Sunday, October 19, 2281.

This is my first of hopefully many journal entries. I awoke laying on a bed in a strange house. I was then greeted by Dr. Mitchell, a short balding man with a white mustache wearing what most people wear in this day and age, shabby pre war clothing. He performed emergency surgery on me after I was shot in the head last night by three assailants who I can not remember. He was a very polite man and told me all he knew about the events that went down last night. I was informed I was dug up by someone called Victor. After leaving Dr. Mitchells office to see Sunny Smiles, a girl he told me to look up about survival training, I met Victor. Victor was...well...not what I expected. He was a Robot, more specifically, a Securitron. They are large box shaped robots that get around on a wheel and have a screen with a face on it. Victors face was a cartoon cowboy and he talked in a strong southern accent. After a breif conversation and some formalities, he didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. I decided to invesigate Good Springs a little more to see if I could get some information, so I went on up to the saloon to speak to a few townspeople. I met an old man wearing a cowboy hat named Easy Pete, a former prospecter. He had sun damaged skin and a long white beard. He told me I was shot by a man in a checkard suit, but thats all he knew. He also told me about the New California Republic (NCR) and Caesers Legion. The NCR are devoted to the people, whether the people want them or not, and are in control of Hoover Dam. They sound like decent people, but everyone has their flaws. Caesers Legion, on the other hand, are pure evil. They are slavers who want nothing more than to dominate anyone they come in contact with. They crucify and behead people they deem impure and the ones they let live are tortured horribly. Needless to say I know where my allegiance lies. I met with Sunny Smiles and she knew jack shit about the man who attacked me. She was a very good looking girl, with red hair and tan skin, wearing canvass armor. I went to talk to Trudy who was being yelled at by a man named Joe Cobb, a tall, bald black man. He was looking for a guy named Ringo, who was a courier like me. They don't want to throw Ringo to the wolves, so they told Cobb he wasn't around and to fuck off. Joe was a member of the Powder gangers, a rag tag group of thugs that somehow managed to overthrow an NCR prison. Ringo sounds like he need someone to help him, and I would be glad to help.

October 20, 2281

After a rejuvinating eight hours of sleep, I met the rest of the town at the barricade for the powder gangers. It seemed like an eternity before they showed up, but they arrived and didn't waste any time attacking. There were six of them, and they opened up on us. We returned fire from the cover of our barricade and I popped one of them in the head and killed him. After an intense fire fight, they drew clevers and clubs and attacked us. Two came at me and the other three engaged the townsfolk. I manage to shoot them both, but was injured when I was clubbed in the rib. The others managed to hold the rest of the Powder Gangers and I shot Joe Cobb in the back. We sorted through the casualties after the battle and found all six powder gangers were dead. We took one casualty, Ringo. He was shot three times, slashed and beaten. The powder gangers lost the battle, yet still managed to accomplished their objective. We buried Ringo on the hill over looking Good Springs and burned the Powder Gangers. I can't dwell on this tragedy, however, as I have my own problems. I had to go to Primm to see if I could find any information on the man who shot me. On my way to Primm, I met a guy named Barton Thorn who told me his little girl was trapped by geckos on a hill nearby. I killed some geckos and found a surplus of ammo and food, but no girl. Thorn just used me to clear the geckos and came to kill me after, but I shot the fucker four times before he could raise his gun, then threw his corpse off the ridge. At least I got free food and ammo, asshole.