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    Apprentice 2015 - 3

    September 15, 2015 by The Ever Ruler

    In Fallout: Motown, the antagonists are represented by factions the player has aligned him or herself against in their quests. Each is lead by an individual or group of individuals who epitomize their respective faction. The factions themselves, however, are represented more closely by a loose adherence to their general behavior.

    The Aware are the organized remnants of the Midwest Brotherhood of Steel's (MWBoS) prisoners of war who were imprisoned within the then vacant Vault 50 during the MWBoS's civil war with its feudal vassals. By 2294 they control the Ford Rouge River Complex in partnership with Lester Ford.

    The Motown Enterprise is a cartel of businessmen who have emerged from the sociopolitical landscape of Motown and surrounding regi…

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    Fallout: Motown begins with a black screen and fade-in credits amidst the sound of a muffled truck engine. Shortly after, a man identified by subtitles as, "Road Raider" begins speaking to a woman identified by subtitles as, "53 Raider". During their discussion, a view of the speakers from behind a mesh barrier through a window into the cabin of a truck fades in. At the discussion's end, the camera pans to the back, revealing several chained prisoners, a super mutant, a ghoul, and a human adult, in an empty truck trailer. The camera focuses on the human adult and character creation begins.

    For the first time in the Fallout series, the player gets to choose between presets called "Mutation states" which effectively allows players to make a gho…

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    On May 13, 2015, an Unnamed update was made available for Fallout 3 across all platforms. No changes were officially listed.

    • A terminal and terminal entries were added in Colonel Autumn's room.
    • Cut terminal entries were restored and a new entry was added to Doctor Barrows's research terminal
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    Greetings smoothies. This is your illustrious host, the Ever Ruler bringing you an announcement of optimism and faith that the Great War is now only 64 years away!

    Before the end of this century, you lucky folks will be the audience to the greatest spectacle (comedy) orchestrated by man in this millennium! But before we celebrate by bashing open the celebratory Liberty Prime Pinata and eating the traditional Oil Rig Cake, let's take a tally of our accomplishments leading up to the Great War thus far.

    Now these are only just a few examples of our inevitable destiny as a species to wholeheartedly vaporize the ecosphere with extreme prejudice and make street art from the outlines of our shadows that shielded particular surfaces from light dam…

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    The Forces of Ronto are a nationalistic, militaristic Monarchy based solely upon the First French Empire under Napoleon I. It shall be referred to formally as the Great Canadian Empire under the leadership of their queen, her majesty Roween.

    Since this author's knowledge with monarchies is limited and potentially incorrect, readers are encouraged to go off of this supplemental page for political correctness:

    The Forces of Ronto invading Motown get their name from the misinformed Road Raiders who mistakenly overgeneralize their renamed territory in Toronto Ohio (Ronto)…

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