October 25, 2281

I woke up later than I expected, but after two days of no sleep it's nice to sleep in. We are heading to Boulder City and I hope it is an easy journey, but with my new companion I feel safer. On the way we were ambushed by Legion assassins but we killed them after a lengthy gunfight and neither of us were harmed. We arrived in Boulder City to find the NCR in a hostage situation with the Great Khans. Two NCR soldiers, Pvt. Ackerman and Pvt. Gilbert, were both taken hostage so I worked out a plan with the Lieutenant. I snuck around behind the building they were being held in and the NCR began shooting at the Khans. I freed the two soldiers and the NCR dispatched all four khans outside. Boone and I went inside the building next to it to find two more Khans, one of them named Jessup who appeared to be a high roller in the Khans. I shot Jessup in the chest and face while Boone dispatched the other. On Jessup, I found Benny's engraved lighter. These must've been the Khans that were with him that night, but it is not enough. A Khan named McMurphy was in the back room, but he OD'd on chems. I couldn't find Benny anywhere, so I decided to press on to the Strip where I might have some luck.

October 26, 2281

It's 2:30 in the morning and I just arrived in Freeside. The problem is, it is 2000 caps to get onto the Strip and I don't have nearly that much! I considered just running past the guards, but a man named Old Ben said that was a bad idea, as they are programmed to kill anyone tries entering without permission. Old Ben is a very tan gentleman. He sports a white pre-war business suit and has a black mustache and a comb over. After hearing his story, we parted ways and I went to find a way into the Strip. I met with a renown member of Freeside known as the King. He runs a gang of...Elvis Presley impersonators. He is a nice guy, but he has a bad history with the NCR. I have no other options so I will do what he needs in order to gain access to the Strip and kill Benny.