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The Aware are a militaristic, technologically advanced faction consisting of a collection of the remaining members of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel and various recruits gathered from the Midwest Commonwealth area over the course of 48 years.

Their philosophy is that the world is on the brink of another series of Resource Wars --this time over water-- and that to prevent what they perceive as another tragedy of the commons they must force education upon large populations in order to enlighten their self interest to prevent it.

As such, they will appear as pretentious, condescending jerk-asses who come off as cynics that believe they are the only ones who know anything worth knowing and that everyone else is either an indoctrinated pawn, or a child.

Their overall appearance is that of black matte painted T-45d power armor with gold filmed lenses, innovations gleaned from their conflict with the Enclave outpost in Chicago.

Their main objective is to create a world in which the people are aware of the world's limitations, and adjust their mentalities accordingly to maximize their happiness without changing their natures. Their secondary objective is to rid the world of exploitation and those who practice it by destroying their empires, they believe that accomplishing the first objective will lead to the inevitable accomplishing of the second.

The Aware is basically my take on a force I personally would use to take over a post-apocalyptic world. One should consider them my experimental socioeconomic policy that I have created for the sake of this fan fiction and nothing more.

Lead by a medicinal specialist turned psychological scholar (The Adviser), this faction seeks to not change people's desires, but how they view them, placing empiricism and open-mindedness as their highest priorities to avoid conflict.

Changing the way they frame things to be less negative, more optimistic, and overall, more effective. The Adviser seeks to educate them for it's and their sake alone. The Adviser has lived 300 years at this point as a ghoul and is plenty mad about the persistent state of affairs and the lack of change in the face of an apocalypse. Blaming it on the lack of historical emphasis and understanding, whatever the reason.

So he sought to make people aware of things, their history, their psychology, their potential, their capabilities, their strengths, their weaknesses and, ultimately, when they're getting exploited and what they can do about it. Their purpose is to do that in hopes that they will never be as wasteful and unaware as the same humanity that ended itself. The Adviser does not ask people to learn everything there is to learn, just to listen to everything... and to never stop distrusting anything.

It is with this purpose that he has finally set out after years of sitting by in an introspected funk, to educate the masses and eradicate anyone who won't tolerate it, because if you are not Aware, then you must be educated, and if you refuse to be educated... then you must be eliminated.

They are a lot like the Legion except their soldiers place the individual as the highest priority knowing full well that they are not the only individual to think the same. So they work together not because they have to, but because they actually recognize and understand that it is in their individual best interest.
— The Ever Ruler

The Aware's name will appear as a misnomer to newcomers. Their recruits, who comprise the majority, will appear haughty, know-it-all, condescending and, at times, ignorant. The more decorated and higher ranked forces will better reflect the Aware's overall message and effectiveness, but their number is so few so as to beg doubt from the player as to the Aware's overall effectiveness at practicing what they preach.

       Chicago2 Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel ships in a storm


At the end of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel in 2198, the Midwest BoS began to lose its power after a enough of its forces died assaulting Vault 0 only to return to an insurrection of their satellite colonies; being thrown into a kill or be killed conflict with them for twenty eight years. The bloody uprising ended with the Brotherhood victorious and their colonies either wiped out or abandoned. This victory came at much cost to the Brotherhood as they entered into a political civil war.

A schism occurred between those in the Brotherhood who wished to continue expanding into the affairs of the rest of the wasteland and those who wished to sit put like the Codex's teachings would originally have them do. Despite denouncing the Codex over three decades ago, the isolationist regime emerged victorious after a series of abductions and imprisonment of political dissenters. The prisoners were imprisoned in a Vault the Brotherhood had opened and scavenged clean after recovering the door codes from their conflict with the Calculator at Vault 0, finding its original inhabitants dead from the Vault's experiment.

