We all know and love the wonderfully ruined world of Fallout, but how much longer will Fallout be a post-apocalyptic series? I found myself wondering this after thinking about some of the various factions of the universe.

The NCR is basically today's America, similar political systems. It's more new world than ruins of the old, as it shows all the signs an industrial nation. From manufacturing weapons, clothing & armor, and re-educating the people, its more than obvious.

The Legion, while based on a system that keeps Caesar in charge and limits tech, it is far more than normal tribes. It is very organized and has the ability to capture and hold lands through strict matial law. Less advanced than the NCR, but not just some ruined remains either.

BoS (East Coast) has a strong footing, that the Lone Wanderer amplified to unknown levels. They are working with the local population, and has changed its mind set regarding the local population. While many things can be speculated, all guesses show them becoming protectors and perhaps even the only major faction in DC. While more surviver based, this BoS section definately is advancing rapidly.

These three factions are rapidly removing the dangers of being alone in the dark, they leave only the mid section of America unexplored. Considering the damage to DC has recovered, its hard to believe an area in middle America is in worse shape. The Factions are all also expanding, meaning borders closing in on this last haven of territory. While that area is "big" you must consider the amount of interaction between factions (do we reference them, ignore them, side with or fight), where DLC's will take place (for instance we know Fallout: The Pitt probably won't happen and no need killing a good location in a DLC that they'll need for more titles), and as earlier stated extreme amounts of damage would be required to eplain a lack of "new world" organizations

So either future games will have to take place in this unexplored sector, prior to existing titles, or in other countries entirely (but this goes against the Post Apoc. US theme, unless we start counting aquired areas and places not on the main land)

What are your thoughts on the matter?