the field from overseeing factories to wiping out troublesome raider gangs to sabotaging/gathering Intel on the invading factions of the The Aware and The Forces of Ronto.

After proving yourself to be a valuable asset to the Enterprise you'll be given an opportunity to become the ninth Executive, your task... kill the previous ninth executive. Problem is, he's in Aware territory... in fact, he was the one that sold out the Rouge to them before they came to collect, so getting to him requires going in to the hive of their activity.

Once you accomplish this feat, you'll be granted your chair in the board room and the ears of your now fellow Executives. There you can act as a swing vote to their operations and the actions following them. Don't expect everyone to go along without a single fight though...

Of course if you're feeling enterprising enough for all of them, you can take them out as you see fit, some willing to work for you and others who won't have any of it. Feeling even more Enterprising with a touch of narcissism and you can just go ahead and wipe them all out!

Associates with Benefits!

The Raiders give you fire power and absolute freedom... the Aware give you state-of-their-art technology and camaraderie and the Forces of Ronto can provide you with a small army. Well the Enterprise can give you a shit-load of caps and many off-the-shelf goods. Just a friendly reminder, their on-the-shelf goods come from all across the wastes and all ranges of tiers so... yeah.

The Enterprise's kits are only for beginners and mostly up to your tastes as you go on.

Merchant's kit: Binoculars, a Marksman carbine, Armor Piercing rounds for it, some stimpaks and in-advance pay. A lunch will be offered if you declare that you are hungry.

Security detail kit: Pristine Combat armor, and a weapon from their personal armory with associated ammo. A sidearm can be chosen as well but can be denied for extra ammo of your choice.

And that's about it, after this you can peruse their wares as long as your wallet lasts. Once you become an executive, you OWN your own armory and can get pieces from the others either by force or through their favor and seriously, I can't stress this enough... these guys get the pick of the litter.

When installing extra segments on your vault, should you chose to do so, you won't really be given any discounts... as you're given a bunch-o-caps to begin with.

Executives of the Enterprise

Otto Flint: Caucasian, 29; Corvega Motors supervisor.

Otto was once a young lad, always under the tutelage and guidance of his Executive father to the point of the security guards calling him a daddy's girl at his objection. Otto would listen with wide-eyes whenever his father talked about his company's cars and motors but lost interest whenever he talked business.

Growing up in the city of Motown, Otto often ran out into the town to engage in debauchery or what he liked to call, "fun". It cost him a few bones, teeth, girlfriends and cars but he had the time of his life. Eventually Otto's father cut him off from the family fortune and sent him off to work in Motown's only Corvega Motor's plant to work an honest day.

It was during this time that Otto had grown into the man in the Executive's chair. Otto applied his penchant for motors and automobiles to provide Motown and its raiders unique motors with horsepower and acceleration yet seen and in doing so gained the company plenty of business. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Otto's father had named him heir to the business against the rest of the Enterprise's wishes. Regardless, when the time had come, Otto's father passed away, and in doing so, passed him the torch.

At the young age of 25, Otto becomes the youngest Executive in its history. Being in charge of its top-of-the-line Corvega Motors plant and nothing else.

  • Otto would prefer to see Motown become the automotive showcase of the world again, making the Road Raiders its chief proprietors. He isn't beyond the Enterprise taking the reigns and administering this change themselves though.
  • Otto can be spared in the Road Raiders' various endings.
  • Otto drives a Corvega C11 around Motown. He is notorious for racing and has garnered a positive reputation with the Road Raiders. The C13 designation pays homage to the C-line in Corvette, the car company that Corvega is loosely based off of. The reason it's C11 is just an estimated model progression in the Fallout universes timeline.
  • Funnily enough, this writer had decided upon this name as it sounded the same as auto, as in automobile. As it would turn out, it means wealth and fortune, playing along with the Enterprise's naming scheme of aristocratic names.

Vasuda Sumate: Indian, 33; Pharma-Sutra Floor Manager

Vasuda Sumate started her life from the very way of life she emerged into, prostitution. Born to a courtesan and an unknown father, Vasuda lived a difficult life with no one but her mother, desperately trying to scrounge enough money to stave off starvation at the end of each day.

Times were always rough for Vasuda but when her mother had become pregnant again, Vasuda left her to die. It was a decision that forever haunted her, but it was one that allowed her to live on. Vasuda had no way to support another mouth to feed and she couldn't afford constant contraception.

At the time, all drug trade in Motown was controlled by raider gangs and any available contraception was used to milk the employed prostitutes of every cap they had. With a constant stream of demand, none of the dealers grew any sympathy or willingness to cut anyone a break and plenty of would-be prostitutes to take their places when they die.

Putting her natural good looks to the test, Vasuda made a slightly more honest living than prostitution by instead becoming an erotic dancer. All the while managing to avoid, dodge, kill, or "maim" any patrons who would otherwise impregnate her in her line of business. What little money she kept she spent toward acquiring contraceptives and proceeded to run a side business where she would carve her way into the untapped market that demanded them.

It wasn't long until Vasuda had aged enough for her boss to sell her "goods" on the market and sooner still that Vasuda found herself cornered in her new employment. Disgusted and revolted of the patrons that frequented her, Vasude aimed to support herself entirely off of the drug trade and she knew just how to start. Keeping all the chems given to her as payment, Vasuda stockpiled an impressive inventory of all sorts of chems. From her experience, Vasuda also managed to gather a wide range of contacts in the drug trade itself.