This Vault was Vault 50. The prisoner's dilemma experiment. Where the original occupants all died because they could not properly manage the limited food that the extruders were programmed to dispense upon each re-iteration. Now occupied by political prisoners, this Vault served as the testing grounds to see if the case group could redeem itself if given a second chance.

Later on, this case group would go on to represent all of humanity to the Aware, as it was their only source of inspiration and hope that things could change.

In the Fall of 2247, the Enclave fled the West in the aftermath of the NCR-Enclave War, in what would later be known as Operation: Black Stampede. They were also looking into the disturbances detected at Vault 0 and its subsequent reactivation and destruction. Hopping from one area of interest to the next, setting up outposts along the way, the Enclave found themselves at Chicago after first going through Vault 0's and St. Louis' debris, finding leftovers and war scars of the Midwest Brotherhood's actions all along the way.

When the Enclave discovered the remaining Midwest Brotherhood there who insisted upon two years of isolationism and non-intervention, they wiped them out with extreme prejudice. Without reinforcements or resupply from the world they shunned, the Isolationist Midwest Brotherhood was doomed from the start. The entire area of Chicago, desolate and idle, played host to only the Enclave's outpost, and the mysterious Vault 50.

After six years of programmed reiterations, three years of near starvation and three years of competition and failure, the political dissenters of Vault 50 emerged back into the city of Chicago, successfully meeting the criteria of the program in charge of the Vault.

Emerging to find nothing and no one waiting for them, the once-prisoners sought to make their way again in the city of Chicago and in the region except this time... with a different mindset.

The group found the Enclave outpost. Quiet, self-sustaining, alien. The group appealed to the Enclave there for trade, in both goods and information. After one iteration of trade, the Enclave told the prisoners what they knew in a manner later described as condescendingly transparent and exploitative of people's gullibility. The prisoner's gave the Enclave outpost a second chance, just as Vault 50 had done with them.

After gathering recruits and tech in troves from across the region and spider nests set up by the Adviser in his past, the Aware revitalized the medical production of the previously sealed off Med-Tek HQ in Chicago after they reclaimed the city from the Enclave's outpost there in 2253.

By the 2278, one year after the events in Fallout 3, the Aware control Western Michigan, Chicago, and reconnaissance in the surrounding areas including the Mississippi River Valley. Also by this time, the Enclave returned after their crippling defeat in hopes of re-establishing contact with their outpost in Chicago only to find that it has been wiped out by the Aware. After much inner deliberation on the way back to Chicago, the Enclave executed a mutiny when confronted with the Aware's forces and joined up to prevent possible defeat and certain high casualties that were encountered on the way especially when traversing the Road (I-75).

For the next 20 years, the newly reformed Aware build up their arsenal of weapons and armor technology from the Enclave's archives; they began setting up advanced training, agricultural production and assimilation procedures.

All while this is happening, the Aware's forces undergo internal conflict between their various groups that results in the weeding out or desertion of many considerably useful forces. Leaving them with the best examples of their own people.

Because of this the Aware are relatively few in number compared to other factions and their tactics/secrets/ability are often leaked along with their lost forces. It is hard for the Aware to enact covert operations because of this and it continues to create conflict within the minds of the soldier's who are uncertain about their goals, creating a potentially destructive possibility that they'll fall apart without a proper example to rally behind.

As their establishment expands, the Aware's need for raw materials skyrocketed and manufacturing processes en masse are needed to meet it. So they attack the rust belt city of Motown in the year 2294 in hopes of securing capital, only to find the forces of Ronto wishing to do the same and the Road Raiders under the Enterprise's payroll defending it to the death.

Their main base for the duration of Fallout: Motown is the Rouge Plant (The Ford Rouge Plant). They had been planning to assault Motown by moving a warship into Lake St. Clair through Port Huron and into firing distance of Detroit to completely overwhelm and destroy any retaliation by the Road Raiders claiming the city in the chaos and holding them out through their defensive techniques. But unfortunately for them, Ronto stepped first. Out of nowhere, forces of Ronto began pouring into Port Huron in force, setting up enough countermeasures to ensure any naval engagement by the Aware was futile.

