I think that Fallout is missing a major thing, communist people and factions. I am a communist myself and I think it is frustrating how the USSR were a major player before and during the war, and considering there are still communist Chinese Spec-Ops Manual's, you would think there would still be a Communist Manefesto laying aroung somewere. Also, if the Enclave are remnants of the US should there be a remnant army for the USSR? In the Fallout Universe it consumed almost all of Europe-Asia Minor inculding but not only Russia, its bordering countrys and beyond, and China as a ally. Thats MUCH bigger then the US and we know by Colin Moriarty coming to DC from Ireland, most of the world is still intact and travel between countrys is not impossible. So as I said since the USSR was much bigger then the US, travel between two countrys is sitll possible, and I would guess the USSR had their own plan for survivng the great war, there would still be mobs of people from the USSR-Peoples Republic of China who want to get to the US to invade it for communism or spread it. In short, shouldn't there be communist people and factions?