Vasuda's refined business acumen extended to her overall character and to some patrons, that is demand. Vasuda found herself too close for comfort with a known drug trade boss and as such, used her situation to her advantage

Mr. Florence, Leland Florence: African American, 58; Florence Radio Founder

Leland wasn't directly related to any musician family in Motown but when he was brought to the Fox Theater as a child by the raiders who had captured him from another group, he showed an affiliation to music and song. He picked up a trumpet and began playing. At first the other raiders thought he was a foolish little boy and beat him almost to death or risking their lives for nothing but noise. This lead to a permanent limp in Leland's right leg... but it also didn't didn't stop him...

With his leg crippled Leland couldn't go anywhere important anywhere fast, so... he began playing to hopefully attract the attention of someone who could help him... or end his misery.

It didn't take long before Leland got noticed by another gang of raiders. This group actually liked his beat and song and decided to spare him for the time being. After they had scoped the theater out... they decided to keep him. They began feeding Leland and attempted to heal his leg and in exchange he would continue to refine his talent. Sure enough, other raiders were willing to pay to hear Leland's songs, growing bored and sick of the same radio broadcasts, and eventually Leland had himself a good gig going on.

Over the rest of his life, Leland brought the Fox Theater back into business, creating Florence Radio as a result. Once this had happened, Leland was heard all across Motown and many raiders tuned in to hear their tunes... or flock there and try their talent. After awhile... the Enterprise took notice...

The Enterprise took Leland on as a business partner of sorts and kept him in the loop. All the while he had become the pupil of an Executive on his deathbed, a man by the name of Mr. Romero who's family had owned a record agency in Detroit before the war. Romero saw a bit of himself in young Leland and taught him everything he knew but more importantly... what he stood for.

When Mr. Romero passed away, Leland took his spot and has been an Executive ever since the age of 37. Florence owns the venue of Florence Radio and a handful of other small businesses.

  • Florence would prefer Motown becoming a town of trade and commerce instead of being a source of conflict and strife... but he isn't beyond merely denying the other factions access to it for their own goals.
  • Florence means rich or wealthy in direct definition, carrying on the Enterprise's notoriety of wealth
  • Romero is a related name to the real world record company aptly named Motown Records
  • His story oddly reflects that of Boxcars yet I did not intend it to... expect a reference

Sunroof: Hispanic, 37; Enterprise's Loan Shark

Sunroof was once a lowly raider, nothing more than a scheming dealer and peddler of cure-alls and other useless trinkets. His business sense and ruthlessness would define him as he strove for the very thing he emulated... the glass ceiling of the Enterprise. Seeing their wealth and their tower as the ultimate in survival tactics... a survival of the fittest by means of voice and cunning alone. It was this dream that guided Sunroof... and motivated him.

Sunroof would do anything he could to gain a profit because it was all he could do given his miniscule physique. Other raiders took advantage of Sunroof's poor stature by injuring him and taking what he owned. They would leave him alive as a "further insult" but that would only serve to further temper Sunroof's resolve. Sunroof immediately thought that it was unfair that he should be this miserable simply because he was not as big or tall as the other raiders.

Eventually... he reasoned that nothing was fair, and anything goes. It was from here on out the Sunroof did whatever was necessary to gain an edge. From theft to cons and from fraud to outright murder. It was the moment of the century when a gang had picked him up to be their designated cap handler... Within a month, Sunroof had secretly used the caps given to him to handle to establish himself as a raider chief all his own. It was at this moment that he disposed of his "employers".

He would continue to cut a bloody swath as a no-nonsense crime lord who did not care for blood or creed but measured true power in the form of currency. He only grew more powerful, in both body and mind and he had decided that the time had come to show the Enterprise some real competition.

After deadlocking the trade executive at the time in debt from an orchestrated bad deal, Sunroof came to collect interest. When the executive couldn't pay, Sunroof personally smashed his teeth in and seized his assets... all right in the same office complex as the rest of the executive board.

Out of almost total fear, the Enterprise offered Sunroof's tenacity with the job of the man he had put through an early retirement... Sunroof took it, seeing it as the final glass ceiling for him to break through. What he had dreamed and planned for all along. Only later would Sunroof come to realize, that there was one more... total control.

Just as before Sunroof has been secretly waiting and plotting to take what was rightfully his... because he believed that whatever he could take was rightfully his. Now... it is only a matter of time of... a matter of compounding interest...

After public relations hit an all time low, Sunroof has been relieved of trade relations and put in charge of loan sharking. Not the first loaner in the Enterprise... but the first to be considered a shark unsurprisingly... this has further separated the wealth of the Enterprise and the Road Raiders to the Enterprise's almost unanimous favor.

  • Sunroof will accept nothing short of absolute independence for Motown, he will need to be convinced to keep the other executives, including you, around
  • Sunroof's name is an obvious homage to business's "glass ceiling" that depicts someone that is higher-up than you, hence the name "higher-up"; it also follows the Road Raiders typical naming scheme of car-related terminology
  • Sunroof will appear tribal in appearance when compared to his fellow executives and will scorn them for engaging in things like drugs and alcohol as he thinks they cloud their ability to strive for what really matters, profit
  • Sunroof will appear to be the most disciplined executive as well as in the best shape. He is also ironically, the smallest

Special thanks goes out to Vault girl76 who took interest in this faction and provided me with a lot of thought in much detail as to the overall feel of The Enterprise in this blog. I can assure you I will be either consulting her further or getting ripped apart by her, either way, expect more soon.