The Aware made drastic re-writes to the plans and acted on them immediately to counteract this new threat effectively before things got completely out of their favor. Relying on recently acquired technology from the Enclave, the vertibirds, the Aware flew themselves behind enemy lines and set up a kill-zone around the Ford Rouge plant to secure it in hopes of using its capital to produce enough armaments to punch their way out into a secure supply line with their Western staging point. It's been several months and the Aware can't rely on fishing and hydroponics forever. They've made several strides into fighting back, but unless they can abate the resistance consistently and effectively, attempting a counterstrike is out of the question. That's where you come in...

        EnclaveSoldier 2 APAMKII 2277 EnclaveSoldier 4 APAMKII 2277

Where you fit in

After trekking out of Vault 64, you'll either find them actively defending the factory from another wave of the Road Raiders in which you can help either side or at an Enterprise caravan being ambushed by the Aware in which too you can help out either side. If you help them they will bring you into their base and give you their spiel a starter's kit and information. If you choose not to help neither but talk to them afterward, they're either dead or in no mood to give you a starters' kit but will give you an opportunity to join anyway.

After you agree to help the Aware they will tell you that they will purchase scrap metal and other various junk at 1.5 the normal price, two times if you're clever. They will barter for everything else with you, and have a ton of caps to trade because of their coffers are bolstered by light taxes and scavenging and the use of volunteer forces.

After enough scavenging runs, or fewer donations, they will offer you the chance to complete a simple task for them. That task is to simply come back and inform them on what you see around Motown, troop concentrations, troop abilities, and troop discipline. They may or may not trust you, but if you've been readily helpful they will give you a more advanced kit as well as trust you more and help you advance faster than if you hadn't. They also might even tell you a thing or two...

After doing the things you'd normally do, the Aware will give you the opportunity to show your worth and secure a target for them. Wipe out enemy forces, gather specific intel., and talk to certain people who are either problems or solutions.

Do this enough, and you will be given the authority over a small attack squad and attack enemy camps for the conquering. After enough of these, you will speak to the Adviser yourself and receive further training and equipment.

You will become one of the Adviser's Enlighteners and undergo rigorous training, numerous augmentations and be given high-end equipment to accomplish this task. As the newest addition to this group, you will be tasked into investigating internal affairs, eliminating key targets, and the securing of top-secret information with the help from various other Enlighteners on these missions.

After all this, you will be given command of the end-game siege of Motown. With the information and areas that you have secured you can decide exactly what needs to be done, as well as faction interactions and location priorities.

Associates with Benefits!

Unaware kit: A shovel, some stimpacks, some ammo of your choice, 2 repair kits, some water and some MREs.

Erudite kit: An assault rifle with one mod and ammo for it, more ammo of your choice if you turn down the weapon and its ammo, refurbished combat armor/combat armor plating, a handful of stimpacks, a few super stimpacks, a few repair kits (more if you deny the armor), a food sanitizer, and an E-tool to replace your mediocre shovel.

Aware kit: A suit of T-45d/or Advanced Mk.II power armor, a laser/plasma rifle with all the associated mods and ammo for it, more ammo of your choice if you turn down the weapon and its ammo, 5 repair kits if you deny the armor, two free out of seven implants that increase your SPECIAL, and an overclocked Black Pip-boy/your old one if you choose.

Enligtener kit: A suit of brand new Advanced power armor Mk.IV, hard-laser rifle/rail cannon with associated ammo, access to an implant suite and a few free Intense Training perks.

You can buy the other implants at the Ford Rouge factory along with ammo, mods, and medicinal/combat chems, but not armor, guns, or junk.

If you help them take over the Vault-Tec warehouse, they will also sell you Vault segments and installation robots for your Vault with huge discounts on things they find the most important.

