October 23, 2281

I woke up later than I had hoped, but it is nice to be well rested. I am still nervous I will run into Legion soldiers on my way to Novac, but honestly, I'm just glad I woke up today. On my way to Novac I was ambushed by Legion Assassins and coincidentally, Viper gangers as well. I thought I was dead, but I remembered a took a stealth boy off of Joe Cobb back in Good Springs and used that. As I snuck away, I could here the Legion and Viper Gang duking it out. I ran around a mountain and found my way back to the highway where I met a caravan of merchents and hired guns. They were going my way and we decided it would be to our mutual advantage if we traveled together. A few miles up the road, we were ambushed by legionnaires. Without cover, we were a turkey shoot, but we engaged them and didn't have much luck. One of the mercenaries, Warren Anderson, was killed instantly. The two merchants, a husband and wife couple named John and Samantha Hansen were both gunned down as well. John was shot four times in the chest and died instantly. Samantha went over sobbing, trying to drag him to saftey and had her head blown off. The remaining merc, Reuben Quantrill and I both continued to fight. We managed to kill the all of the soldiers, me shooting two as they charged me with machetes and Reuben vaporizing three with his energy pistol. I wasn't hurt, but Reuben was hurt pretty bad. He was shot twice and was cut across his forearm, but he would survive the journey. Our casualty report: three dead and one wounded. The brahmin were untouched during all of this. As we continued on, we passed an NCR patrol. I was a irritated for I knew if they had left earlier we would still be a caravan of five, but how could they have known? We stopped at Ranger Station Charlie, an NCR outpost, to see if we could get some treatment for Reuben's wounds, but they were under supplied. We could see Novac in the distance anyway, it's giant T-rex statue a monument to it's former purpose, a big tourist attraction. We arrived and a traveling doctor treated our wounds but her name escapes me.. Reuben decided he wanted to press on, despite the doctor's warning, and we parted ways. Hopefully I don't come across his corpse during my journey. Bored and roomless, I wandered around town and checked out the inside of that big ass dinosaur mascot and talked to Cliff Briscoe, who said their day sniper, Manny Vargas, would know more about the whereabouts of the men who shot me than he as Manny once ran with the Great Khans. I checked out the mouth of the dinosaur to find a former NCR First Recon turned sentry named Craig Boone. He was a pale man with an athletic build and about six feet tall. He seemed a very pessimistic person, but I struck up a conversation with him anyway. He had decided since I was a stranger, I should investigate the town to find out who sold his wife into slavery. I felt uneasy about him telling me all this, after all I just met him. I agreed to help, however, and will investigate in the morning.

October 24, 2281

I took another stroll around town to meet the townsfolk. I stopped in the Dino-Dee-Light building to get a motel room, but remebered I made a promise to Boone. I questioned the lady at the desk, Jeannie May Crawford, a middle aged woman who wasn't much to look at, about Carla Boone and she told me a different story than Boone. She said Mrs. Boone got bored of Novac and ran off to the New Vegas Strip. I didn't buy it. She seemed fidgity and rocked back and forth as she told me this, so when she left to clean the motel rooms, I investigated. I opened up the safe on the floor to find the bill of sale for Mrs. Boone and her unborn baby. I was shocked that someone could do such a thing, but I would have no problem turning Boone on this heartless bitch. To kill time until Boone's next shift, I went to go talk with Manny Vargas in his room, but he was already in the tower. I looked on his terminal to see if there was any evidence and found a note from one of the Khans named McMurphy. The note said the man in the checkered suit was named Benny and they are heading to Boulder city, soI know where I'm going tommorow. Later that night I met up with Crawford and led her infront of the dinosaur. I gave Boone the signal and in two seconds flat her head popped like a grape. I showed Boone the bill of sale and he thanked me greatly. With no where to go, Boone and I decided to team up. It will be nice to have some company on this journey, and we will embark to Boulder City tommorow.