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In Fallout: Motown, the antagonists are represented by factions the player has aligned him or herself against in their quests. Each is lead by an individual or group of individuals who epitomize their respective faction. The factions themselves, however, are represented more closely by a loose adherence to their general behavior.

The Aware

The Aware are the organized remnants of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel's (MWBoS) prisoners of war who were imprisoned within the then vacant Vault 50 during the MWBoS's civil war with its feudal vassals. By 2294 they control the Ford Rouge River Complex in partnership with Lester Ford.

Motown Enterprise

The Motown Enterprise is a cartel of businessmen who have emerged from the sociopolitical landscape of Motown and surrounding regions. Through their shrewd business tact and control over Motown's spared infrastructure they have organized the relative chaos of Motown's raider gangs and the automobiles they employ. By 2294 they are headquartered at the pre-war General Atomics building and orchestrate Motown's day-to-day operations outside conflict-zone.

Road Raiders

The Road Raiders are the latest iteration in various raider gangs' attempt to secure a more favorable position in Motown by toppling part of or the entirety of the Motown Enterprise. Operating from the South on Interstate-75 (I-75) the Road Raiders wage war on the various forces of Motown using their pickings from desolate areas surrounding the road.

Grand Canadian Empire

The Grand Canadian Empire is a nation-state operating and formed from the Canadian city of Toronto. They developed initially as an effort to secure independence from former US Army forces marauding Canada but have since grown to become a nation interested in the conquering of territory in the name of Canada.