  • The Armory, the Barracks, the Quarters, the Clinic, the Workspace, the Kitchen, the Mess Hall, the Laboratory, the Security System, and the Hydroponics Garden.
      The three steelyard chimneys ThePittTheMill

Noteworthy Characters

Dr. Bridget Calvin: Caucasian, 31; Follower of the Apocalypse who was tasked with finding the Med-Tek HQ

Dr. Calvin is your typical FotA that got sent on a mission because she was less important and because it seemed worth doing. She was a little peeved to be sent on a scavenging run across the wastes with a non-existant security detail and has been quoted saying, "Why don't you give me a Brotherhood of Steel patrol to work with? They're more experienced with getting exiled out into the wastes for their flimsy beliefs!"

Next thing she knew, she found the Med-Tek HQ being hoisted by her arms through its entrance by two Aware soldiers who were, ironically enough, former Brotherhood of Steel members. She met the Adviser and liked his more... hostile mentality towards solving the world's problems whilst trying to care for its people who she believes are self-destructive in their ignorance.

Bridget spends most of her time catching up on medical discoveries and improving her dissertations. She can most likely be found chatting amongst the other scientists from the other various organizations that comprise the Aware in their Rouge Plant.

  • Bridget will talk about the FotA in the regions to the West.
  • Bridget is the only FotA member inside the entirety of the game, DLCs included.
  • Bridget's name and likelyness are a nod to I, Robot's Dr. Calvin, played by Bridget Moynahan.

Asphalt: African American, 28; Former Road Raider now Aware

Asphalt was once the leader of the group of raiders known and feared as, The Pistons, a gang that specialized and excelled in all forms of unarmed combat in their dealings with other gangs. The Piston's insistence on settling deals with fist fights made many lesser gangs foolish enough to wage their loot against the Pistons which only bolstered their power when they won. This made the Pistons one of the more successful raider gangs despite their lesser proficiency with firearms when on foot.

When the Aware showed up, the Pistons ended up attempting to strike a deal with one of their scavenging crews. Their clenched fists were refused with gunfire.

Since that day, Asphalt swore he'd have his revenge on the Aware from cheating in the offer. In a fit of rage, Asphalt challenged all the Aware from outside their walls at the Rouge and in response, he met the Adviser. It is on this day, that you yourself walk in on to view for yourself.

Asphalt will not take anyone's life that day, but his will have changed onward from it.

For the rest of the game, Asphalt broods over what the Adviser will have said to him, he will accompany you on several engagements if you so choose and becomes a potential follower after the first one. During which time he will evolve in his thoughts regarding what happened in the past and what is happening in the present. Whether or not he is truly Aware of anything. To which, you can apply your knowledge and opinion to help him gain his confidence in Awareness... or in his uncertainty.

  • Asphalt will become the Enligtener who specializes in unarmed combat if you help him throughout the game to become more Aware.
  • Asphalt can inform you about the Road Warriors.
  • Asphalt can give you an unarmed technique in training after enough conversing.

Defender Clark "Blood Steel" Makraw: Caucasian, 38; A deserter of the Captiol Wasteland's Brotherhood Outcasts.

Clark always maintained that collecting technology was important, but without a reason it was not. In his days amongst the Outcasts, he kept that opinion to himself. During that time, he was considered strange by his fellow Outcasts for spending more time with the scribes then out in the field, a trait he considered to be on par with erudite.

After trekking back West with the Outcasts as they were unofficially ousted by Lyons' Brotherhood, Clark became part of a detatchment trying to contact the Midwest BoS that eventually led him to the Aware.

After a rather un-couth integration into the diverse ranks of the Aware, Clark went on despite this and rose through the ranks as a combat-scribe because of his knowledge of technology and his devotion to his newly found cause. When the time came to take Motown, he was taken out of the workshop and put onto the front lines as one of the many volunteers.

