It's finally here. After nearly five years of impatience, false teasers, and endless speculation, Fallout 4 is finally on the scene.

Although I personally will not be able to purchase a copy of the game until Christmas, that isn't going to stop me from watching numerous playthroughs of the game on YouTube, AND reading multiple game reviews.

Out of the reviews I've read so far, many of them point out the amount of bugs and glitches in the current game world (which I know is to be expected) but none of them really described in detail how severe the glitches were, if they even were at all.

So I've taken to asking you, dear community, how bad exactly are glitches and bugs in Fallout 4?

Are they barely noticeable? Or are they flying mammoth levels of bad?

(By the way, Happy 4th year birthday Skyrim!)