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The Forces of Ronto are a nationalistic, militaristic Monarchy based solely upon the First French Empire under Napoleon I. It shall be referred to formally as the Great Canadian Empire under the leadership of their queen, her majesty Roween.

Since this author's knowledge with monarchies is limited and potentially incorrect, readers are encouraged to go off of this supplemental page for political correctness:

The Forces of Ronto invading Motown get their name from the misinformed Road Raiders who mistakenly overgeneralize their renamed territory in Toronto Ohio (Ronto) as the same case with all other pre-war cities bearing the same name. Since Toronto is the capital of the Great Canadian Empire and with the Road Raiders comprising the largest majority of populace in Motown, the name stuck.

US Army combat armor
T-51b Avatar 2

In appearance, the Forces of Ronto almost directly resemble the pre-war forces of the United States military who had annexed and oppressed them before and after the Great War. Over time, the Canadians successfully fought back and unified under their queen and their nations banner, adopting the superior armor of their enemy and making it theirs... making it Canadian.

The Forces of Ronto represent the middle ground in the struggle for Motown. Second place in both numbers and quality of gear. In comparison with the Enterprise, the Forces of Ronto suffer to their generalization and universal outfitting of their forces with mid-budget firearms where the Enterprise allows for unique customization and extended options with weapons of the highest tier. In comparison to the Aware, the Forces of Ronto have roughly six times more people and the Road Raiders have twice as many as the Forces of Ronto.

In appearance, the Forces of Ronto are endlessly adorned with forest green combat armor sporting a crimson red maple leaf with a white four de lis overlay. This seemingly endless army is bolstered by a modest armored brigade primarily equipped with T-51b power armor (all T-45d power armor being recycled long ago) all displaying the same insignia.


Following the events of the Great War, the stationed peace-keeping forces of the US Army in Canada resorted to becoming war lords and marauders using their weapons and training to acquire what they desired. Similar instances of other stationed forces either seceded or became mercenary groups or just disbanded and became wasters. But in Canada... the post-war warlord epidemic was far worse and lasted long after the war.

Becoming the status quo, the warlords exercised complete and total control over the main cities and provinces of Canada, focusing most of their attention where the population was heaviest and keeping them all in a state of enforced feudalism. Resembling what the Road Raiders are to the Enterprise, the warlords would contend with each other and themselves, constantly vying for control and territory. All the while the oppressed masses began to harbor and contain their resentment...

In 2202 After many years of this bloody stalemate, one less reputable warlord by the name of Major Quad got the idea to unify the unarmed populations against the other warlords in an effort to unify the area. The Canadian people at the time did not care much about this man but it was the unifying presence that organized their hate into something constructive.

The Revolution started with armed resistance and the erection of town walls in defiance of the war lords. At first, these uprisings were quelled with ease but began to last longer as the revolutionaries enacted a highly effective tactic of destroying all their food and supplies in the event of a razing or siege. So even though they died and lost their property, the warlords could no longer rely on them for steady supplies in life or death. The warlords cut a bloody swath in the land and killed hundreds to meet their appetite... but competition with other warlords thinned them out and by the time they felt the need to band together it was too late.

The Great Canadian Revolution came to a climax in 2222 when the communities that were once plagued by warlords had banded together more successfully and effectively than the warlords themselves, forming an army of its own to deal with that of the warlords' crippled forces. Eventually in 2225, the Canadian army emerged victorious after capturing the last of the warlords and executing him for war crimes in their capital of Toronto. Thus beginning their reign and the progression towards some kind of peace.

After the Revolution however, the Canadians' expertise in managing expenses and peace-time standing armies were based entirely off of scavenged books from vaults - as the vault dwellers themselves either failed or were killed by warlords upon emergence - and proved inadequate for a necessary knowledge base. It would soon be believed, however, that the fault was Major Quad's alone. A growing dissent amongst the populace began to boil.

Fo1 Intro Canadian Freedom Fighter
Canada Flag

Finally in 2234, Vault 57 - the Vault where all entertainment tapes that were deemed "decent" - finally emerged and managed to survive where the others had failed simply because there were no warlords to meet them. It is here that the Canadians now had discernible vault dwellers whose brains they could pick for information and knowledge. These residents had gained their education from entertainment tapes of high caliber and, even though they also learned a standard education, tended toward the dramatic and things of aesthetic pleasure because of the nature of the experiment.

All the while, a young girl by the name of Roween began growing up in this new Canada beckoning for its history and culture only to find that there was little to none that survived the war. Because of this, she grew to despise the US's systematic destruction of Canadian identity and felt it necessary to bring it back as something to be proud of. In 2243 Roween did more than just bring it back... she brought it on Quad's doorstep and eventually his head.

After a quick revolution, the Vault descendents established themselves as a favored body of government with Roween as their popular radical voice. She was crowned Queen and the Great Empire of Canada was born. Politics followed a sort of Constitutional Monarchy where even though the Queen was merely a figurehead, her influence was capable of swaying big decisions. Because of her, the empire's people encouraged the learning of French and the metric system in direct defiance to their once United States aggressors and it serves to mark them uniquely when encountered in the wastes.

After five decades, the Empire has grown strong and its efforts to absorb lands surrounding it and establish a lasting impression as a regional power have gone unabated. During this time the hatred for the former US only grew and desires to begin invading into the mainland were considered in high regard. They had begun to think of anyone outside their territory to be both uncultured and uncivilized. They began to think it was necessary for humanity that they deliver it by force. Immediately the Great Canadian Empire began plans to launch a two pronged attack over both the Detroit River and Niagra Falls to secure Michigan and New York respectively. In 2294, they finally jumped.

They crossed the river only to find exactly what they were looking to find... and then some. To their dismay the raider presence there was not only the highest in the region, if not the world, it was also extremely well equipped by the local monopoly that which was the Enterprise. Their initial attack failed miserably and for their efforts the entire Windsor stretch was heavily mined and leveled with the Detroit River becoming a kill zone. They soon moved all operations to Port Huron and the St. Clair River. They're invasion into NYC was either put on hold or acted upon but no word has been divulged to anyone involved with Motown.

They are currently running a harass and destroy strategy, reminiscent of their former tactics against the warlords, where they will engage shortly with the enemy and then quickly retreat without even bothering to secure positions or resources, making sure to destroy as much infrastructure and capital goods as possible. This strategy is proving more effective than previous straight-on engagements where they would get swarmed without reinforcements, but it is still costing them lives and resources without anything to show for it. This is where the Forces of Ronto will accept your help.

Where you fit in

The Forces of Ronto will be holed up in their area of operations in Port Huron (In the middle of the "thumb" of Michigan) and will have set up shop there. Port Huron is far enough and separate enough from the Road to where the area isn't swarming with raiders but also isolated enough in the countryside to where creatures are more present. Regardless, this is where you'll need to go in order to offer your help to the Forces of Ronto.

The command there won't think highly of you, concerning you as a mere savage but a few glimpses at your pip-boy (or your vault suit) will convince them that you're not like the rest of Motown and could have potential. Now some of them will disregard you for originated on United States' soil but they aren't so unreasonable that they'll refuse to work with you completely. They will begin by asking you to simply wipe out raiders, leaving the option of scavenging up to you. After a ton of confirmed kills they will begin to see your potential.

The regional commander will promote you as necessary and get you into more important roles as deal negotiator and/or ultimatum deliverer to several business in Motown as well as particular gangs.

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All of the above is currently a Work In Progress (WIP) and I will get onto it as soon as I feel like it (ASAIFLI)