He now stands in the Ford Rouge Factory, covered with the blood of many others who have once done the same... or died trying. The Road Raiders believe his red stripes to be stains of blood, and they're half-right in that regard.

He wishes to see the forces of Ronto to become productive members of society, but sees their patriotism as a deal-breaker and an obstacle to progress. In response to queries about them, Clark wishes them all to get out of the way, or get run over because the Aware's not going to move for them. In regards to the Road Raiders, Clark thinks they're within reasoning and even possible integration whenever they aren't shooting at them for the loose change in the Enterprise's pockets.

He is humorous in demeanor towards those who work with him and explains his purpose in lay mans terms when asked. He will exclaim his dream of rebuilding the world, with each scavenged part at a time.

  • You can later help him become promoted to an Enligtener, to which he specialize in repair.
  • He will have 100 repair but must be befreinded first beforehand.
  • His name means: Learned Man which attributes to his knowledge of wasteland skills.
  • He will humorously flirt with Jenevive of the Tour De Troit whenever she comes in to drop off some scavenged goods. It's an odd relationship with Jenevive being a member of the Road Raiders and Clark being Aware, though... nothing's stopping them.

Black Powder (Formally: Suleiman Pierre): Arabic, 131; Ghoul who survived the Black Plague

Powder was one of those who survived the Dearborn massacre; the wiping out of the predominately Islamic town of Dearborn Michigan decades ago by the Black Plague.

Before the massacre, he maintained the community of Dearborn's guns and ammo. He hadn't had much use for them, but by the time he lived a lifetime, he knew each firearm that ever caught his eye in and out.

He knows what the Black Plague is and will inform you what he will but says that it taught him the greatest lesson he has ever learned.

"Blood between relatives are no more similar than blood between strangers and that any ideas that support the contrary, breed ignorance and ignorance breeds conflict and war."

It's because of that lesson, that Suleiman joined the Aware when they showed up in Motown, it's because of his firearms knowledge that he was assigned as quartermaster and cataloging expert, or as he calls it, "The one who hordes and records". A job that, despite his sarcastic demeanor, he loves thoroughly and would never give up.

  • His name comes from Suleiman the Magnificient and the first Arabic person who I have met.
  • Black powder got his name from the teasing of prolific energy weapon users amongst the Aware, it's also a nod to the Ottoman Empire that played an ample role in history in the trade of black gunpowder.
  • Sometimes Quon Xun will come by and scoff at Powder for his fascination in conventional firearms at the same time sharing his penchant for death dealing.

General Terrell Clawson: African American, 49; Encalve Commander of the exodus division at the event of the mutiny

Terrell Clawson has seen the worst of the worst, and has commanded even worse... He was with the Enclave through thick and thin and was in charge of force Movement, training and tactics out of the Enclave Mobile Platform back in the Eastern Theater.

After things went FUBAR with all other command being dead or destroyed, he ordered his troops to pack up, rendezvous, and begin marching toward their previous position in Chicago for further action.

The Enclave had nothing but the Aware to bump into after they had reached Chicago after crossing the Road. Having infighted and argued profusely along their exodus, Terrell wanted only what was best for his soldiers, and he knew that wasn't the Enclave.

Faced with immediate execution by the Aware's welcoming committee, Terrell executed an Enclave commander who had been a thorn in his side since they left, and assumed command. He said, "Anyone who still dreams the American dream, walk away the way you came... if you wish to hear their's, then stay" Everyone but the most stubborn members walked up with Terrell.

Without saying a word, the soldiers walked up and each gave Terrell a sign they were with him. The Adviser, was absolutely stunned at how things turned out, but nevertheless welcomed the Enclave's now disenfranchised forces with a nervous hand and a quizzical look in his brow.

The accepting members of the Enclave took the offer with some skepticism but also with the idea in mind that they could still have some purpose. Some went their separate ways soon after, some were cast out due to prejudice and some were killed in training "accidents" but the Enclave more or less integrated itself into the Aware.

