October 21, 2281

I arrived in Primm to find it was over run by escaped convicts. No one had a damn clue about the men I was after and the only person who might have a clue was captured by convicts in the old Bison Steve hotel. Guess where I'm going? I broke into the hotel and was greeted by gunfire. I dove behind a desk and popped both of the convicts shooting at me. There were four more in the lobby of the hotel. I decided a stealthy approach wouldn't get me killed, and took out my Varmint Rifle. I shot one and killed him instantly. The other three went looking for me and didn't take long to find me. I was shot up pretty bad. They crippled my leg and head, but I returned fire. One of the convicts chucked a stick of dynamite at me, but I managed to get some distance from it and it mangled a convict instead. I shot the nearer convict's head off and then gunned down the one chucking dynamite. I found Deputy Beagle, the man I was looking for, tied up in the kitchen. I untied him and we made our way to the Vicki and Vance hotel, where he told me the man I was looking for was running with the Great Khans, a group of barbaric savages who deal illegal chems for money. They were heading to Novac through Nipton, he told me, so I will be making my way there, but first I decided the town is in need of a sheriff and I couldn't just leave it in it's current state. Deputy Beagle wasn't up for the responsibility, but told me there may be some NCR soldiers who would take the job. I didn't have time to go on a wild goose chase, so I just reprogrammed Slim Primm to do the job and I am sure he will be a very capable sheriff. I am going to sleep here for the night and make my way to Nipton tommorow.

October 22, 2281

I slept the rest of the day and now I am embarking at 1:30 in the morning. I am leaving at night in hopes I will avoid convicts and Powder Gangers. As if my shape couldn't be any worse, I had to run into a Powder Gang ambush. I was walking up the road when a black man with no shirt yelled "You shouldn't have crossed the Powder Gangers" and they chucked dynamite at me. I managed to avoid the blasts and killed the two with ease, however I didn't notice a third who was hiding behind a rock. He jumped up and shot me in the chest with a 20 gauge single shotgun. My vision was blurred and my aim unsteady, but I managed to blow his head off. Getting to Nipton is going to be even harder now. Please God let it be easy from hear on out! I arrived in Nipton to find that it was destroyed and all the citizens killed. Some guy Oliver Swanick was jumping around yelling he won the lottery. He didn't tell me much, but I went into the general store and found a crippled Powder Ganger name Boxcar. The Legion was running the lottery and most of his crew were killed or enslaved, along with the citizens of Nipton. I decided to look just keep walking through and not get involved as I wasn't in fighting condition. I walked into the center of town and passed a line of crucified Powder Gangers and I was greeted by Vulpes Inculta, a legion officer. He seemed to relish in the slaughter of the town, taking pride in his work and insulting the dead townsfolk. I was infuriated and knew attacking would be a big risk, but emotion overtook me. I pulled out my single shot 20 gauge and opended fire into the crowd of soldiers. There were six of them, and I killed two before they reached me with their machetes. I killed their two Legion mongrels and guided them around town, firing into the crowd as we danced around Nipton. After killing the rest of his escorts, it was just me and Inculta. I was out of ammo for my 20 gauge, but he had been badly wounded by the buckshot. I pulled out my clever and decided to meet him head on. My vision was blurred, but I was confident. I avoided the blows from his Ripper and came in and slashed him with the clever. He was clearly weak from blood loss and this made for a quick fight. I finished him off, and then proceeded to behead him and tossed his corpse on a pile of burning tires. The crucified Powder Gangers were killed in the crossfire, but this was more of a blessing as they were suffering greatly. I will risk staying here in the ruins of Nipton tonight as I am exhausted, but I hope to God no Legion come looking for their dead.