• The Elder Geek

    Smooth sailing?

    November 12, 2015 by The Elder Geek

    It's finally here. After nearly five years of impatience, false teasers, and endless speculation, Fallout 4 is finally on the scene.

    Although I personally will not be able to purchase a copy of the game until Christmas, that isn't going to stop me from watching numerous playthroughs of the game on YouTube, AND reading multiple game reviews.

    Out of the reviews I've read so far, many of them point out the amount of bugs and glitches in the current game world (which I know is to be expected) but none of them really described in detail how severe the glitches were, if they even were at all.

    So I've taken to asking you, dear community, how bad exactly are glitches and bugs in Fallout 4?

    Are they barely noticeable? Or are they flying mammoth levels …

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  • The Elder Geek

    A Fallout MMO?

    November 4, 2015 by The Elder Geek

    I have another question for the community. This comes from the mouth of an avid World of Warcraft player:

    "If Bethesda or some other third-party company ever developed a Fallout MMO, would you play it? Why or why not?"

    Okay, so I am aware that there have been a few websites and mods that have attempted to do this sort of thing over the years since Fallout 3's release, but from what I know, none of them have been that successful.

    But can you imagine if Fallout 4 was an MMO? With the new ability to create settlements and such, imagine how significantly different the game would play...

    Survivor factions anyone?

    Feel free to post your opinion in the comments, you are entitled to it, and I won't senselessly hate on you if it differs from mine.

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  • The Elder Geek

    This has been a matter of great debate among my friends and I, so to bury the hatchet I've decided to ask the community for their opinions.

    Is it really worth switching over from PS4 to Xbox One for Fallout 4's release, simply because Xbox One will get console commands BEFORE PS4?

    I personally believe the notion is stupid. Why exactly would you want to base your entire purchase of an expensive next-gen console for the ability to cheat and create in-game catastrophes for just ONE of the games you will own for the system?

    I don't know, maybe it's just my inner PlayStation fanboy talking...

    Does anyone agree with me?

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