A few of them manage to redeem their names and work with the Aware. The most important of them being the scientists, who all see their new roles as a step in the right direction. The scientists see eye-to-eye with the Adviser and understand better than anyone why they do what they must do.

Terrell is one of the few soldiers who redeemed himself. He learned how employing his forces for a hopeless and foolish cause for no reason was as good as sending them to their deaths, and that spending their lives to accomplish a good reason was even better than living for the wrong ones.

Terrell made his name as Master Tactician, sending the forces of the Aware into a successful chain of victories in the Illinois Theater with few if any casualties. Being able to break away from the hold-the-line stratagem adopted before without extensive losses earned Terrell the respect of nearly every troop in the Aware. They all wish to expand their message and they all respect Terrell for giving them the tactics and coordination to do that.

  • Terrell has no time for chit chat and will not answer the majority of your questions.
  • Terrell will talk about events of strategic importance throughout his life and general history.
  • Terrell will reminisce about his former decisions if you pass a speech check.

Nix Ignatius: African American, 23; former legionary

Nix was one of the cruelest legionnaires to ever march in Caesar's Legion. Not because he was cruel, but because he loved setting things on fire and was known to torture people in a similar fashion. He couldn't help it and one day he set fire to his centurion's tent.

This was the last straw as the rest of his detachment was disgusted by his impulsive and uncontrollable needs and they labelled him a fire-based profligate. They exiled him in a volley of hate and machetes.

After wandering East, Nix found the Aware and the Adviser who understood the concepts of Pyromania thanks to Vault 37's experiment regarding the same "disorder".

He is by far the most eccentric soldier in the Aware, but one of the most important and leader of the Hellfire Brigade that is in charge of... liquidating expendable positions.

  • If you too are a pyromaniac, he can help you control your urges to burn things as well as... how to burn things.
  • He is the only named character who wears Hellfire Armor in the game and has uniquely modified it.
  • His name is a fragment of Pheonix, a bird that rises from its ashes, and an old Roman name that represents fire.

The Enligteners

The Enligteners are a collective of highly skilled individuals from all over the wastes who are enlisted in the Aware. Each specialize in a particular skill and have been outfitted with many combat augmentations as well as recieved advanced training. They each have their own story and personality.

Avinash the Unbreakable: Tribal, Hispanic, 22; Devoted tribal warrior

Avinash was once part of the tribe known as, the Rust Walkers, until the Legion wiped it out. The tribe was told by an envoy of the Aware about those who would exploit them but they did not heed their warning thinking that the Aware were exploiting them.

Avinash was the only survivor of the Legion's attack and was later recalled as the tribesman whose bones wouldn't break. Avinash was bruised and beaten on the field, but was far from dead when he walked all the way to the Aware's envoy. The Aware nursed him back to health and when he finally came to, he asked the most famous of questions, "How do I know I can trust you?" To which the Adviser himself responded, "You can't, but that much, you can"

From that day forward, Avinash vowed he would rely only on himself and took all of the Aware's training with a grain of salt, quoted as being, "The most stubborn student I have ever taught." by the Scribes as well as, "But his stubborness extends to his will to learn."

Avinash is avoided by the footsoldiers out of fear and the other Enligteners out of uncomfortablility, but Avinash wishes no intimidation or harm, he's just very untrusting. He upholds the Adviser's message to the letter and the upmost devotion to his disdain of Exploiters. His attacks are unforgiving and his name is unmentionable in many of the other tribes who are later annexed. Ghost stories from travellers make the Road Raiders and Ronto at ease knowing that he's not in their theatre of war.

The Adviser is proud of Avinash the most out of all of his Enligteners, and is often found talking with him about his ideas and morals.

  • Avinash plays a key role in the Wisconsin add-on as the commander in the field.
  • Avinash will never trust the player but comes to the consensus that he can trust the untrust.
  • Avinash is one of the few players who know about the Warrior, to which Avinash heard about as a child.
  • Avinash is the End Bringer who specializes in Melee Weapons and Survival and favors his machined tomahawk and super sledge.
  • Avinash doesn't know who his mother is and reveals that he was abducted by the Rust Walkers when he was two.
  • Avinash's name is Eastern Indian for "That which is indestructible"

Quon Xun "Black Lightning": Asian, 256; ghoulified chinese espionage agent

Quon was a chinese espionage agent that specialized in energy weapon acquirement before the war. He assumed the alias of a defector scientist in Poseidon Energy's Project SEMELE.

He became a ghoul right after the nukes fell which ended any ties he still had with his home nation. He managed to survive as a repairman until the Enclave showed up. Then he underwent a legendary espionage movement by tagging along with the Enclave forces undercover by wearing their armor and forging patrol times as he slipped into their ranks as multiple names who never really existed.

Because of his ghoulism, he never had to sleep or eat and managed to shuffle his duties without ever compromising his true nature. Quon ended up serving in the Enclave from the Oil rig, to Chicago, all the way to DC and, eventually, to Chicago again.

His last persona earned him the nickname of Black Lightning among the ranks of the Enclave who, humorously, compared his prowess with energy weapons to similar accounts from his previous aliases.

After the Enclave mutinied, he took off his power helmet to the bewilderment of all the other Enclave soldiers, which convinced them all the more to abandon their old ways as a mutated freak had been one of their best soldiers all along and had done what they thought was impossible for a mutated freak let alone anyone. His energetic tendencies and his legendary espionage skills got him to the rank of Enligtener in a heart beat, as well as the go to guy for energy weapons development.

He still tries to learn about energy weapons despite his affiliation with China being nothing but a memory, as he is curious about them and has a knack for using them. Strangely enough, he talks with the Adviser like they were old friends...

  • His name means Shining Bright and Quick, Fast, Swift in that order and is a homage to his prowess in energy weapons.
  • He knows of other chinese espionage agents and will tell you about them.
  • He has an interest in people's preferences between laser or plasma and will ask you what yours is.
  • He also has insight on the differences between Wattz weapons and the military issue "AE" variants as well as the evolution of plasma weapons and the differences between the Glock and Winchester variants.
  • Quon specializes in energy weapons, sneak, speech, and lockpick

Ionel Liberius: Caucasian, 39; Centurion for Caesar's Legion who joined the ranks

Ionel was one of Caesar's best Centurions, never losing a battle and always maintaining his complexion. He is known for his Legendary skirmish with the Warhounds, a tribe in Denver, in which he lost every man under his command and would have faced summary execution had he not ferociosly and relentlessly attacked the Warhounds alone, defeating what little remained of their forces and returned a hero.

After the second Battle for Hoover Dam Ionel made it out with his forces without suffering any casualties along the way. After the Legion loss that day, he personally volunteered to track the Black Devils who had insulted Caesar's power.

Despite suffering extensive losses, Ionel maintained his struggle and kept following them. Like his encounter with the Warhounds, Ionel ended up losing all of his men and, once again, decided to finish what he started alone.

He trekked undeterred and determined. He cut a bloody swath across the wasteland and didn't stop until he lost their trail. When he kept moving, he stumbled upon the Aware and attacked them as they resembled those who he was tracking.

Unluckily or luckily depending on when and how you see it, Ionel ended up facing off against Avinash after he had defeated his squad under and Avinash was none too sympathetic towards Legionaries after his experiences with them. Avinash stopped his violent mutilation that was to follow of Ionel just to let him bleed on the field just as the Legion had done to him so many years ago.

Like everything he had done, Ionel was too stubborn to quit and unwilling to fail. He dragged his battered body all the way to the Aware's headquarters to challenge them all before blacking out in front of its gates with dozens of rifles pointing at him after saying the now famous lines, "I gave myself liberty... *staggers* because I refuse death!".

When he awoke, he found himself in the infirmary restrained and under questioning. It is then that he says his famous quote, "To stand against many and be the last man standing, to deny someone the ability to have you killed, that is independence... that is liberty."

Needless to say, this surprised the Adviser, who exchanged Ionel's life for service to the Aware. Sensing a sense of independence in awareness, Ionel took him up on his offer and continued his legend.

His extensive combat experience quickly earned him the rank of Enligtener to the protests of the others. Avinash had a personal vendetta, Aria didn't respect his disrespect of women and the rest weren't partial to his past loyalties.

Nevertheless, Ionel serves proudly and excessively, feared amongst the Aware itself and tolerated to a lessened degree. He is learning more every day and is glad to deny death in the name of someone who would never ask him for his life.

  • Ionel specializes in explosives, melee weapons and unarmed.
  • Ionel still retains a lot of his Legion ideals but can be swayed against them for a loyalty check.
  • Ionel is the Adviser's second favorite End Bringer in terms of ideology.
  • Ionel has a plated skirt to his Mk. IV Power Armor which he can give you the specs to if you so wish for it; (+12 lbs, +4 DT)
  • Ionel is the Roman equivelant to John and Liberius means Free with the -ius added for taste.

Jonathan Maro: Caucasian, 51; Legacy Midwest Brotherhood of Steel Paladin

After the Midwest BoS crippling losses at Vault 0, Maro, grandson of Simon Barnaky took it upon himself to lead what was left of them, appointing himself head paladin and subsequently elder from what little forces remained at the time.

During his lead, the Midwest BoS stood together but with nothing to show for it. When the Adviser showed up, he thought that he had himself a ready and able pack brahmin recruit out of the sporting ghoul.

When the Adviser became the Adviser however, Maro was immensely but secretly bitter about being usurped by a ghoul of all things let alone at all and has been scheming ever since to gain back control.

He has worked his way up to Enligtener status due to his ability to achieve an objective even at the cost of lives. The troops don't like or respect Maro and many put under his command willingly and openly disobey his orders.

After more than just a few insubordinations Maro has been given a more active role as a soldier and he is none too happy about it. He is looking to gain control by any means necessary and isn't beyond the idea of leading other forces outside the Aware. It is this secret motivation to why he volunteered for the Motown campaign.

  • Maro will let you in on his plans if you are both evil and willing.
  • Maro can be ousted out of the Enligteners and the Aware entirely.
  • Maro will be in charge of the foreces of whichever faction gains the larger foothold and he does so rather ferociously.

Aria Solo: Hispanic, 22; Grandaughter of Emerald Solo, an old Midwest BoS hero

Emerald Solo was a heroic Paladin who, during the fighting in St. Louis, saved her squad from the FUBAR situation despite the loss of all the other squads. She didn't consider herself a hero and was later saved by the Warrior from the situation.

Nine months later... she gave birth to her daughter Anne Solo who later gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter. The son was lost to an attack by the Rust Walkers, but the daughter, Aria, was left to her tending.

Learning from both her mom and her grandmother, Aria became quite the profficient scavenger and hunter for their small family. Aria's mom protested her becomming a part of the new Aware group that Aria was inspired to join by her grandmother's actions. After trying to run away, Emerald stops Aria... only to hand her some more provisions and help her to leave successfully.

Once she's gone, she joins the Aware. By the time of the Motown Blitzkrieg she is an Enligtener for being a prodigy just like her hero of a grandmother and grandfather. At Motown, she is well known and liked by the various troops who all see her more as a big sister rather than a woman.

  • Aria can become a follower
  • Aria specializes in all forms of combat and is responsible for armor related issues.
  • Anne means warrior in English and Aria means solo in english as a nod to their heritage.
  • Avinash is surpisingly protective of Aria despite thier platonic relationship and the fact that Avinash shows no attatchment toward anyone else.